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Om namo bhagavate vasudeva read the mantra above the door at AyurBeauty Wellness Center in Orlando.

Om namoh bhagvate vasudevaya reads the mantra above the door at AyurBeauty Wellness Center in Orlando.

I went most of my adult life without health insurance. How did I do it? By taking responsibility for my health. I was tired of the failures of Western medicine for my issues, so I turned to natural healing and Ayurveda. I have never looked back.

In Sanksrit ayur means science and veda means life. So Ayurveda is the science of life. It is the sister science of yoga, which is actually the science of death, the practice of unravelling the ego mind, the metaphoric dying of the persona mask to be removed, able to identity instead with the true self.

Being sick is expensive, and painful! But Western medicine can also make you sicker, the cure being worse than the disease. My late sister suffered from medications that made her obese.  Like her, having had mental health issues of depression and post-traumatic stress for much of my early life,  I went to the Western doctors who prescribed me liver-destroying medications too that give others diabetes, like Seroquel or Straterra, which may help temporarily, but does not get to the root of the problem. It only makes money for the corporation making the drug. I’ve doubled down on my daily meditation practice and ayurveda routine ever since barbarian Stewart Marchman Act and DeLand cops traumatized up last year. But I have been bouncing back…

Yoga and ayurveda have proved enormously helpful in healing me over the past 11 years that I have followed it.  I have never been happier in my life! You can too, approaching it as  a daily practice. I take no pharmaceutical medications, and feel well, healthy and happy!

Life is a Journey! On the floor at AyurBeauty Wellness Center in Orlando.

IMG_4307I started in 2006 in Boulder, Colorado with Nita Desai, M.D. of East West Integrated Medicine. It took time to make the many lifestyle changes and changes to my diet, but it worked, because ayurveda treats each individual differently according to his or her body’s unique constitution.

The good clean, natural and organic food; the rhythm and routine of following ayurveda; and meditation coupled with hatha yoga practice brings balance and healing. I have even taken my kids to her and they learned slowly about healthy eating and cooking with their Householder Yogini mom!  Truly healing yourself is the best gift you can give to your kids! Ayurveda’s wonderful approach puts you in accord with nature, not just merely consuming prescriptions and pills.

Ayurveda Outside the doors of AyurBeauty Wellness Center in Orlando.

Outside the doors of AyurBeauty Wellness Center in Orlando.

For the past few years since living in DeLand I have been going to Marilyn Parker of Anahata Ayurveda in Orange City. She has a lot of Batanyan Botanical herbs and other recommendations she prescribes for my vata imbalance as well as custom created me an essential oil blend for abhyanga, the self-nurturing practice of self-massage.

Since getting married and being in downtown Orlando a lot, I got the very fine pleasure of having an ayurvedic facial and Indian foot massage at AyurBeauty Wellness Center with Toya Afont for Mother’s Day. You take the ayurvedic dosha test to enable a custom facial blend of oils and treatment. The massage is heavenly. There are ayurvedic consultations, massage, yoga classes and ayurvedic skin care products and beautiful jewelry too!

I’ve been up a few times to the legendary yogi Amrit Desai’s retreat center in Salt Springs, Florida. I’ve indulged in their delicious ayurvedic prepared food served during pranayama retreats I’ve gone to over the years. They also offer ayurvedic physician training and ayurveda and pancha-karma retreats of a more advanced nature.

So check these places out or another ayurvedic offering nearby you.  It will change your life! Naturally!

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