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Will the Blackberry dominate again?

Will the Blackberry dominate again? 

– Orlando,FL 02/27/2014 –


The technology industry has rapidly expanded into this high tech ecosystem in a matter of a few years and Research in Motion was part of that movement. RIM has rebranded its self recently into the name of their flagship product the Blackberry. Over the years Blackberry has gone through many speed bumps and disruptions by other firms who intended to capture their market share. Many folks feels that they allowed their competitors not only to challenge them severely on the hardware front but on the software side of things more recently. Blackberry several years back were the core leaders in the Enterprise connectivity market and with proper planning and strategic actions it is quite possible that they can still garner a greater market share with the right moves.


Currently Blackberry is suffering a hardship when compared to other similar competitors in the market. A good example of current competitors in the market that have gained great market share in the mobile industry would be Google, Apple and then Microsoft.


Blackberry now and even going back into the late ‘90s had a loyal fan base similar to the iphone crowd. From what it is apparent from studies shown is that there is still a lot of demand for the brand especially in other countries. Their hardware and back end security design is still favorable to many companies world wide. Blackberry till this day has a reputation for having the most securest phones on the planet.



The Competition:


As of currently Nokia poses a small threat on the hardware side of the market. Samsung and Huawei are bigger threats. Apple on the other hand poses a significant threat to them on both the hardware side and the software side. When we look at the threat a company like Google poses to them, we can start to see that working with a giant firm like Google would almost be more favorable for them rather than working against them. Android OS would mend brilliantly with the Blackberry hardware product line. I felt as if they took too long to adopt the touch screen trend and now they should try to win on a different battlefield, like perhaps design.



By partnering on all fronts with some of their competitors I strongly feel that they may be able to capture back some of the customers that were lost to the touch screen revolution that occurred in the industry several years back. They should seriously explore collaborating with Microsoft to allow the installation of future Windows products. By joining forces with Microsoft many people feel they will stand a better chance of gaining a bigger market share from their main competitors.


Lets see how the future shapes out these next few months with possible announcements to come.


Kedesh Ortiz


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  1. I think Blackberry has as much of a chance at a comeback as the beta max or the sega gaming systems. They’d have to offer something that the competition doesn’t already provide. At this point I dont see how that’s possible. They no longer have those types of resources.


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