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Jordan Matson, Veteran Fighting the Islamic State? Or a Fraud.

A lot of talk has been going around about Jordan Matson.

Islamic state jordan matson

When the story of this individual broke I had the same reaction as most. It’s fake and probably a rumor spread across the internet just to troll people. Sadly however it’s reached the heights of main stream media, many of which are military related and are able to fact check crap like this. I decided to put my two cents in when it came across in one of my veteran’s groups from Marine Times. (Click link to see story.)

At first Facebook and some other social media were claiming this was a Marine gone rogue. Turns out the real story, according to the internet which never lies, is that he was in the Army. Subsequently kicked out due to psychological reasons. Many are claiming that this is a self fulfilling stunt by this young man to gain popularity. Although on the same coin I am finding a lot of sources that are claiming he actually has gone overseas and is fighting.

I’m trying to understand the motivation for his actions. Whether made up or crazy enough to be true. I have talked with many veterans that wish they were still in the military, for whatever reason, but I highly doubt they would actually make a move like this. Matson claims in a facebook post that he was hit by mortars, but is okay. Asking all who are following him to keep the Kurds and other Americans in their prayers.

The reason I am skeptical of this story is that if it were true and the attention seeking media got their hands on it then why hasn’t members of his family or old unit in the Army been contacted? Why is that the only people that seem to know his existence are random facebook comments I see in veteran groups?

The world is a crazy place and if this story is true I wouldn’t be that shocked. If it’s fake then kudos to the internet for trolling so many once again. If Matson really went overseas to take the fight to the Islamic State then I wish him well. I would say he is out of his mind for going alone and risking his life for whatever reason he believes in, but still out of his mind.


Let me know if you’ve met this individual or your thoughts!

So I learned how to ride a bike this week…

Yay I can ride a bike at work now!


Well technically I learned how to ride a bike by work’s standards. Making me a part of the law enforcement bicycle association. It was amusing and nerve racking watching others in the class take to the bikes. For most of them it had been years since they’ve been on a bike. None of them fell off the bikes thankfully haha. They wobbled around catching their balance at first. A few times I ended up being wide eyed and grinding my teeth because I thought they were going to hurt themselves. Anyway, I can pick up shifts that require me to ride a bike around and get paid for it. ūüėČ

In other uhm news.

I’ve been noticing an increase in the number of Facebook and Twitter posts about the middle east. Everyone has an opinion or some type of rant they feel the need to share with the world. Most of the Marines I served with in Iraq are discussing ISIS. The two sides I’m seeing are apathy towards the situation or a desire to go back overseas to finish the job.

I’m still contemplating my thoughts on the matter. I don’t believe we should be providing so much aid to foreign countries that for the majority disagree with our way of life. On the other hand I don’t feel as though sitting back and watching women and children getting their heads cut off is the right thing to do either. I spent a year in Iraq and have seen how fear controls the populace. They would rather lie and turn their backs on their communities in order to protect themselves.


The people of Iraq, as well as neighboring countries, will abide by the rules and regulations of those carrying the biggest gun at the time. When I spent a year in the sandbox it was the United States. Currently that means laying down the weapons and equipment we provided them to protect their home and following ISIS. I met many Iraqis and I know some of them have good intentions and desire a peaceful time for themselves and their children. The problem with that is none of them have the balls to stand up against any invader. When the going gets tough they all turn into helpless children.