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8 Tips on Getting into Halloween Horror Nights Faster!

8 Tips for getting into Halloween Horror Nights Faster. (Tips from the ones who grant you access.)


Halloween Horror Nights


Everyone loves going to Halloween Horror Nights, or to theme parks in general, but no one wants to wait around in line forever! I’m going to share with you some information as to how to get in faster and have less of a headache doing so.

1) There are plenty of places inside of Universal Studios that sells alcohol. You don’t need to try and sneak your drinks through security because no liquids other than sealed water is allowed in anyway. It breaks the liquor license law even if the bottles are sealed. There are rare circumstances for medical reasons that certain liquids are allowed in. Just be prepared to get called out and checked if you claim you have one.


flask halloween horror nights


2) Again do not bring alcohol into the park, especially if you’re underage. That has the possibility of denying you access to Halloween Horror Nights completely.. If you’re under the age of 18 I strenuously suggest not bringing alcohol.


Amazing Funny Drunk Kids (27)


3) Medications. . . Medications of any type will be checked. During regular park hours this is not the case, but because Halloween Horror Nights is a special event any kind will be looked over. Medications are allowed but only in limited quantities. Usually one to two doses. Do yourself a favor and keep the rest at home, in the hotel or in your car.


4) Food. If you desire your food I would suggest eating it well before trying to enter. It will get thrown out and you will get upset. Again don’t try to sneak it in because then it just wastes everyone’s time behind you patiently waiting. Medical reasons are the only thing that will permit very limited items. Again along with alcohol they serve plenty of food inside the park. You already paid hundreds of dollars for the experience a few extra bucks for a quick snack won’t put you in the poor house.


5) Bring as little as possible with you. There is a sectioned off area for “No bags” when you come upon the main arches located to the left. Just follow the signs.




6) Weapons. This one is usually self explanatory, however many of us will forget that we’re carrying a pocket knife or didn’t really think that the pepper spray in the purse would cause an issue. All items like this can be turned into security for a receipt to be picked up when you exit for the night. WALLET CHAINS. This is a big one that is a huge time waster if you don’t feel like dealing with the hassle of taking it off the wallet then don’t bring it.


wallet chain


7) In order for lines to work efficiently you need to move out of the way once you’re through security. Lines begin to get cluttered and have to slow to a stop in order to clear out the people that have just passed through. Quickly grab your items and wait for the rest of your party ten to fifteen feet behind the line.


8) It may be called Halloween Horror Nights, but costumes and masks are not permitted. It sounds ridiculous and it seems to ruin the holiday spirit. It’s listed on the website not to do so and will only delay you entry having to check it in to be picked up when you exit.


Plan ahead and follow these simple tips and you’ll be inside getting the crap scared out of you sooner than you know it!


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  1. These tips are really helpful.. Hah! I love going to Halloween Nights and these saves me time!



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