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Cycling and anything that keeps the wheels turning. Marine veteran remembering the time I served as well as looking to help others.

Homeless Veterans’ Thanksgiving 2014. (I’ll need your help.) Pt.2

It hasn’t even been 24 hours yet and the support I’m receiving for this project is motivating!



I thought I was going to have a few days to get myself back into prime riding condition, but apparently there are a few generous people out there that would like to speed that process up! I don’t mind as long as help for these veterans is in the works.



As I stated in the first post, I’ll be riding 1 mile for every $2 donated. After riding 15 today I still owe all of you 35 miles to be caught up with the contributions, Hopefully I’ll be able to ride the needed miles prior to Thanksgiving. Anyone out there want to make that a challenging task? For proof purposes I have my miles tracked via Strava, shown below.

Cyclist crossed 6 states to propose to his girlfriend, stabbed to death by a homeless man.

Cyclist killed by Florida man on his way to propose to his girlfriend.

homeless man cycling news


Kevin Adorno, seen in the above picture with his girlfriend, was killed by a homeless man after stopping at a McDonalds for a quick snack. He was cycling from Maryland to Florida to propose his girlfriend, Elyse seen in the picture.

The killer.

Homeless man stabs cyclist Florida


Rene Herrera Cruz 59 years old, seen in the picture above told police that he watched Adorno walk around talking on his cell phone and believed that he was instructing people to kill him. He then proceeded to stab him in the chest and arm causing him to collapse near a bathroom. Adrorno’s girlfriend reported hearing the phone drop on the ground before hearing sirens.

Homeless-Man-Stabbing cyclist Florida


As you can see from this picture, the trip was to consisted of 1191 miles. Out of all the hazards one could come across when making a cycling trip like this Adorno met his fate by wanting a quick snack. It’s still unclear what was mentally wrong with Cruz, or why he thought Adorno was instructing others to kill him. It’s a tragic event and my heart goes out to his family and friends.

Florida already has a poor reputation when it comes to cycling/pedestrian accidents. Like the news of the past, this will be categorized with the stigma surrounding the idea that crazy people are found in Florida. We had the zombie eating a person problem, countless court cases that made national news and infuriated many with the results. I already know that carrying a weapon while cycling is illegal in many states, maybe it shouldn’t be. Perhaps on long trips like this protecting oneself is not a bad idea.

What do you think of this tragic event? Comment below or voice your opinion on my twitter. @LegsBPedaling

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Colombia’s Cycling Team New Vag Style. Cycling News.

Colombia’s Female Cycling Team Have Adopted A New Uhm Look.

Colombia Girls Vagina Cycling news Sex


The female cycling team that is sponsored by the city of Bogota is causing quite a stir in the waves of the Internet. From a glance these women appear to be riding with their midsections breezing in the wind, however the color of the fabric is set to match the riders giving the appearance of nudity. Some are calling it a “genital disaster!”

A lot of questions as to why this team would sanction such a bold look. So far from what I can gather is that it was a design mistake by a member of the team. Not sure if they’ll end up changing it or keep enjoying all the attention they’re getting from it.

Not sure what prompted this move, but it’s absolutely making stuff stand up and take notice. From time to time I  the Internet in search of my new favorite cycling jersey or gear. I have to say though if this is a publicity stunt by the team it seems to be gaining a lot of attention.

Personally I like that this team is making people talk about cycling. Maybe it could lead to a greater number of people out there on two wheels. Wouldn’t that piss off a lot of drivers out there?

Although many are applauding this risky change in attire there are a lot in the cycling community throughout the world that find this design to be disgusting and an insult to the sport of cycling.

A couple of my favorite jerseys.


Organization dedicated to helping veterans with PTSD through cycling.

Organization dedicated to helping veterans with PTSD through cycling.


Gas-less jersey. Many MPGs

Gas-less jersey. Many MPGs



I have a few others I take pride in but nothing as extreme as the female team from Colombia. Let me know what you think down below. I’m sure there are going to be a lot of objections.


Why you should be riding someone who rides bikes. XXX (Cycling improves sex.)

I’ll start this post off with a nice info-graph.


Cycling Sex fitness

Not going to sugar coat it. Cyclists tend to have nice asses.

Girls Ass Cycling Shorts Sexy


Many of the same muscles used in cycling could benefit you in the bedroom. Assuming you know what you’re doing. There are a few myths out there that claim riding on a hard bike seat will actually decrease your performance. As long as you’re wearing the proper shorts and take care of your body this won’t be an issue. In fact the impotence levels are greatly decreased. This is great news for males getting up there in age. I’m not sure what shape I’ll be in when I’m 40 or 50, but I’m turning 30 this year and feel and look like I’m in my early 20s.


Elizabeth Hatch Sexy Cyclists

While out on the road cyclists understand the importance of safety. I’m not advising that you wear a helmet during sex. That would just be ridiculous and lead to an accidental fat lip. Also it could get in the way while trying to go down on a girl…not sure where I was going with that, just don’t wear helmets during sex.


couples naked cyclist sexual

As I stated in a previous post, cyclists have a high level of stamina. When I say stamina I’m not talking a 30 year old that can still run a mile without dying. I’m talking about being in the sun on a bike pedaling out all the weakness for 5-6 hours during a 100 mile expedition. Translate that kind of energy into the bedroom and you can picture what a weekend with nothing to do could turn into.


sexy-cycling-babes thongs

This is a great picture of nice looking bicycles. For any girls looking to spice up their sex lives but are single maybe you should invest in a bike. Check out this page for some interesting info.


Refuse to let a calender decide how old you are.

old man young girl cycling humor

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So I learned how to ride a bike this week…

Yay I can ride a bike at work now!


Well technically I learned how to ride a bike by work’s standards. Making me a part of the law enforcement bicycle association. It was amusing and nerve racking watching others in the class take to the bikes. For most of them it had been years since they’ve been on a bike. None of them fell off the bikes thankfully haha. They wobbled around catching their balance at first. A few times I ended up being wide eyed and grinding my teeth because I thought they were going to hurt themselves. Anyway, I can pick up shifts that require me to ride a bike around and get paid for it. 😉

In other uhm news.

I’ve been noticing an increase in the number of Facebook and Twitter posts about the middle east. Everyone has an opinion or some type of rant they feel the need to share with the world. Most of the Marines I served with in Iraq are discussing ISIS. The two sides I’m seeing are apathy towards the situation or a desire to go back overseas to finish the job.

I’m still contemplating my thoughts on the matter. I don’t believe we should be providing so much aid to foreign countries that for the majority disagree with our way of life. On the other hand I don’t feel as though sitting back and watching women and children getting their heads cut off is the right thing to do either. I spent a year in Iraq and have seen how fear controls the populace. They would rather lie and turn their backs on their communities in order to protect themselves.


The people of Iraq, as well as neighboring countries, will abide by the rules and regulations of those carrying the biggest gun at the time. When I spent a year in the sandbox it was the United States. Currently that means laying down the weapons and equipment we provided them to protect their home and following ISIS. I met many Iraqis and I know some of them have good intentions and desire a peaceful time for themselves and their children. The problem with that is none of them have the balls to stand up against any invader. When the going gets tough they all turn into helpless children.