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What to bring to Disney World for a day: the ultimate list

As my very first blog post I’ve compiled the ultimate list of what most people, especially families with children will want to bring.


The Disney Backpack List

+ Cell Phone With My Disney Experience app
This is a must have and at the top of my list for so many reasons. Communication is of course a major need, especially if you’ll be splitting up with your family so there’s that helpful part. I also like to take pictures of all my children individually and as a group just prior to entering the park, just in case they get “lost”, this will help security to be able to locate them much faster. As a matter of fact, the camera gets lots of use during any visit and you’ll want to keep it in a handy pocket of your bag so you don’t have to dig for it. My Disney Experience is the app that you can use to not only book, but also keep track of your Resort, dining, and fastpass reservations. You can also change and cancel most reservations this way as well, which makes it a most helpful and time-saving app. Another plus is that Disney has wifi pretty much everywhere throughout the parks so you don’t have to use up any precious data.

+ Frozen Water Bottles
Let’s face it, most of the time, Disney World is a pretty “hot” place to visit, and I’m not just talking about how much fun but actual temperatures, which average a good 85 from May through October. Do yourself a favor and freeze some, if not all of your water bottles and keep them in a waterproof bag so they don’t “sweat” all over everything. When it’s sweltering you can not only drink the water, but it’s so refreshing to just roll over your clothes or face. There are plenty of water fountains at Disney but most people agree that it has a “funky” taste, so bringing your own is a major plus and much cheaper than paying $2.50 or more per bottle.

+ Snacks Like Almonds, Dried Fruit
You can most definitely find plenty of snacks at Disney World, most of them are perhaps not as nutritious as some would like, so I always bring something high in protein and easy to throw in like nuts with some dried fruit mixed in. Some like to being pretzels or crackers as well as fruit. It’s all up to you but when hunger strikes just as you’re almost done waiting to get onto an attraction, you’ll be thankful to have something to grab.

+ Umbrella For Sun Or Rain
If you are sun-conscious then an umbrella can be a lifesaver, especially when waiting for parades to start. Those shaded spots can go fast and you just might wind up waiting out in the sun for a while. Get a compact umbrella and save aggravation, hats and sunglasses only do so much to shade you.

+ Poncho
Because rain and/or wet rides are inevitable. You will thank me.

+ Boogie Wipes
These saline wipes have so many uses, be it a nose or face wipe, hand cleaning, wet bathroom wipe. I always bring a bunch of the individually wrapped ones or a small package such as this one.

+ Deodorant/Antiperspirant
For intended use and anti-chafing. I use deodorant/antiperspirant not only under my arms but on my feet as well. It really works to prevent blisters when doing so much walking.

+ Small Towel Or Blanket
Always handy for cleaning up after rain or wet rides as well as for parade seating, to add some cushion.

Because skin cancer.

+ Sunglasses
A must, unless you enjoy crows feet and seeing spots.

+ Stroller
For any child up to age 6/7, also great for holding souvenirs to take home. (no this doesn’t fit in a backpack but I’m including it anyway since it’s so important)

+ Battery Pack For Cell Phone
Trust me, you’ll need it.

+ Extra Clothes In Ziplock Bags
In case of accidents.

+ Lip Balm: with SPF
Because sunburn on lips hurts!

+ Autograph Books & Sharpies
If you plan on doing any Character Meet & Greets.

+ Glow Sticks: for night time
This will save you money so the kids don’t want everything they see on the carts.

+ Spray Bottle with Fan
Save your $18 and buy before you arrive, it can be a lifesaver when hot..

+ Hats
Baseball or anything, this will help shade your eyes from the sun, hair from rain and disguise frizzy hair.

+ Pennies for Pressing
They make a great inexpensive souvenir.

+ Pins To Trade (if you like)

what to pack for disney trip

What are your must-haves at Disney? Anything I forgot? Please add what I missed in the comments section below.

top photo credit: Express Monorail via photopin cc




  1. I went to Disney World and instead of carrying around water bottles, I brought 1 stainless steel thermos for each person. I would fill them up with cups of ice water (free from any cart or restaurant with fountain drinks) it was easy, it tasted fine, and I never had to wait for long to get one. The stainless steel containers kept the ice from melting too fast and kept me from carrying multiple bottles around.

    • It’s definitely a personal preference. Many don’t mind the taste of the water. I have used those Brita bottles that filter the water in the past and they worked great. We really enjoy being able to have several bottles handy since we are usually all thirsty at the same time. Water and ice from the carts or restaurants is an idea I’ve seen others do as well. As long as you stay hydrated, do whatever works.

    • I found that with any age, a small bottle of bubbles is a must have in your back pack. It helps with boredom in long lines, waiting for parades, down time, any time…. I pack a bottle for our daughter who is 12 and she ends up entertaining other kids in the process. It’s a win win for us and for other families:-)

      • I love this addition! Also, when bringing bubbles, be sure to have it in a ziplock bag just in case it opens. I know this from experience. There is almost nothing worse than slimy bubbles all over everything.

    • I used to bring like a case of water with me in the stollers. Then I moved on to a filtered bottle, that still was a hassle. Now I too have Stainless steel ones I got from Costco and fill it with icy water. When i’m low, I go to a restaurant, get ice in a cup and fill it with water from the dispenser, NOT the water fountain. Works for us.

      • A case would be pretty heavy, even for carrying in strollers. Looks like the stainless cups are popular!

  2. When packing frozen water bottles in plastic bags put a damp washcloth in bottom of bag. Let it absorb the “drippings” from water bottles. Use this to wipe face, neck & arms and let any breeze dry you off. Really helps to keep cool.

    • Great tip!

  3. Thanks for the great tips! We are planning to take our daughter to Disney for the first time next year. I tend to be an over packer, LOL, so this is really helpful to know what I will need!

    • You’re welcome! I know how that is, better to have it and not need it! Enjoy your Disney trip and keep an eye on my site for even more tips.

  4. Great list! It’s so important to pack the right stuff!

  5. Extra pair of socks are a must. Most of the boat rides tend to get your feet wet and its very uncomfortable to have to walk all day in wet socks


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