Ride for Veterans

Cycling and anything that keeps the wheels turning. Marine veteran remembering the time I served as well as looking to help others.

About me.

About me.



Everyone’s story is different. As you will soon learn my life has enough twists, turns, and forks in the road to make a GPS unit quit its job. My name is Jason Talbot. I was born in Potsdam, New York. Potsdam is a nice little town near the top border of New York, very different from New York City. My mother takes great pride in telling people I was a perfect infant. Sleeping through the entire night and rarely ever crying. I suppose that gave her inspiration to have more children. I’m the second oldest out of eight brothers and sisters.

I would like to say I had a normal childhood, building tree forts, riding bikes, and any other non-sense I could get myself into.  My parents divorced when I was ten years old. Causing a back and forth type of living arrangements. A year or two at my mom’s house then a year or two at my dad’s. I wasn’t sure what direction I wanted my life to go in, still don’t, so unlike many of my peers I opted to skip going to college and enlisted into the Marine Corps instead.

I spent a total of eight years in the Marines. Spending a year of that in Ramadi, Iraq. Not the best place to vacation, but I’ll never forget the friendships I gained with my team.  I’ve been all over the world visiting museums and places that most people dream about. I’ll skip all the stories for now and just list the countries. Japan, Italy, France, England, Germany, Kuwait, Iraq, Ireland, Canada, and the Vatican. I love traveling!

While in the Marines I married, then got divorced in 2010. I have a beautiful daughter named Madeline Jade. She’ll be turning 6 this year a couple weeks after I turn 30! My last three years in the Marines was spent near Syracuse, NY in a town called Oswego. I was sent there to be a Marine recruiter. I then decided eight years was long enough and I wanted to go to college. Still not definitively knowing what I wanted to do.  After a couple of semesters I became fed up with New York and decided my life needed yet another change.


I gave away most of my belongings and made arrangements to leave my apartment in Oswego. I packed what I could into a Volkswagen Jetta and drove to Florida. I now live with a little furry black roommate Rascal and a new friend. I won’t say where I work, but I’ll narrow it down for you, it’s one of the theme parks. I’ve never blogged before so I would ask my readers to be patient as I get the hang of it.

I choose to be a part of Hypeorlando because I have an adventure that’s to begin soon. The whole trip will take close to a year to complete. Truly beyond motivated for this ride as I hope many people will be! Any other questions or helpful tips let me know! LegsBPedaling@Gmail.com