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Workin’ like a dog.

Just over a year ago, I lost my job.


A job where I worked 16+ hour days. I job that was frustrating, demanding, and also rewarding. My husband and I bought our first home in April, and I lost my job in May. Knowing I couldn’t let the full burden of our brand-new mortgage fall into my husband‘s lap—i immediately started my own company. I worked like a dog—trying to bring in as many clients as possible. I worked closely with a copywriter, and we created some amazing work. I took pictures of babies, and dogs, designed logos and planned weddings. I became social-media savvy(ish). I even started tweeting.

All the while, I had two dogs laying on the couch while I did it.

Three months later, we agreed to foster Flip. When we took her into our home, (I hope we all remember that story), we had no idea what we were doing. Oliver, who is really my husband’s dog, has a neurological disorder that affects his hind legs so he can only be stimulated for short amounts of time, and Mac, was a completely adjusted 8 year old when we adopted him, who is extremely independent and completely happy entertaining himself. Our dogs have always been more than “dogs”; they’ve always been members of our family; they’re our kids. But when we took Flip into our home, things changed.

Flip became my constant companion. For the first 6 months of her life with us, I worked from home. She laid at my feet if I was at my computer. She laid next to me while I was gardening. If I ran to home depot, she was in the passenger seat next to me. We frequently went for lunch together, and she was always ready to go for a coffee break when I needed one.

She became my coworker, and we worked well together.

She’d nose my leg when it was time for a break- or if I’d forgotten to eat lunch. She’d let me know when the mail had arrived, or if there was someone at our front door. She was one of the best coworkers I’ve ever had.


Now that I’ve gone back to work full-time, I miss my little buddy. So, today! It’s take your dog to work day, and I’m so excited to have my “office manager” with me. Flip is participating in @redenvelope #workinlikeadog project, and she’s so happy to be back in the office.

If there is ever a question of the benefits of owning a dog, a quick google search can help you understand them. But somethings employers might not realize are the amazing perks of bringing your dog to WORK. There is a slew of benefits to it, and I’m hoping employers, and employees- are enjoying those today.

1. Employees who have a companion animal with them are statistically more productive. Bosses, read: they work harder, longer hours. I mean, this is just logic to me.. If you don’t have to leave to feed/walk your dog, you can stay at your office longer!

2. Employees who have a companion animal at work with them are generally happier. Having an animal in an office environment cultivates teamwork, and positive interactions between team members.

3. Employees who have a companion animal at work are generally healthier. Dogs force us to take breaks. Rather than a coffee break, (how did the frappuccino taste?) or a smoke break, people take their dogs for a quick walk around the building.

Don’t believe me? Here’s more proof.

According to this article for fox business:

“Studies have shown dogs in the workplace can be good for business resulting in higher productivity, increased employee collaboration and lower stress levels.” 


In a study by Virginia Commonwealth University, the following findings were made. If you want to read the complete study- check it out here.

“pets in the workplace can be a great bonus for employee morale …,” “having dogs here is great stress relief” and “dogs are positive; dogs increase coworker cooperation.””The effect of pets in reducing the impact of stress and enhancing communication found in other settings may extend to the workplace,” said Barker.”Pet presence may serve as a low-cost, wellness intervention readily available to many organizations and may enhance organizational satisfaction and perceptions of support

I think it’s safe to say we’d all benefit from a little canine companionship in the workplace, and I hope all of you are able to snuggle your pup today.

If by some chance you don’t HAVE a dog to bring to work, I can certainly help with that. Let me direct your attention to these gorgeous kids in desperate need of a forever.



Saving Good Pets Through Better Photography




If you’re interested in knowing more about any of the dogs in this post shoot me an email at, or head down to orange county animal services to meet them. Like all of the dogs at Animal Services, their time is extremely limited. If you’re interested in learning more about making your office pet-friendly, I can try to help with that too. 

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