Ride for Veterans

Cycling and anything that keeps the wheels turning. Marine veteran remembering the time I served as well as looking to help others.

Actions speak louder than words.

Would a handful of coins change your life?

4569457286_949974130a_m_answer_6_xlargePeople do this all the time. Someone on the streets walks up and begs for your spare change. Instead of talking with them and seeing if there are ways to help, you pacify their request with less than most people pay for a coffee.

Imagine that time in your life when you hit rock bottom or came dangerously close. Having no one to turn to and no way out, being completely on your own.21166-The-Worst-Time-Of-Your-Life Would a handful of change or several handfuls over the week rescue you? Does it even come close to bringing back what you once had?

Last month was pretty hectic, work related fun, giving me little time to get out there and pedal the roads. I did however get the opportunity to dawn a pair of spandex and circle around downtown Orlando last week. Managed to ride in the path of a shelter of some sort handing out plates of food. There was a line of people, men women and children all waiting their turn. Immediate thoughts turned to the efforts going to feed the homeless veterans for Thanksgiving and how little of a gesture it’ll be, not realizing the problem was much larger. Good starting point.


We’re asking for people out there to do more. Spare an hour to volunteer to help in your community. Do more than discard of a handful of change and forget about the problem. Hell you may even end up meeting someone that could change your life! The Ride for Veterans is continuing to grow and each new person yields a helping hand. Whether that’s sharing this blog with others, offering to cook some of the food or great ideas on how to get more each extra person makes this effort stronger.

Thanksgiving Day is right around the corner and we’re continuing to collect donations and help from people that choose to do so. The next project is going to be “Warmth For Christmas.” A project that’s still on the drawing board, but is carrying a lot of fire behind it. We want to get out there and provide as many of the homeless with a blanket, gloves, a hat and coat. 7845_2Shelter isn’t always and option for some of them. If possible we would like to also provide a Christmas meal to be shared with some of the shelters in the area. Research will be done to figure out which ones would be best suited for the project. To get a closer look at what life is like in one of these shelters click over to my friend Ronnie’s blog.


Change helps to provide a meal for someone or to buy much needed items, but it doesn’t live up to it’s name. A helping hand, a voice, a force strong enough to care is what’s needed.


If you’d like to join us and actually help people out of their situations let us know. It’ll only cost you time and love.



Temperatures are dropping, time to get off the couch!

Stop letting excuses pile on up leaving you stuck on your butt this season.

Image converted using ifftoany


I hear the same thing over and over again. People saying they’re gaining weight and can’t find time to exercise. These are the same repetitious statements made by the motivated folks you see in January making claims about how this will be the year they lose the pounds. We should have a national get off your ass day. I vote we make that November 1st. That way people have time to stuff their bellies with all the sugar from Halloween which should keep them wired enough to have an outstanding first day! People are overly concerned about the “Ebola” epidemic, yet are taking no actions to ward off any other illness. Not too sound like an insensitive prick or anything, but the News Stations could take a few breaks in between to report on the rest of the world’s news.

I for one am excited to see the numbers dropping on the thermometer. Cool days lead to longer relaxing rides out on the bike! I know there are some out there that have a bike either in the garage or shed collecting dust and feeling neglected. I understand that many of them are “two tired” (Sorry cyclist humor, but you’ll be amazed at how your energy levels will rise after a few short rides.

Speaking of taking the bike out, check out our Ride For Veterans Thanksgiving event below. Trying to do great things this year. Please help out by sharing with your friends and family!



Homeless Veterans’ Thanksgiving 2014. Pt. 3 (Reached our goal, now what.)

Reached the goal of $300 well before anticipated!

imageWe’re very impressed with the progress of this campaign, despite having a flat tire on the most recent ride. Motivated to have people out there whom I’ve never met contributing their time and money to help out. Either with ideas or sharing these posts on Facebook or Twitter.

As I said before for every $100 donated equals 50 miles on the bike. I have most of the food ideas covered with the help of my roommate and her family. (Check out her blog here.)  

For now we’re focusing on what items to include for the veterans. I have a basic list of items I’m planning on purchasing with the donations.If you think of anything else please include it in the comments below. Also if you know of places we could gather them up for a great deal include it.

Thanksgiving list: (Hopefully we’ll be able to expand.)

  • Toothbrush/ toothpaste
  • Razors
  • Sunscreen
  • Body wash
  • Literature on help out there for homeless veterans
  • Sanitary wipes
  • Small first aid kits

If this is the first you’re learning about the Ride For Veterans check out the first post regarding Thanksgiving. 


By the end of October I will have completed the 150 miles that I owe everyone for their donations. Because there is still time before Thanksgiving we are hoping to make more of an impact. LET’S MAKE IT DOUBLE! To make things fair, after the 150 miles are completed any further donations will count as $1 for 1 mile. For those of you out there waiting until November to make your donations, keep in mind that all of these miles have to be completed prior to Thanksgiving. Confident that this won’t be an issue. 😀

Share on Facebook! Share on Twitter! Share with your friends and family! Happy to see so many others getting excited to help out.

Homeless Veterans’ Thanksgiving 2014. (I’ll need your help.)

Homeless Veterans’ Thanksgiving 2014. (I’ll need your help.)

My initial plan to do what I can this fall and help some local homeless veterans have a Thanksgiving and a show of support.




How many times have you been sitting in your car and came upon a man holding a cardboard sign? I know not everyone has a handful of change or money they are willing to hand over and that’s fine. I’ve been guilty of it before as well. Pretending not to see the individual, changing the radio stations or playing with my phone just so I didn’t have to look them in the face. I’d like to begin to make up for all those times with this small effort.




For Thanksgiving this year I’m going to cook a turkey and deliver it with whatever food I can gather. In order to help these veterans for more than just one day I’ll be setting up a site for crowd funding to collect monetary donations. My hope is that by getting this small gesture out to as many people as I can that it’ll be enough to change the life, or better yet lives of the men and women that are out walking the streets of a country they fought to protect.

I’m unable to begin my main ride around the perimeter of the United States, however that doesn’t preclude me from starting to help. If you’re in the Orlando area and would like to help on Thanksgiving by delivering the items please let me know! (LegsBPedaling@Gmail.com)  DONATIONS WELCOME HERE.


The ABSOLUTE minimum favor I’m asking of those reading this is to get this message in front of anyone that is grateful for their FREEDOM.


Let's do this

 ADDITIONALLY: For every $2.00 raised I’ll ride 1 mile. Let’s not make this a ride around the block…http://www.gofundme.com/Ride-For-Veterans


Again when I have everything set up and ready to roll I’ll make a part 2 to this post. Thank you all in advance and I challenge you to also help in your local area. Don’t let them believe no one cares!


Click here to see the next post for this project!



Cyclist crossed 6 states to propose to his girlfriend, stabbed to death by a homeless man.

Cyclist killed by Florida man on his way to propose to his girlfriend.

homeless man cycling news


Kevin Adorno, seen in the above picture with his girlfriend, was killed by a homeless man after stopping at a McDonalds for a quick snack. He was cycling from Maryland to Florida to propose his girlfriend, Elyse seen in the picture.

The killer.

Homeless man stabs cyclist Florida


Rene Herrera Cruz 59 years old, seen in the picture above told police that he watched Adorno walk around talking on his cell phone and believed that he was instructing people to kill him. He then proceeded to stab him in the chest and arm causing him to collapse near a bathroom. Adrorno’s girlfriend reported hearing the phone drop on the ground before hearing sirens.

Homeless-Man-Stabbing cyclist Florida


As you can see from this picture, the trip was to consisted of 1191 miles. Out of all the hazards one could come across when making a cycling trip like this Adorno met his fate by wanting a quick snack. It’s still unclear what was mentally wrong with Cruz, or why he thought Adorno was instructing others to kill him. It’s a tragic event and my heart goes out to his family and friends.

Florida already has a poor reputation when it comes to cycling/pedestrian accidents. Like the news of the past, this will be categorized with the stigma surrounding the idea that crazy people are found in Florida. We had the zombie eating a person problem, countless court cases that made national news and infuriated many with the results. I already know that carrying a weapon while cycling is illegal in many states, maybe it shouldn’t be. Perhaps on long trips like this protecting oneself is not a bad idea.

What do you think of this tragic event? Comment below or voice your opinion on my twitter. @LegsBPedaling

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