Ride for Veterans

Cycling and anything that keeps the wheels turning. Marine veteran remembering the time I served as well as looking to help others.

Actions speak louder than words.

Would a handful of coins change your life?

4569457286_949974130a_m_answer_6_xlargePeople do this all the time. Someone on the streets walks up and begs for your spare change. Instead of talking with them and seeing if there are ways to help, you pacify their request with less than most people pay for a coffee.

Imagine that time in your life when you hit rock bottom or came dangerously close. Having no one to turn to and no way out, being completely on your own.21166-The-Worst-Time-Of-Your-Life Would a handful of change or several handfuls over the week rescue you? Does it even come close to bringing back what you once had?

Last month was pretty hectic, work related fun, giving me little time to get out there and pedal the roads. I did however get the opportunity to dawn a pair of spandex and circle around downtown Orlando last week. Managed to ride in the path of a shelter of some sort handing out plates of food. There was a line of people, men women and children all waiting their turn. Immediate thoughts turned to the efforts going to feed the homeless veterans for Thanksgiving and how little of a gesture it’ll be, not realizing the problem was much larger. Good starting point.


We’re asking for people out there to do more. Spare an hour to volunteer to help in your community. Do more than discard of a handful of change and forget about the problem. Hell you may even end up meeting someone that could change your life! The Ride for Veterans is continuing to grow and each new person yields a helping hand. Whether that’s sharing this blog with others, offering to cook some of the food or great ideas on how to get more each extra person makes this effort stronger.

Thanksgiving Day is right around the corner and we’re continuing to collect donations and help from people that choose to do so. The next project is going to be “Warmth For Christmas.” A project that’s still on the drawing board, but is carrying a lot of fire behind it. We want to get out there and provide as many of the homeless with a blanket, gloves, a hat and coat. 7845_2Shelter isn’t always and option for some of them. If possible we would like to also provide a Christmas meal to be shared with some of the shelters in the area. Research will be done to figure out which ones would be best suited for the project. To get a closer look at what life is like in one of these shelters click over to my friend Ronnie’s blog.


Change helps to provide a meal for someone or to buy much needed items, but it doesn’t live up to it’s name. A helping hand, a voice, a force strong enough to care is what’s needed.


If you’d like to join us and actually help people out of their situations let us know. It’ll only cost you time and love.



Why you should be riding someone who rides bikes. XXX (Cycling improves sex.)

I’ll start this post off with a nice info-graph.


Cycling Sex fitness

Not going to sugar coat it. Cyclists tend to have nice asses.

Girls Ass Cycling Shorts Sexy


Many of the same muscles used in cycling could benefit you in the bedroom. Assuming you know what you’re doing. There are a few myths out there that claim riding on a hard bike seat will actually decrease your performance. As long as you’re wearing the proper shorts and take care of your body this won’t be an issue. In fact the impotence levels are greatly decreased. This is great news for males getting up there in age. I’m not sure what shape I’ll be in when I’m 40 or 50, but I’m turning 30 this year and feel and look like I’m in my early 20s.


Elizabeth Hatch Sexy Cyclists

While out on the road cyclists understand the importance of safety. I’m not advising that you wear a helmet during sex. That would just be ridiculous and lead to an accidental fat lip. Also it could get in the way while trying to go down on a girl…not sure where I was going with that, just don’t wear helmets during sex.


couples naked cyclist sexual

As I stated in a previous post, cyclists have a high level of stamina. When I say stamina I’m not talking a 30 year old that can still run a mile without dying. I’m talking about being in the sun on a bike pedaling out all the weakness for 5-6 hours during a 100 mile expedition. Translate that kind of energy into the bedroom and you can picture what a weekend with nothing to do could turn into.


sexy-cycling-babes thongs

This is a great picture of nice looking bicycles. For any girls looking to spice up their sex lives but are single maybe you should invest in a bike. Check out this page for some interesting info.


Refuse to let a calender decide how old you are.

old man young girl cycling humor

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Join me in showing respect to fellow cycling veterans!

Honoring fellow veterans helping veterans through cycling.large_6786738407

While I was planning Ride For Veterans I wanted to do some research to see what I was getting myself into. I was amazed to find that many others are doing similar rides or adventures to benefit all different types of military veterans. I’ve been following them on Facebook with jealousy, because I haven’t begun my ride as of yet. At the same time I’m extremely proud of these individuals for their efforts and wish I could be out there riding with them. I cannot wait to begin mine, for now I will share some of the ones already out there saving lives.


Pedal against PTSD


I have said it many times before that cycling is therapeutic. Pedal against PTSD was created in 2013, I encourage everyone to check out their facebook.  Stealing from their own description of the page:

My mission is to empower veterans to overcome PTSD through cycling and to raise awareness to veteran and veteran supporters for post traumatic stress.

My goal is to never compete with functioning systems already in action, yet communicate the local resources via a cycling community. The goal is huge but I believe the need is even bigger. I feel there are more veterans needing assistance than the government can handle. Just spend 30 minutes in a VA hospital and you will see what I mean.


If you would like to order one of the jerseys or shorts you can find the link throughout the Facebook page. I like seeing efforts like this because it not only gets veterans out there helping each other, but it keeps them happy and healthy out on bicycles. Often times the problems that can arise from PTSD are ignored or dealt with poorly. I plan on ordering a set to help bring awareness in my area.


 Vet Ride for Life


This Facebook page was created by an Iraqi war veteran in order to bring awareness to veteran suicide. I’ve been following him on Facebook for a while now. Every now and then a new picture of his bike propped up against a sign comes across my timeline. My ride will be pretty similar to this one. If you’d like to learn more about this ride or make a donation to help out you can visit his site. http://www.youcaring.com/other/transamerica-ride-for-life/68118


Have a safe memorial weekend and remember those who have gave, and those continuing to give.

Why you should date a cyclist.

bike love cyclists



Why you should date a cyclist!

If you can get one to fall for you as much as they love their bikes you’re a keeper!

Everyone has their good characteristics and I’m not saying cyclists are a higher caliber group of people, but we’re up there. 😉 And we know our way around some curves. :)

Here are some great reasons to date a cyclist!

The most obvious reason is for the nice ass. Cyclists spend hours upon hours working out that beautiful piece of meet into a perfectly sculpted pair of buns.hot guys ass muscles in shape

  • We know that everything needs to be properly lubricated before it can be used to its full potential.
  • They make incredibly smooth cuddle partners. Keeping those legs shaved smoother than their face in most cases.
  • Do you like to travel? Just tell the cyclist they can bring their bike and throw in a couple of riding attractions in the destination you want to go to. They’ll probably be packed and ready to go before you finish your pitch.
  • When it comes to getting tired cyclists focus and pound away.
  • They perform well in a few different positions. Girl bent over bike cycling hot ass
  • Cyclist enjoy a healthy eating lifestyle. Prompting them to cook great tasting food to fuel up for long rides.
  • With most cycling software these days you don’t have to worry about where your cyclist is, you can pull up a map to make sure they’re okay.
  • Cyclist have a no failure option mentality. This helps in the professional world and relationships.
  • If you ride too you both can spend some time getting dirty. If the dating is going well there is the option to help each other shower later. 😉
  • Cyclist have the proper gear during those times it gets wet.

Cycling art

  • You’ll have more time to spend with them. On average cyclists live 2 years longer than non-cyclists.
  • Easy to shop for when it comes to birthdays or Christmas. (Bike stuff!)
  • At times we feel the need to attack, explore, and go on adventures.
  • Transforms sweat into success.

Stamina. Need I say more?