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Google Image search results can be misleading – time for a new content removal process

Google Image search results can be misleading

Google search results are misleading

Google search results can be misleading

Here is a thought on how Google can falsely paint a picture of you



The Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press – should be just that. Written and published in the late 1700’s it gave the citizens of our country the ability to express them selves freely with out fear of persecution. However, where on the Bill of Rights did it gave the ability for a company like Google who runs the World’s biggest search engine the ability to use your name and likeness with out your consent or permission. There should be a new rule or law that allows someone to remove their name or image if they so choose to. Type in your name into Google and click under images…. I am willing to bet that most of the things that pop up have nothing to do with you.

Now imagine someone with a similar name to yours happens to like Tattoos and say… you don’t. What if your next employer as an example Googles your name and see a bunch of images of people who are not you pop up under the results. Said employer may think all these folks are your friends and may think or cast a negative image on you. I used Tattoos as a reference or as an example on how Google and similar like search engines can falsely paint a picture of some of us in which we do not agree to. Google should have an option to honor removal requests for situations similar to this. Here is another example: What if you happen to like an article on why a certain politician may be wrong on certain view points – and Google shows said politician every time some Googles your name – people might think you are this Politicians biggest supporter ….. you get the drift yet?

Google should be more courteous and respectful of peoples wishes and provide an option to have a certain link removed from it’s search engine if you believe it may paint you in a fashion in which you think may be negative or outright false.

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