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Cycling and anything that keeps the wheels turning. Marine veteran remembering the time I served as well as looking to help others.

Colombia’s Cycling Team New Vag Style. Cycling News.

Colombia’s Female Cycling Team Have Adopted A New Uhm Look.

Colombia Girls Vagina Cycling news Sex


The female cycling team that is sponsored by the city of Bogota is causing quite a stir in the waves of the Internet. From a glance these women appear to be riding with their midsections breezing in the wind, however the color of the fabric is set to match the riders giving the appearance of nudity. Some are calling it a “genital disaster!”

A lot of questions as to why this team would sanction such a bold look. So far from what I can gather is that it was a design mistake by a member of the team. Not sure if they’ll end up changing it or keep enjoying all the attention they’re getting from it.

Not sure what prompted this move, but it’s absolutely making stuff stand up and take notice. From time to time I  the Internet in search of my new favorite cycling jersey or gear. I have to say though if this is a publicity stunt by the team it seems to be gaining a lot of attention.

Personally I like that this team is making people talk about cycling. Maybe it could lead to a greater number of people out there on two wheels. Wouldn’t that piss off a lot of drivers out there?

Although many are applauding this risky change in attire there are a lot in the cycling community throughout the world that find this design to be disgusting and an insult to the sport of cycling.

A couple of my favorite jerseys.


Organization dedicated to helping veterans with PTSD through cycling.

Organization dedicated to helping veterans with PTSD through cycling.


Gas-less jersey. Many MPGs

Gas-less jersey. Many MPGs



I have a few others I take pride in but nothing as extreme as the female team from Colombia. Let me know what you think down below. I’m sure there are going to be a lot of objections.


I’ve been told that water keeps you alive.

Riding around Orlando.

While out exploring the Orlando area I learned a few lessons. Mostly where NOT to ride again, that cobblestone is annoying and that there needs to be more water fountains. Granted I should have used my brain and brought some spare water with me. I only encountered the, “You came to the wrong neighborhood M-er F-er” feeling a few times.

The ride itself was pretty enjoyable for the first half. Every time I came upon a road I’ve never traveled down I choose to see where it went. In doing so I ran the risk of getting lost. Which I did, several times. As you can see in the map I had made loops around two different airports before realizing I was lost.

I hated running out of water. I had cotton mouth and was growing irritated that Orlando, which is pretty pedestrian heavy has so few places for public water. Like I said though I should have packed more water for the ride so I can’t just hate the city over it.


Once I did find a water resupply point I filled up and drank from it like I had been stuck in the damn desert for a month. The only way to describe the feeling is to compare it to old Nintendo games when your guy was down to 2 or 3 life lines and you were sure you were going to be game over. Water at least got me back to half life and I continued on my ride.


After the ride.

I kept craving burger king during the ride. Just to keep with the healthy habits I went with subway instead. Jared would be proud! I wonder if he’s into cycling. He doesn’t come across as one. Jerk. I also poured a cookies and creme protein shake down my throat fast enough to feel sick from it afterwards. Took about half an hour before I could feel normal again.

Just for fun my body decided to have an outstanding cramp. My left hamstring locked up and hurt like hell. I thought the muscle was going to snap and leave me auditioning for a part in the life alert commercials. I’m happy to tell you that I survived it and there were pretzels and beer waiting to reward my struggle.



What kind of bike should I buy? (Or put the fun between your legs!)

A little help figuring out which bike to get.

history-highwheelerWhether you’re looking to get into shape or would just like to get outside and have fun a bike appreciable for anyone. I’m always getting asked by people which bike they should buy. That’s a hard one to answer not knowing the intended purpose of the purchase for each person. Hopefully some of this will help to clear up some confusion and put you out on the roads!

Road bikes.

Its a snake!

Its a snake!

This type of bike is suitable for roads and paved trails. They typically are built with aerodynamics in mind and have thinner tires to decrease road resistance. The handlebars on most road bikes are covered in a tape for shock absorption , even though fingers sometimes end up being tingly anyway. There curvature of the handlebars allow the rider to crouch down in order to be more aerodynamic, commonly referred to as the drops.

Road bikes are designed for high speed and long distances. Customarily they are used for racing, charity rides and group rides within your local community.  They are very lightweight approximately 20 lbs or less. The price range for these bikes range from a couple hundred dollars to thousands. The one I’m riding cost $1,600; the one I want to be riding is on sale for $4,995. The price of these bikes has a lot to do with the weight, design and building material used in the frame of the bike.


Mountain Bikes.

Mountain bikes are normally used for trails and going off road. They are a very versatile bicycle being used on and off a paved surface. With a rugged design mountain bikes can withstand the stress of uneven terrain and still be used in an urban environment. The handlebars are straight across allowing the rider to sit upright and maneuver the bike.  The tires are wider for better traction and therefore weigh more than road bike tires. Most modern mountain bikes will have front suspension forks, the two bars connecting the tire to the frame. The suspension forks takes the stress of the terrain off the body of the rider, providing for a smooth as I guess it can be ride.

I used to ride mountain bikes when I was a teenager, but for me its all about going faster and Florida doesn’t have too many hills. 😉 The prices are similar to road bicycles. The higher the price the greater the difference on the bike. That doesn’t mean that the right bike for you should be the most expensive one you can afford. I have seen some bikes that are extremely expensive but aren’t comfortable to ride. Make sure before you purchase one that it meshes well with your body and riding style.


Hybrid bikes.

These bikes are great for anyone looking to commute back and forth to work. They combine the sturdy design and comfort of a mountain bike with the aerodynamic design and thin tires of a road bike. Cargo racks and bags can be added to any type of bike, but are typically found on hybrid bikes to aide in carrying your stuff. I have one on my bike above the rear tire in place of wearing a back pack. Depending how far you’ll be riding this could truly make the difference in comfort. I like mine because it carries my bike lock, spare tire and tube, sandals and whatever else I need for the day.



One of the most important things to check out before buying the bike is the size. Getting a bike that is either too large or too small will affect your ride and has the potential of causing injury to your body. Most bike shops are trained in bike fitting and can assist in letting you know what your size is.


For any more questions leave them in the comments below. It does not matter which type of bike you choose, just get off your couch and put the fun between your legs!

Time to change gears.

In order to stay on track and make certain this ride is going to be a success I’ll be making a few changes.

Currently I have postponed this ride due to a lack of resources and capital to fund it. The trip itself is going to be completely funded by me. I’ve just crossed the 25% mark of what I’ll need. Bank account is slowly growing with each weeks paycheck and I’m not losing the motivation or passion concerning the ride.
Prior to this spring I was cranking out the miles, getting my body used to handling 40-50 miles a day. That has since dropped down to about 20-25 miles a day, usually split between two commuting trips. Instead of complaining about it and sitting on the couch with a blank stare on my face just waiting for my next nap or trip to work I will change it.
Reasons for the decline in mileage would be my work schedule, mainly 10:45pm to 7:00am each day, and going to college directly afterwards. One of the benefits of having little time to have a life is that I lack the ability to blow money on stuff I don’t need. So I guess the silver lining to this spring is that I was able to put away $2,500 towards the Ride For Veterans.
I feel as though I could do immensely better than this. I gave up having a car recently and now the money that would have been spent on gas, car payments, insurance or maintenance can now be used for this cause. An incredible side affect is the 13lbs I lost in 2014 already. I hadn’t notice the weight loss until a few people mentioned seeing a difference. To test how much I’ve changed I put on a pair of jeans I hadn’t worn since I was 23 years old. Felt awesome. :)
New changes taking affect in the coming weeks: I put in the schedule change to begin shifts at 6:45am to 3:00pm. Giving me the ability to conduct a quick 11 mile ride to work then knock out 30-40 miles after the end of the shift. I’m building a gym in my garage to strengthen my body in order to endure the added weight from cargo I will be pulling.
While I no longer enjoy my job, like 90% of everyone on the planet, I will put up with it for now. Unless you have a spot open and would like to rescue me! (E-mail me for a resume 😉 ) Hopefully this will be a small enough change to put my mind at ease for a while.
This change will allow me to ride during the day when normal cyclists do! As soon as I can I’m going to start looking for clubs, or special event rides to participate in. Sure riding by myself has been fun and given me plenty of time to meditate and sort some things out, but having someone to laugh at you when you fall is also important.

Anyway, going to be logging many more hours on the road and focusing on making sure I have everything I will need for the big ride!

Why you should date a cyclist.

bike love cyclists



Why you should date a cyclist!

If you can get one to fall for you as much as they love their bikes you’re a keeper!

Everyone has their good characteristics and I’m not saying cyclists are a higher caliber group of people, but we’re up there. 😉 And we know our way around some curves. :)

Here are some great reasons to date a cyclist!

The most obvious reason is for the nice ass. Cyclists spend hours upon hours working out that beautiful piece of meet into a perfectly sculpted pair of buns.hot guys ass muscles in shape

  • We know that everything needs to be properly lubricated before it can be used to its full potential.
  • They make incredibly smooth cuddle partners. Keeping those legs shaved smoother than their face in most cases.
  • Do you like to travel? Just tell the cyclist they can bring their bike and throw in a couple of riding attractions in the destination you want to go to. They’ll probably be packed and ready to go before you finish your pitch.
  • When it comes to getting tired cyclists focus and pound away.
  • They perform well in a few different positions. Girl bent over bike cycling hot ass
  • Cyclist enjoy a healthy eating lifestyle. Prompting them to cook great tasting food to fuel up for long rides.
  • With most cycling software these days you don’t have to worry about where your cyclist is, you can pull up a map to make sure they’re okay.
  • Cyclist have a no failure option mentality. This helps in the professional world and relationships.
  • If you ride too you both can spend some time getting dirty. If the dating is going well there is the option to help each other shower later. 😉
  • Cyclist have the proper gear during those times it gets wet.

Cycling art

  • You’ll have more time to spend with them. On average cyclists live 2 years longer than non-cyclists.
  • Easy to shop for when it comes to birthdays or Christmas. (Bike stuff!)
  • At times we feel the need to attack, explore, and go on adventures.
  • Transforms sweat into success.

Stamina. Need I say more?