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Baker Act Florida Barbarians: Stewart Marchman Act and DeLand Police Brutes

DeLand Police Brutality

DeLand Police Chief William E. Ridgway affirms his officers’ role in the public’s distain and distrust of his department.

It’s a sad day in America when the DeLand, Florida Chief of Police thinks it acceptable to call a kids yoga teacher a “Bitch & a “Bad Mamma.”

I finally got a response from the DeLand Police Department after I filed a complaint June 6 about their brutal treatment of me when I was wrongfully Baker-Acted by an abusive nurse at Stewart Marchman Act May 23, 2016.

The letter arrived this morning, and DeLand Police Department Chief of Police William E. Ridgway said, “…there is no evidence you were mistreated in anyway nor is there any evidence you were called a derogatory name by an officer. In fact, based on the findings, the officers made every effort to provide you the appropriate assistance. The inquiry has been closed with the findings of Unfounded, and Exonerated on behalf of the officers….

DeLand Police BrutalityRidgway gave the green light for officers, which was either Officer Cooper or Florynce, to rip children’s yoga teachers out of their cars where they were reclining and resting quietly at a public park, then handcuff them behind their backs like common criminals, as they did me. Ridgway gave his officers the go ahead to ignore citizens’ pleas not to shame them in front of their children, as DeLand Police officer Cooper and Florynce (not sure which was which) did me after I begged him not to have my son see me handcuffed with my hands behind my back like a criminal. He gave the approval to scoop up citizens without questioning abusive orders and violate their civil rights and human dignity with impunity.

So traumatized by this shocking incident and not understanding what really was going on, I became overwhelmed and emotionally unresponsive. After more abuse, DeLand Police Officer Godwin called me a “Bitch,” and later a “Bad Mamma” in which the other Officers Cooper and Florynce also joined in chanting that I was a “Bad Mamma,” after I couldn’t respond due to freeze response from PTSD and the terror of their abusive approach. They had to call an ambulance.

Why the police officer never asked if I were even suicidal or didn’t tell the others why I didn’t want my son to see me, I don’t know. I am waiting from Sergeant Mathis to notify me that the report is ready, something the letter DeLand Police sent me said was a “file” and was ready. Now it’s not for some reason.

The horrific thing is that approximately 25% of all people Baker Acted in a year have no clear evidence that they ever fit the criteria of the Baker Act/Involuntary Commitment. My Halifax medical records said I did not fit Baker Act criteria. I will be using this blog here to keep you abreast of things as I relay the insanity that is going on with the DeLand Police and Florida’s failed mental health system. Or rather lack of mental health system, as Florida Gov. Scott makes us number 49 in funding. Honestly one starts to think with him denying Medicaid expansion and mental health care, this dictator is trying to kill citizens off.

I will be writing about the terrible abuse that is happening in Florida under the Baker Act and how it is destroying lives, especially children.  For the past three months my life was turned upside down after being literally kidnapped and held against my will by SMA and DeLand Police, when I wasn’t even suicidal. I was so traumatized by the police and their behavior I have lost work and income and paid a lot to get my own good therapy back in Colorado to deal with the trauma. Astonishing DeLand Police think their brutal and violent behavior is normal and an acceptable way to treat people with perceived mental illness, that they were “just following orders.”  And now my complaint is “unfounded” and “exonerated.”

Susan Archacki-Resnik

Stewart Marchman Act Nurse Susan Archacki-Resnik was fired, resigned, sayonara, as of June 20 after I complained about her emotional abuse and wrongful Baker Acting me when I wasn’t even suicidal.

In the meantime, I have a public police record that a malicious officer wrote a week and a half after the event. Having not filed a report about what happened until after I complained and the investigation was started, he wrote, “… said she would kill herself and anybody who gets in her way,” among other lies and inaccuracies.

Now extortion comes into play, as I also am being billed for more than $5,000 in Halifax Health Hospital and Volusia ambulance bills that have since been sent to collections. And the pack of lies in my medical records SMA Nurse Susan Archacki-Resnik wrote about me is even more astounding.

These terrible injustices and abuses of power are to be exposed. As more information is revealed and as I pore over my medical records again, I will go into more detail with each blog post and recount what happened with SMA, DeLand Police and Halifax Health, and how Baker Act, police brutality and the pharmaceutical complex are symbiotic in their abuse and exploitation of vulnerable people, especially poor people, as a source of revenue. There will be references for help for those who have been victimized too by this state-sanctioned violence and kidnapping.

I will also be sharing blog posts about the benefits of yoga, meditation and healthy food and ayurveda for mental health and recovery, something SMA hasn’t a clue about, allowing its clients to commit slow suicide by cigarettes, more addictive than heroin, outside its slummy DeLand office doors. The fact that the person one complains to at SMA, Chester Wilson, has a background in criminal justice, and has so little psychology background he didn’t even know who Carl Jung was when I asked him, should speak volumes that SMA and DeLand Police collude in treating mentally ill people as criminals, something the Florida Statues prohibits. 

Blue Rose Sydney Solis Mythic Yoga

Yoga, meditation and ayurveda give us the tools to heal from trauma. We find compassion for these sick cops, even if we can’t stand them. Obviously, DeLand Police suffer horribly to be so blind to their own abuses and remain unconscious and a hinderance, rather than a help, to the public and mental health.

Additionally I will be writing posts about the latest mental health research on trauma, abuse and ADHD, and how yoga and ayurveda can help. One need not be stuck on dangerous drugs SMA pushes on people, such as Seroquel, which has class-action lawsuits against it for various serious side effects. You can heal, especially since trauma is curable and people are likely being misdiagnosed as bi-polar instead, which has similar symptoms. 

If you have been Baker Acted, or wrongfully Baker Acted like me, we want to hear your story. Feel no shame, and you are not alone in this world, as mental health is now forefront and the single most important factor to affect the well-being and security of our country today. Contact me, or the Citizens Commission on Human Rights, Florida, that filed a complaint on my behalf with the State of Florida against Resnik. Resnik was subsequently fired or resigned, because she is no longer working there as of June 20 after I complained to SMA for her emotional abuse and vindictive action to Baker Act me when I called her out on her abuse.

Beware, Florida citizens, of emotional and psychiatric abuse from public agencies and police. It’s a dangerous era we live in. I have successfully used yoga, meditation, ayurveda and storytelling to heal me of mental illness. Something DeLand Police and Stewart Marchman Act tried to destroy. I refuse to set foot in SMA’s barbaric clinic again, and others need to hesitate too before enlisting its servies.

I have come out stronger and more focused than ever, advocating for public mental health and the rights of citizens in this era of police brutality and government failure. I’ve become an advocate for suicide prevention, and recently gave a program for the DeLand High School AF JROTC for National Suicide Prevention week this past Sept 5-11. I have also recommitted to my yoga lifestyle for treating mental illness instead of the pharmaceuticals SMA pushes on people, deepening my practice and finding even more strength, courage and healing along the way. You can too.

The barbaric Baker Act needs to be repealed and abolished. Minimally it must be reformed, because this abuse of power must stop. I’m grateful to the West Volusia Beacon that sent a reporter Janell Williams out to interview me yesterday. So I’m back in action, healed from the trauma inflicted upon me by those taxpayers fund to help us to fight on for justice. Justice for all of us, considering Volusia, Flagler law enforcement investigated 100+ citizen complaints since 2012, this should be interesting. “Sometimes it’s not what you say but how you say it that offends people,” DeLand Police Sergeant, Professional Standards and Public Information Officer Chris Estes said. Estes, who told the Beacon, “No comment” about my case, is quoted as saying in the above article, “And in this case, because of the circumstances preceding the statement, what he said was inappropriate.”

Join me!