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Back-to-School Good Behavior Starts with Eliminating Dairy in Your Child’s Lunch

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Send your child back to school with healthy food that doesn’t cause inflammation, obesity, behavior problems or environmental destruction. Raw Juice and Detox in Thornton Park has the right idea for kids’ lunches, like this hummus, rice and bean dish with kale and carrots.

Does your child have behavior issues, meltdowns or depression? Start off back-to-school right by cutting out dairy, which is proven to cause inflammation, according to Harvard University research.

Inflammation is linked to depression, bipolar disorder and other behavior problems. In fact, inflammation is at the root of most diseases.

“He who ignores diet wastes the time of his doctor,” so the ancient Chinese proverb goes. So your child very well may be allergic to dairy and having illness, obesity and behavior problems because of it.

Considering approximately 65 percent of the human population has a reduced ability to digest lactose after infancy, instead of taking your child to a psychiatrist, try a new diet instead.  As I wrote in a prior blog, depression and dairy are linked. A large body of research now suggests that depression is associated with a low-grade, chronic inflammatory response and is accompanied by increased oxidative stress.  A raft of studies suggests that chronic inflammation in the brain may be an underlying cause of problems so widespread, we’ve come to think of them as normal, like anxiety, fatigue, depression, and pain. Combining dairy with gluten makes it worse.

Milk intolerant children often have a short attention span, cannot sit still, and have tantrums and poor coordination as well as migraines. I can personally attest to being depression, ADD, acnre and migraine-free after going vegan. Hyperactivity, irritability in kids has been linked to food intolerances, such as dairy, and a deficiency in essential fatty acids (Omega’s 3, 6 & 9) due to consumption of sugar, processed foods, preservatives and white flour, and hydrogenated oils found in so much food these days. So improve brain development and function by loading  kids up on foods that are rich in EFAs Omega 3s, such as nuts, seeds, like sunflower and hemp seeds, and safflower and linseed oil.

Furthermore, the hormones in dairy products have the potential to cause cancer and diabetes, as well as disrupt the physiological function of endocrine systems, raising great concern worldwide. Any subtle changes in endocrine function may alter the growth, development, and reproduction in exposed animals and humans. The European Union has banned the GMO bovine growth hormone used in dairy, which causes many illnesses in cows, which need more antibiotics, and is passed onto the consumer.

Dairy is also linked to obesity in children and teens. The head of the Obesity Prevention Center at Boston Children’s Hospital and the chair of Harvard’s nutrition department wrote an editorial recently to the AMA’s Pediatrics journal questioning the role of cow’s milk in human nutrition. They stated the obvious: humans have no requirement for other animal’s milk; in fact, dairy may play a role in certain cancers due to the high levels of reproductive hormones in the U.S. milk supply.

Dairy is also linked to early puberty in girls, according to a study out of Indiana University. And the very fact that these animals are raised in hideous conditions of factory farms and contributing to global warming and destruction, including in Asia with bird flu, should tell you something that this diet is not balanced and healthy.

So skip the dairy in your child’s lunchbox. It’s actually pretty easy to be vegan. Load up on healthy, good clean food such as nuts, seeds, vegan cheese and the plethora of vegan meat substitutes too available these days, as well as plenty of green veggies, like kale, seaweed and spinach, which have more calcium than milk, and fresh fruit. Make spreads like hummus and cashew for wraps stuffed with rice and other super grains packed with nutrition and protein, like quinoa. Nutrition is part of the curriculum in schools in Japan. It needs to be in the U.S. too! Your child’s brain and body will get the great back to school boost he or she needs, as well as a foundation for a lifetime of good eating habits for physical and mental health and wellness.


  1. Dairy is one to the worst things anyone can do to their body and the planet. I used to live in South Florida – it is an ecological disaster because of diary

  2. When is America going to eliminate dairy from their diets – period. The lie has gone on long enough


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