Ride for Veterans

Cycling and anything that keeps the wheels turning. Marine veteran remembering the time I served as well as looking to help others.

Two Marines are Marching to Washington, Find Out Why.

Two Marines are WALKING nearly 300 miles to Washington to deliver a message!

I first heard about these two Marines during a radio show interview via The Community Journal, while discussing the Ride For Veterans. There mission is to demand the release of Marine Sergeant Andrew Tahmooresi from a Mexican prison. Two MarinesThe two Vietnam veterans Terry Sharpe 63 years old, and Allen Brown 64 years old began many years ago without realizing it. After meeting and talking with each other on the walk they discovered they were in fact in the same Company during the Vietnam War. This is the second time they’ve conducted this walk to Washington. Urging anyone they come in contact with to call their state representatives demanding the release of Tahmooresi.

I had the honor tonight to speak to these gentlemen. They described walking 18-20 miles a day! I know others that won’t even walk 1. Their feet and legs are swollen. Pushing through the pain of blisters being motivated by cars honking as they pass. It made me feel like I wasn’t doing enough with my ride. I need to get out there and ride several more miles to contribute as much as myself as these two.

If you would like to learn more about these two Marines you can do so by following these links.

Freedom fighters. Vietnam Veterans.

Updates from The Community Journal Facebook.

Or their updates on Flags across America Twitter.

Thank you to those who have shown them support thus far and to those that will be down the road.

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