Ride for Veterans

Cycling and anything that keeps the wheels turning. Marine veteran remembering the time I served as well as looking to help others.

Which state doesn’t care about veterans?

Issuing a challenge!


I have a twitter account setup for the Ride For Veterans that has steadily been growing. I’m grateful for all of the support I have been getting thus far. Currently at 5,678 followers!
I recently began organizing the followers by the state they’re currently living in. I’m doing this so that when the ride kicks off I’ll be able to make connections with people along the way and share my experiences with others!
I’m very pleased that most of the 50 states are included in my lists, but not all of them…

I still have a long sorting period before I find out which state is showing the most support of the ride. California, Texas, and Florida so far are in the lead.
Now each state has their own charitable organizations that aide in helping homeless veterans. That being said, which ever state gets to 1,000 followers on their list first wins! There is no second place so I hope you all have a lot of veteran supporters where you’re located!





If one of the states reaches 25,000 followers on their list I will do an additional lap (10,000+ miles) around the perimeter of the United States to specifically raise funds for that states homeless veterans!
If 25,000 is unattainable, which it won’t be because I know you won’t let me down, then the state that first reached 1,000 will win the extra lap. IF and ONLY IF by January 1st, 2015 I cross the 100,000 total followers.

Now like I said I’ve already been sorting the followers I have now, so the easiest and fastest way to get your states numbers up is to mention @LegsBPedaling in a tweet after following or DM me with your state name. If you’re unsure whether or not I’ve already accounted for you, open your twitter and look under lists in your profile.

Come on America I DARE you to make me pedal! I’m just a Marine veteran with a bicycle, but together we have the ability to help those who deserve it!

Good luck!


  1. #Powerful movement Jason! I don’t ride but, I do support this cause and I wish you all the success with this endeavor. I think the only think I have seen to help homeless vets was a time in San Diego this event called the Veteran Standown. It helped completely homeless vets get back on their feet. You might want to run this event across them. I hope this information is useful somehow.


    • Thanks Justin! I’ll check it out. Biggest issue I’m running into is getting the word out to as many people as possible so I appreciate your help!
      Semper Fi!


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