Ride for Veterans

Cycling and anything that keeps the wheels turning. Marine veteran remembering the time I served as well as looking to help others.

Actions speak louder than words.

Would a handful of coins change your life?

4569457286_949974130a_m_answer_6_xlargePeople do this all the time. Someone on the streets walks up and begs for your spare change. Instead of talking with them and seeing if there are ways to help, you pacify their request with less than most people pay for a coffee.

Imagine that time in your life when you hit rock bottom or came dangerously close. Having no one to turn to and no way out, being completely on your own.21166-The-Worst-Time-Of-Your-Life Would a handful of change or several handfuls over the week rescue you? Does it even come close to bringing back what you once had?

Last month was pretty hectic, work related fun, giving me little time to get out there and pedal the roads. I did however get the opportunity to dawn a pair of spandex and circle around downtown Orlando last week. Managed to ride in the path of a shelter of some sort handing out plates of food. There was a line of people, men women and children all waiting their turn. Immediate thoughts turned to the efforts going to feed the homeless veterans for Thanksgiving and how little of a gesture it’ll be, not realizing the problem was much larger. Good starting point.


We’re asking for people out there to do more. Spare an hour to volunteer to help in your community. Do more than discard of a handful of change and forget about the problem. Hell you may even end up meeting someone that could change your life! The Ride for Veterans is continuing to grow and each new person yields a helping hand. Whether that’s sharing this blog with others, offering to cook some of the food or great ideas on how to get more each extra person makes this effort stronger.

Thanksgiving Day is right around the corner and we’re continuing to collect donations and help from people that choose to do so. The next project is going to be “Warmth For Christmas.” A project that’s still on the drawing board, but is carrying a lot of fire behind it. We want to get out there and provide as many of the homeless with a blanket, gloves, a hat and coat. 7845_2Shelter isn’t always and option for some of them. If possible we would like to also provide a Christmas meal to be shared with some of the shelters in the area. Research will be done to figure out which ones would be best suited for the project. To get a closer look at what life is like in one of these shelters click over to my friend Ronnie’s blog.


Change helps to provide a meal for someone or to buy much needed items, but it doesn’t live up to it’s name. A helping hand, a voice, a force strong enough to care is what’s needed.


If you’d like to join us and actually help people out of their situations let us know. It’ll only cost you time and love.



Colombia’s Cycling Team New Vag Style. Cycling News.

Colombia’s Female Cycling Team Have Adopted A New Uhm Look.

Colombia Girls Vagina Cycling news Sex


The female cycling team that is sponsored by the city of Bogota is causing quite a stir in the waves of the Internet. From a glance these women appear to be riding with their midsections breezing in the wind, however the color of the fabric is set to match the riders giving the appearance of nudity. Some are calling it a “genital disaster!”

A lot of questions as to why this team would sanction such a bold look. So far from what I can gather is that it was a design mistake by a member of the team. Not sure if they’ll end up changing it or keep enjoying all the attention they’re getting from it.

Not sure what prompted this move, but it’s absolutely making stuff stand up and take notice. From time to time I  the Internet in search of my new favorite cycling jersey or gear. I have to say though if this is a publicity stunt by the team it seems to be gaining a lot of attention.

Personally I like that this team is making people talk about cycling. Maybe it could lead to a greater number of people out there on two wheels. Wouldn’t that piss off a lot of drivers out there?

Although many are applauding this risky change in attire there are a lot in the cycling community throughout the world that find this design to be disgusting and an insult to the sport of cycling.

A couple of my favorite jerseys.


Organization dedicated to helping veterans with PTSD through cycling.

Organization dedicated to helping veterans with PTSD through cycling.


Gas-less jersey. Many MPGs

Gas-less jersey. Many MPGs



I have a few others I take pride in but nothing as extreme as the female team from Colombia. Let me know what you think down below. I’m sure there are going to be a lot of objections.


Getting some tail, and using my fingers.

Catching the tail wind on a brief ride tonight.

There’s nothing better than riding in the same direction as the wind. Doesn’t happen too often here in Orlando either due to luck, or the great stints of weather I end up riding in. When it does though I fully appreciate the added boost. The soundtrack to tonight’s ride brought to you by DJ Swan. Good buddy of mine and always has a great mix to pedal to. You can check out some of his tracks here.

It wasn’t a very long ride tonight, I wanted to do it more for speed and intensity to check on something my body has been doing. Too many migraines this week to ignore. I’m thinking there is a connection with my blood pressure. That or I have just been around too many other people that have been pissing me off. Both are plausible.

What the hell is the matter with people?

The-Big-Lebowski-WTF-GifThe end of July has always been a fuzzy time for me in the past. This year it’s just been filled with an abundance of inner issues. Combine that with the mini interactions I have with people, you know the ones that make one want to run head first into a brick wall.

A quick example of one of those mini interactions occurred tonight. I like to call these type of people too stupid to let their brain catch up to their own dumb. I’ll try to put that in plain English or something that makes sense. Ever watch someone do something you know is going to be wrong and at the same time you can see it on their face that they know it as well? Well in these instances these people are being stupid at such great speeds that it’s damn near impossible for them to stop the current actions.

This type of driver deserves a brick through the window.


Not too sure why drivers pull this maneuver, but they do constantly. Speeding past a cyclist only to slam on their brakes and cut in front of them to make a right turn. I’m thankful that I have quick enough reflexes to stop myself from slamming into the side of vehicles that do this. Wouldn’t it be much easier to wait 0.5 seconds for the cyclist to pass the road you wish to turn down?

The special person that cut me off tonight received a double dose of my erect fingers. Letting them know just how appreciative I was of their driving skills.


Now how many of you perverts read the title of this post and assumed I was talking about a girl? For shame!

Dear future self. Hope it all worked out! (Blogapalooz-hour)

I’ve been challenged by Hype Orlando to write a post to my future self.



Immediately I’m drawing a huge blank! I think if I were to write a letter to my future self, assuming I would get one in return, it would be filed with questions. Maybe see if there is anything tragic I could avoid. Most of this will be pulled out my ass, not that future me would expect anything less.

I remember being a teenager and wondering what it would be like to be 30 years old. Well I’m turning 30 this November and I still have no idea. I suppose now it’s time to wonder what it would be like to be 50 or 60 years old. Now for the fun of writing me a letter!



Dear Me,

You’re still alive!? How does it feel being old? I’m assuming you have owned several hover boards and can’t wait to pick up our first one! Are you still able to get out and ride bikes? Hopefully all this preparation I’m doing paid off for us down the road. I would hate to see you as a lazy obese individual. Pretty sure I wouldn’t let that happen to you. So you’re welcome for the body I’m working on.


I’m not sure when you would have completed your mission, so I will just congratulate you on taking over the world in this letter. How does it feel to control all humans? I’m sure it could be stressful at times. For now I guess I can just wait until it comes into fruition.

If you remarried I hope it was worth it. You’re probably miserable and have to deal with constant nagging. Hope you’re still in good health because I’m not sure how it is in the future, but trying to get an appointment with the Veterans Administration in my time is continuing to be a problem. You know what I’ll set a couple of appointments now that way by the time you receive this letter you’ll be able to go! Seriously though if you did get remarried she better be gorgeous!

Did you ever figure out where the bike shorts I lost went? I mean we both know I didn’t just get off the bike naked one day and not notice the wind getting personal with my…well never mind the details. I know they’re in the house somewhere dammit.

I’m assuming they haven’t invented time travel yet. Hopefully they’re getting close then we can go back and smack 16 year old us in the face for some poor decisions. I can only imagine the technology in your time. You should have inside knowledge or all of it being the supreme ruler.310616_10150309672248518_2111646067_n

Now that you’re old do you have plans for our daughter Madeline to take over the world? She’s only 5 now, but I’m pretty sure she’s going to grow into an evil queen someday. If you look closely you can see the wickedness behind her eyes. Hell maybe she’s already in charge haha. Hopefully she grew up with all of the characteristics I have that her mother hates.



I hope this letter finds you well. I hope you’re not too damn old to read it.

Your narcissistic self,


Trading bombs for noms: Military lifestyle causes obesity

Trading bombs for noms: Military lifestyle causes obesity

Changing your lifestyle should also include a change in one’s diet.


As I sit here and type this out I’m enjoying a couple slices of pizza. :) When it comes to what you should eat growing up our parents or gaurdians were responsible for letting us know what is good or bad. Some listen to this advice and continue on up into college. For those who decide to go into the military you are presented with a new mommy. Usually called sir. The diet through boot camp or basic training is strict and loaded with healthy calories to promote optimum physical ability. Transformations occur with these young men and women, turning them into finely tuned fighting machines!

The hidden problem with diet and exercise once the responsibility is placed on the individual.

Physically fit, access to multi-million dollar fitness centers, and a plethora of workout buddies to choose from! What more could you ask for to stay in shape right? A poor diet can be masked behind a great deal of physical labor and gym time. I used to just think Marines were special and didn’t need to eat the right foods. I could just eat and eat until my belly was over stuffed, then ta dahhh I wouldn’t get fat! That false sense of fitness is what grooms the military into thinking it is perfectly okay to divulge in chineese food, pizza, wings, and whatever else they desired after work.

Not seeing that the high phyical demands of those in the military contribute to their overall physique man will adopt these new eating habits and continue to believe calories do not have any affect on them. For those still in the military and have a spouse that also has adopted your diet, ask yourself why they keep gaining weight and you don’t. 480097_603851542970005_15687389_n_zps5aa4c5c5

 You decide to leave the military and then dun dun dunnnnn you get fat!

It only makes sense, not trying to point anyone out for being overweight or “really letting themselves go.” Scarfing down the packed with carbohydrates and loaded with calories MRE’s (Meals Ready to Eat) then going on a 10 mile hike makes sense. Adding pizza, beer, burritos, smoking and joking doesn’t seem to have any durastic impact on the body. Take away all the early morning formation runs or the need to pass a physical fitness test and you create an explosion for the body. The activity levels drop to a horrible level but the food and drinking stays the same. The thought of going to the gym or getting off the couch to go for a run is now met with a multitude of excuses. The biggest one I’m sure no one wants to admit is that no one is telling them they have to anymore. The chore of staying in peak shape ended when the contract did.

I’ll admit some have figured out how to stay in great shape. Either by adopting a new career with similar physical demands or adapting their diets. I think there needs to be better programs in the military to teach them about nutrition. Not those extremely boring power point presentations that just make us want to do the opposite of whatever is being displayed. Possibly a convention where each person can walk around and take an interest in their choosing. I wouldn’t suggest calorie counting because the numbers will just get fudged.

Your body changes once you hang up that uniform, It’s not that you’re becoming a civilian and that’s just something that happens when you get out. Eating healthy and moderate exercise could combat the enemy we call fat. I would reccomend cuting out junk food, and I know this hurts some of you to hear, but switch to a light beer or cut it out altogether. Use it as a reward maybe? Break a record time on your run, then enjoy that drink.

Find your motivation!

Staying in shape doesn’t need to be a chore anymore. You can’t sit there and tell me hearing cadence doesn’t make you remember the feeling of being in a platoon all over again. The thundering pounds of boots hitting the ground in unison, the recognizable smell of sweat mixed with alcohol being expunged into the morning air. Everyone has their favorite cadence that gets stuck in their head from time to time. Let it fuel you like it used to!


Create a platoon of one. Show some results and I promise others will follow!



For those who take offense to this and are still in denial about their new pants size.