Ride for Veterans

Cycling and anything that keeps the wheels turning. Marine veteran remembering the time I served as well as looking to help others.

Getting some tail, and using my fingers.

Catching the tail wind on a brief ride tonight.

There’s nothing better than riding in the same direction as the wind. Doesn’t happen too often here in Orlando either due to luck, or the great stints of weather I end up riding in. When it does though I fully appreciate the added boost. The soundtrack to tonight’s ride brought to you by DJ Swan. Good buddy of mine and always has a great mix to pedal to. You can check out some of his tracks here.

It wasn’t a very long ride tonight, I wanted to do it more for speed and intensity to check on something my body has been doing. Too many migraines this week to ignore. I’m thinking there is a connection with my blood pressure. That or I have just been around too many other people that have been pissing me off. Both are plausible.

What the hell is the matter with people?

The-Big-Lebowski-WTF-GifThe end of July has always been a fuzzy time for me in the past. This year it’s just been filled with an abundance of inner issues. Combine that with the mini interactions I have with people, you know the ones that make one want to run head first into a brick wall.

A quick example of one of those mini interactions occurred tonight. I like to call these type of people too stupid to let their brain catch up to their own dumb. I’ll try to put that in plain English or something that makes sense. Ever watch someone do something you know is going to be wrong and at the same time you can see it on their face that they know it as well? Well in these instances these people are being stupid at such great speeds that it’s damn near impossible for them to stop the current actions.

This type of driver deserves a brick through the window.


Not too sure why drivers pull this maneuver, but they do constantly. Speeding past a cyclist only to slam on their brakes and cut in front of them to make a right turn. I’m thankful that I have quick enough reflexes to stop myself from slamming into the side of vehicles that do this. Wouldn’t it be much easier to wait 0.5 seconds for the cyclist to pass the road you wish to turn down?

The special person that cut me off tonight received a double dose of my erect fingers. Letting them know just how appreciative I was of their driving skills.


Now how many of you perverts read the title of this post and assumed I was talking about a girl? For shame!

Running red lights without wearing a helmet.

Settling into a new home.

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 1.20.02 PM

Sorry that my posts have been few and far between lately. I recently moved to a new location within Orlando and have been working on getting everything situated. Can’t wait to get out on the bike once everything settles and explore past my previous boundaries.

Not divulging my location, but I get the pleasure now of seeing all kinds of skilled drivers around Conroy and Kirkman road. The erratic driving of tourists and pissed off Floridians is outstanding. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the the thought process of those who speed up to 50mph just to pass a car and then slam on their brakes to sit in backed up traffic. Was that one extra spot worth putting yourselves and others at risk? frabz-STUPID-DRIVERS--STUPID-DRIVERS-EVERY-WHERE-154d1f

My riding skills will definitely be put to the test while maneuvering through this part of Orlando. Even walking a couple of miles crossing the roads in this area is like playing Frogger. My first stroll out and I witnessed three separate car accidents within a half hour. Even with all the visible hazards I still watch people putting their lives at risk, especially those on bicycles.

Stupid cyclist.

Not sure the reason, but many of the people that ride bikes throughout downtown Orlando decide not to wear helmets. This is a huge pet peeve of mine. I witnessed one such person on the way home from work one morning. This guy on a bike pulled out into traffic without checking his surroundings. Weaving all over the road and running a red light at a busy intersection. It’s pretty sad when someone like myself who loves cycling has to silently curse about a fellow rider.


My new location is much closer to work so my primary rides won’t be just commuting back and forth to work anymore. I’ll have the chance to ride as a hobby and take pleasure in exploring my area. I’m very paranoid about getting hit by a vehicle in this area, but I believe with time I’ll get used to it and figure out ways to get to safer roads. Cannot wait for those 40-50+ mile rides in my future. Which I need to be doing more of, because unless I get back on the hamster wheel or curb my high intake of calories I’m going to balloon up and become a couch commander.

Excited about the road ahead.


My life always takes twists and turns as I’ve said in my ‘about me’ section. I have a path I’m on and like many trips it’s a little foggy. I know of destinations I’ll come across and goals that come to fruition. Each day bringing me closer to what I desire in life. Just like any new ride the road will be lined with speed bumps, road blocks and unexpected pot holes. As long as I stay focused and determined I believe I can accomplish whatever I actually set my mind to. Tomorrow will be my first real ride in my new neighborhood. Hopefully I’ll make a few new cyclist friends or have some new stories to share. Stay safe out there and keep pedaling!


Traded my bike for a box of doughnuts. (And other memories)


Recently while texting back and forth with one of my new friends, I learned something horrible. It stopped me dead in my tracks causing me to die a little inside. She had never been on a bike before. . . I’ll work on getting her on a set of wheels, now however is a time for reminiscence.

This made me start thinking of all the adventures and bikes I had when I was a child. Wow feeling kind of old writing about all this. My earliest memory on a bicycle is a little foggy, my mom tells it to people every now and again so it stays fresh in my mind.

My first bike.

The Training Wheels Come Off

There’s only about five to ten seconds in my memory of riding the bike with training wheels. I would make circles in the driveway or ride a little ways down the sidewalk and back again. One day my parents decided to take those training wheels off the bike.

I climbed on the bike as they watched to make sure I wouldn’t lose my balance and topple over onto the sidewalk. Then I was gone. I took off down the sidewalk and wasn’t looking back haha. My parents had to chase after me, as I continued around the block. Going faster than I ever had before on my tiny 12 inch tires. I don’t remember falling with that bike although I’m absolutely sure I did.

Miles down the road.

In my early years I wasn’t exactly not known as a klutz. I will admit though, a lot of it could have been prevented if I would have listened to people. A fantastic example of advice I should have heeded was do not wear sandals and ride your bike! Told to me by one of my uncles. This occurred a few years after my first bike, unsure of my age at the time.

Sandals were so convenient! Just slip them on, hop on the bike and take to the roads. When I returned home I would hop the curb and park my bike on the front lawn. (Didn’t have to worry about it being stolen back then.) Flying down the road towards my house I went to repeat this procedure and my foot slipped! I didn’t make the jump over the curb this time. My toe collided with all of the words I should have listened to invisibly placed on the edge of curb. Immediately my toe began flooding my sandal with blood.20140508-192430.jpg

My uncle took me inside the house directing me to the bathroom so I could place my foot in the bathtub. I believe his words were, “bet you won’t ride your bike with sandals on anymore will ya?” To this day I refuse to ride in anything other than shoes or cleats made for the bike. I cringe whenever I see others with something other than shoes on. If this happens to you it will not be a happy day.

Just like the pros!

Another great bone head accident occurred around the age of 11 or 12. My uncle’s a triathlete and would watch bike races on the TV from time to time at my grandparent’s house. I became curious as to why the riders were hunched over in such a weird position. He explained to me how aerodynamics worked and planted an idea in my mind.

I only lived about 5 or 6 miles away from my grandparent’s house depending on the route taken. The route was complete with rolling hills which allowed me to coast down them gaining addicting speed. Hmm how do I become more aerodynamic on a basic mountain bike? I tried crouching down with my chest over the handlebars at first. Wait I remember watching skiing on the winter Olympics! They would always put their hands behind them to make themselves more aerodynamic! Come on I was a pre-teen obviously I knew all there was to know about the subject.

Sitting atop one of the steepest hills I could find I readied myself. Time to break a new land speed record! Gaining speed on the descent I very slowly moved my arms and placed the hands behind me just below the seat. Turns out my hands were lower than I had anticipated and they got caught between the tire and brake mount. The side of my fingers were used as brakes, and became stuck. I lost control of the bike causing the front wheel to turn and my stomach to finish the job of slowing me down by thrusting me into the handle bar end. Showed up a while later to my grandparent’s crying and explaining why my bike didn’t work anymore. Thankfully no permanent damage was done to my fingers.

I have to include this before my mom can mention it in the comments.


I traded a bike for a box of doughnuts, a bag of sunflower seeds and $10.00.  Trust me, these was some really good donuts! I had that bike for a couple years and had beat the crap out of it riding it all over the place. I had repainted it a couple times with the wrong type of paint and used it as if it was indestructible. To me it had lost it’s value and I was itching for a new one. What better reason to convince your parents you need a new bike than not owning one anymore. . .right?

One of my friends didn’t have a bike and really wanted one. He was a bit on the heavy side, so we always went to his place for food like pizza bites or, ugh the donuts. The original offer for the bike was the $10.00. I wasn’t just going to give my only mode of transportation away so I refused. He sweetened the deal a little with a bag of sunflower seeds, but this still wasn’t causing any handshakes. Then after talking to his older brother, basically like a car salesman talking to their manager, he came back with an offer that included a box of donuts.

Now place yourself in my mom’s shoes that day. I walk in the house with a box of doughnuts half eaten and a smile on my face. She asks me to put my bike away, and so begins the fun. “Well I don’t have a bike anymore, I traded it for this box of donuts.” The look she gave me was outstanding. From that point on whenever I would bring a girl home to meet mom, she would always be sure to retell the story. Thanks mom!

The bike after the doughnut transaction.

I’ll admit it, I was a tough kid to put up with. Especially when it came to school. I want to say it was 8th grade when this happened. I used my mind to torment my teachers in the classroom instead of behaving and getting great grades. The result was summer school, even though I still think one of my teachers honestly hated me. Summer school was held at a school a few towns over around 21 miles away.

Regular kids would take the bus back and forth between the schools to take their classes. I was not a regular kid. After play fighting on the bus with one of my friends the driver thought we were being serious and kicked us off, banning us from using the bus for transportation. The school told us our parents would need to drive us back and forth for the remaining weeks of summer. Problem is my parents wouldn’t transport me. Only option was to take my bike. :)

So each day during the week I would pedal 21 miles to school then 21 miles back home. This quickly turned into a game of beat the bus full of kids back and forth. I may have been dumb and immature that year, but I definitely got in pretty good shape haha.

High school crush and a 75 mile bike ride.


Up until high school I think the farthest I had ever been on my bike was between 40 to 45 miles. A young naive heart will make you do some pretty dumb things. Especially when your crush leaves for part of the summer to visit their family far far away. I’ll skip all the planning because to be honest there wasn’t too much of it. I left my house around 2am and began the ride to go see my best friend.

I had never been that far on a bike before but I was determined as hell to complete it. I can’t remember how long it took, I think it was around 8 or 9 hours by the time I finally arrived. I woke her up to let her know I had arrived, as she climbed out of bed I sneaked into it stealing it and making her sleep on the couch. My legs recovered faster than anticipated and I was able to tour around Alexandria Bay, NY and meet the other part of her family.

The results of the trip wasn’t what I had hoped for. The romantic gesture and miles I put on the bike wasn’t enough to win her heart, but in hindsight I’m glad nothing happened. She still remains my best friend from high school and one I can go to when I need an ear for my mind vomit. Long story short, we had fun tubing out on the speed boat all weekend and I made out with her cousin that ended up not talking to me after a couple weeks.

The road ahead.




There are many more memories of the time I spent on a bike, but they aren’t worth mentioning. Where I am today in my life I believe there will be plenty of adventure to share with others and memories that will last through the years. There are a few scars I have yet to form on my heart and body, but I look forward to them.

My bike now is a huge part of my life and I fully intend on helping as many people as I can with it. It’s frustrating sometimes knowing there’s people out there that are barely surviving and we as a country could do something about it. If I haven’t met you in person yet I hope we will have that encounter soon. Enjoy life, find your adventure and keep pedaling!

Taking the training wheels off Orlando.

sunrail-rollins-bikesArticle found at HERE at Orlando Sentinel’s website.

I cannot begin to tell you how excited my thumbs became upon seeing the article by Orlando Sentinel posted on Facebook about the new bike share program!

Usually I scroll on my phone through social media at night just to kill some time, but now I’m pumped!
Orlando hasn’t exactly been deemed the most bicycle friendly city in America, however efforts like the bike share program, in my opinion, will help to bring bicycles back as a viable option for quick and fun transportation.

Why not take a taxi?

Are you serious? Do you enjoy sitting in traffic or waiting to hail a cab that’s never where you need it to be? I’ve driven through Orlando a few times and been through it on my bike. I promise you that you’ll experience the city with a new set of eyes. Like a few of the critics that posted comments on Facebook I was skeptical about the accountability this company will have on the bikes. After reading the article and watching their short interview video it’s clear these bikes come equipped with GPS technology. Both to keep track of their product as well as see how they’re being used. I’m not sure if there will be a certain perimeter limit for the bikes, but it will be interesting to see the impact this is going to have on traffic overall.

A hashtag of “#OneLessCar” is branded on the bicycles with a message that to me shows a desire to help the environment as well as orlnews-bikeshare-orlando-is-coming-20140417vehicle congestion in the city. Not sure how the competition is going to handle these new wheels rolling in. Mainly Pedi Cab.


I can’t tell just by looking at them but they appear to have a solar panel charging kit built in to it. In New York I’ve seen the use of a similar program with zippcar. Same as bike share, just with cars instead. The fact that one of the creators of this is a Marine and Iraqi war veteran! OORAH!

This setup has proven to work well in places like Washington D.C. and I believe given the right implementation it could do great things for the city of Orlando. Let me know your opinions about this new bike share company! Are you for it? Against it? Don’t care and wish I would go away?


Why I hate cyclists too! Kiss my spandex!

Now for the other side of the coin!

As much as I find motor vehicles annoying or dangerous on the road, I also understand and agree with many drivers. There are some really. . . really dumb people out there on bicycles. 6xtLGI think the self hate that cyclists have towards umm other cyclists is something we all experience. Yes drivers of vehicles I have seen the reasons why the FEW special people on bikes aggravate you and now I’m going to list the reasons why.

Some of these are serious pet peeves.

First of all, if you are on anything with two wheels and choose not to wear a helmet I have no sympathy when head butt the pavement. To me this is as bad as not wearing a seat belt in a car. I don’t care how experienced you think you are on a bike, it only takes one fall to do some permanent damage or even cause death.

I have fallen enough times and remember all those times because I was wearing a helmet! Here in Orlando the cyclists I’ve seen aren’t too bad at remembering to protect themselves, but they’re still a few bad eggs out there risking their lives. nohelmetRiding at night with no lights! Are you serious?! It’s dangerous enough out there at night, but to do it without any lights or reflective material is plain stupid! At a minimum I like to have a powerful light on the front with a blinking red one on the back.

Don’t be a hazard to yourself and others on the road, I can agree with drivers who start swearing at you or honking their horns. You can get pulled over and cited for having the lights out on a vehicle, I believe it should be the same for cyclists. If they don’t want to spend the money on some lights to protect themselves they can spend money on a ticket!

Talking on a cellphone and riding a bike. -_- This too should be a ticket-able offense. Although I have talked with those in the Orlando Police Department and learned that in Florida it is okay to drive and talk on the cellphone, but illegal to text. stop_texting_save_a_cyclist_bumper_stickerWhatever the text or phone call is can wait until the ride is over. If you’re so damn popular that you need to know what people are saying all the time then break your ride up into 10-15 minute segments and pull over! For these cyclists I can only hope that they hit a pothole sending their phone careening down the road into pieces. :) Yes, this would please me.

Going the wrong way down a road. Yes there is a wrong way. Bikes are supposed to follow the rules of the road, traveling in the same direction as vehicles. Still I see it from time to time that one idiot causing cars to swerve and honk as they ride .

This is wrong for a couple reasons. A major portion of cycling revolves around the idea that being aerodynamic and riding with the wind is an ideal day. Having all those cars coming at you head on just makes all the sense in the world, doesn’t it?

One of the bloggers also on Hypeorlando.com mentioned to me recently about one such idiot going down the wrong direction. Instead of realizing their mistake the person shouted and banged on the hood of the vehicle. Luckily this is a nice person and not one that would hip check you into the shoulder of the road.

Running red lights. Shaking my head. Whenever I witness this all I can picture is watching those high speed chase videos on TV and seeing the driver get slammed by multiple cars. . .and then I imagine what would happen to someone on a bicycle. Red lights are there for your protection. It’s a signal that you need to stop, take a sip of water and wait for your turn to cross the intersection!

There are moments however when I find it perfectly fine to go through a red light. When there is not a single car in sight for miles and you’ve already been sitting there waiting forever. If the the red light is blinking and it’s safe to do so. Running the light in the middle of traffic while cars are coming and going just reinforces the hate that drivers have. Don’t be that person.

After doing some searching on the internet for cyclist haters I came across, what is to me, an entertaining and humorous hater of cycling all around! This person’s blog talks about hating cycling about as much as I praise it haha. Check it out here. I HATE BICYCLISTS.

IMPEDING TRAFFIC ON PURPOSE. Again this is a small population of people on bikes that get off by pissing off motorists. Similar to the feeling some get when being stuck behind a senior citizen. There are times that I’ll pull off the road onto a sidewalk to take a sip of water if I think that traffic needs a break.

This sort of behavior only causes problems like this article. If you don’t like cars honking and swearing at you out there on the road, then don’t give them a great reason to!

Recent occurrence.

A couple days ago I witnessed all of these rolled into one. Yeah I couldn’t believe it either. I was riding in the backseat of a friends car heading into downtown Orlando, just looking out the window missing my bike that David’s World Cycle has. That’s when I saw him, one of the prime reasons that people hate cyclists.

This is what I witnessed.

  • Riding the wrong direction towards traffic
  • No helmet!
  • Talking on a cellphone.
  • Halfway in the road causing others to swerve.
  • No lights whatsoever.
  • Wearing all dark clothing.
  • At 10:00pm. . .

How this person is still alive is a mystery! This is exactly the type of person that cause people to hate cyclists. The road is a dangerous place and we should all do what we can to ensure everyone’s safety.

If you’ve experienced a person like the above mentioned leave it in the comments below. If you still hate cyclists regardless of proper behavior, then I suppose you can kiss my spandex.