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Cycling and anything that keeps the wheels turning. Marine veteran remembering the time I served as well as looking to help others.

New Florida bike gang. Others beware.

Have you seen the news story about the motorcycle gang shooting?

VFW_SHOOTING3Video found at OrlandoSentinel.com

I’ve just consumed a monster and it’s been a year or so since my last one. This post could get erratic!

Maybe I should start my own bike gang. Full of a bunch of mean looking men and women in spandex from all over Orlando. Cyclists from the surrounding areas can engage in turf wars over who gets which bike trail. Violently letting the air out of each other’s tires or passing others on the right. (Bad cycling etiquette)

Now what should the new bike gang be called? Here’s some ideas that are coming to mind.

  • The no-motors.
  • Pedaling fury.
  • Gears and beers.
  • Lane changers.
  • The helmet heads.
  • Tires Full-O-Nails.
  • The Calorie Incinerators.


If you can think of a better name feel free to post it in the comments.

We are going to have an initiation into this gang as well. Oh yes, and it’ll be dangerous and others will say you’re crazy. You get into this exclusive and violent gang you’ll first need to ride a century, 100 miles. That’s a rough and tough segment of pedaling that only the dedicated cyclist will be able to accomplish.

Some menacing activities will be planned for this gang. Such as the smiles and waves we will be giving drivers while sitting at traffic lights. Breathing the fresh air and making new friends. Oh how the mothers will need to hide their children while the cyclists roll by! Cycling rage fueled up by sports drinks and bananas.


Bike shops will need to bribe these new cycling gangs with free water and great customer service. I fear it’ll get pretty brutal out there for shops like David’s world cycle, or orange cycles. Being in such close proximity of each other will only create a hotbed for the two wheeled heart breakers.

Just to be safe, if you see one of these cyclists out riding around you should just keep both hands on the wheel and your eyes straight ahead. They could snap and say horrible things like,  “Hi, how are you?” Hope for your sake they aren’t smiling and enjoying a sunny afternoon!

This new bike gang will be packing a serious arsenal as well. Buns of steel for starters! Tools of the trade, for quick repairs along the road. Pump action tire inflation devices! If you have hard legs and a hard soul you can try out!

But on a serious note.

I felt ashamed about the fact that these gang members were also members of the VFW (Veterans of Foreign Wars). Of which I am also a member of. I hope that there will be a close look into these gangs that shouldn’t be affiliated with veteran organizations. We took an oath to protect against all enemies foreign and domestic. Not to be the enemies!

To me they aren’t the veterans I looked up to growing up. Now they’ve turned into criminals, and what’s worse they’re reinforcing the stigma surrounding veterans. It only takes a tiny percentage to sway the opinion of the American people. Sadly whenever veterans are in the media it usually revolves around a negative story.

It would be great to see more veterans being praised for continuing on their lives of service and helping those in their communities, instead of using events like a charity to mask their illegal activities.

I’m sure this story upsets other motorcyclists off too. Ones that enjoy riding and have a true love for the open road. They have their own stigma to deal with and a motorcycle gang shooting doesn’t help. These riders who were out there using the pretense of raising money for wounded warriors have now done more harm than good.

Also in the news is the new shooting at Fort Hood in Texas. Thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and families of the victims. With the department of defense shrinking the military they need to start being strict on the psychological side during recruitment of tomorrows service members.

One of my superior officers in the Marines used to always bark at us, “If you don’t want it on the cover of tomorrow’s newspaper with you in your dress blues don’t do it!”


Great advice that I will carry with me for years to come.

I will be following this case closely and hoping for a sentence that fits the crime. Be safe out there, and carry on that long held tradition of pride.

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