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The Empowerment of Attending FlBlogCon 2016

The Empowerment of Attending FlBlogCon 2016

Updated 11:00 9/23/16

The Empowerment of Attending FlBlogCon 2016
William Jackson, M.Ed. @wmjackson
Instructor Edward Waters College
Jacksonville, Florida
#Educational Technology and Social Media and STEAM

Growing into an Editor – Publisher – Writer – Content Creator
Thought Leader – Video Blogger – Fashion Blogger
Daddy or Mommy Blogger – Intellectual – Author – Developer
and all around Geek and Blerd takes more than a desire to be
famous or infamous.

The opportunities available for those who have the desire to
grow into their passions of blogging. The possibilities  are
endless and unlimited to share content with like minded people.
The power of blogging allows the writer to connect with others
that share their passions, goals and mission to build relationships
and create communities, either digital or real.

There is potential power in creating digital content that can build a
Brand and establish a person’s Niche. Being empowered with a
passion to create content must be followed by a plan to share and
eventually market that content.

Many people are learning how to be a journalist in dynamic areas
they are passionate about. In my Educational Technology and Social
Media class at Edward Waters College students blog each week on
what they are passionate about. They are reinforcing their writing
skills and building their literacy skills, reading abilities and increasing
their collaboration opportunities.

In the educational environment it is important to understand that
writing can build skills that can be used in business, commerce and
finance. Learning why writing is important and how to apply writing
abilities are vital to success in many careers. Students in HBCUs
or Historically Black Colleges and Universities are learning that
applying the skill of writing is allowing them opportunities in fields
not thought of before.

Blogging is not exclusive to writing: Tumblr, Instagram, Microblogging
on Twitter, Podcasting and even Vblogging or video blogging with
YouTube or Vimeo. The content is the glue that bonds the reader to
the creator and creates a relationship based on supply and demand.
Supplying content demanded by the readers.

Students from Edward Waters College will be attending
for the first time the FlBlogCon. Provided a unique opportunity
that will be engaging, interactive, eye opening and
transformative in how they see the integration of technology outside
of college and education.
Edward Waters College

Areas discussed in Educational Technology:
Niche…  Topics… Passion… Blogging Calendar…
Shareable Content… Analytics…. Quality or Quantity…
Domain Name…. Develop Your Brand… Uniqueness…
What is your mission for Your Blog….

Choosing your Niche…..
what is your area of expertise?
who is your target audience?
what is your skill set that you can promote?
what training do you need to solidify and expand
your knowledge?
do you need further education?
do you need certifications?
do you need to attend conferences, workshops and summits?

The process of becoming a successful blogger seems
daunting sometimes, but is necessary to separate
from the pack that seems to imitate, immolate, copy
and simulate others. To separate yourself from the
pack it is important to be authentic and unique.
What do you have to offer that others do not?

Choose your Topics:
what do you want to write about?
what is your background knowledge?
what do you want to accomplish ?
who do you want to connect with?
what are your associations?
are you involved in your community?
do you volunteer?

Do you show your Passion:
Topics are vast and unending, but what are you
knowledgeable about and passionate about?
When people talk to you, you should not have to
tell them your passions, they should see it in
your eyes, mannerisms, your expressions and your
behaviors online and off.

Create a Blogging Calendar:
how often are you going to blog?
when do you want your posts to be published?
when are you able to sit down and write?
do you need to do research?
are you going to integrate video?
are you going to expand to a Podcast, Facebook Life,
Periscope or other Social Media platform?

Make Your Content Shareable:
how can people access your content in SoLoMo
environments (Social Local Mobile) and on what devices?
what connections do you implement to allow readers to share?
do you optimize your photos and images for size and type?
do you encourage sharing?
sharing is caring?

Analyze your Analytics:
take the time to study your data…
apply the information to expanding your blog in
diverse markets…
what does the data say about who your visitors are?
where are they coming from?
which tool meets your needs the best for which demographic?

Quality or Quantity:
when is it best to work on a blog?
when is it best to post a blog?
how many do you write at a time?
you should always go for quality not quantity
take the time to write, re-write and edit

Get your own Domain Name:
this is your address, your personal site for
posting content that represents you.
your domain name is part of your Brand so choose carefully

Develop Your Brand:
what are you known for?
what do you want people to learn from you?
your Brand is your promise for quality content

people look for unique content that they
can identify with and follow….
what do you have to offer in unique content?
build your followers…

What is your mission for Your Blog:
you have to determine the direction of your
do you have a style?
do you have a growing relationship with readers?
are you being published someplace?
are you planning to make money or do you want
to provide just information ?

Florida Blogging Conference should help you
answer these questions and more. Figure out
ahead of time what sessions you want to attend
and how you are going to apply the knowledge
you gain.
Attendance is powerful, but the application of
what you learn at FlBlogCon is transformational.



Africans Embrace Your #Blerd on Social Media

Africans Embrace Your #Blerd on Social Media

Africans Embrace Your #Blerd on Social Media
William Jackson, M.Ed.
Edward Waters College

“Social Media – a set of internet-based applications
and websites that allow users to communicate directly
with friends and strangers alike – are increasingly
changing the way business is conducted in Africa.”

Social Media is becoming the communication platform
for global communication as mobile technology access
is increasing and the infrastructure supporting
communication in Africa grows.
The United States of America does not have the only
growth in Social Media platform development and
integration through multiple forms of societal
connections. Nations like China, Japan, Great Britian
and other European countries are slightly
behind, but understand the value of Social Media.

The next venture is the continent of Africa, globally
this new market place is a developing center for
continued expansion in technology applications.
Social Media is a platform with so many diverse tools
that Africans are reaching for educational, economic,
cultural and collaborative connections.

The nation of Nigeria has steadily grown in its digital
thirst, representing its own national need for
Smartphones, Tablets and other mobile technologies
to allow for national and global embracing of ideas
to empower, educate and enrich their youth, teens
and young adults.
Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa and other nations of
Africa are shining lights of intellect in understanding
the need to expand technology integration, the
intellectual ability of great authors of African
literature are sharing their content globally and
students are learning more of their place in global
influence. Politicians are learning to be
more transparent in their works for the people
they represent, they are being held accountable by
Social Media feeds which document every word,
sentence and paragraph.

Creativity and innovation are birthing students in
African universities, basking in the ability to
communicate with professionals that help
strengthen Africa’s need to educate its people, employ
its people with technology skills that are
changing the landscape of Africa in commerce,
industries and education.
So strong is the Internet’s potential in Africa,
”a 2013 report by McKinsey & Company, places the
continent’s iGDP – or internet contribution to GDP
at $18 billion,” and continues to grow.

The growing embrace of technology will allow
children of Africa to see what they can achieve
beyond their lands, how they can improve their
lives and the lives of others by providing tools
to allow much needed services to be developed
at home to help Africans expand their influence.
The movement of Africa, helping Africans expanding
across borders, cultures, religions and distances
to share and collaborate as never before.

African children, teens and young adults are
learning that they to can be Blerds (Black Nerds)
and expand their love of literature, reading,
the Arts, music and communication with the Diaspora
as never been possible before. Africa has an
estimated $18-billion social media industry that
is expanding as the infrastructures foundation is
being established. The importance of infrastructure
allows wired and mobile networks to expand their
reach and influence across Africa. There is a gap,
but this infrastructural gap will only close with
investment by domestic and foreign investors.
“You can never have too much infrastructure,”
stated Wild Fusion’s Abasiama

African technology and Social Media skills should be
encouraged, supported and importantly respected and
cultivated by global communities, not just for economic
potential, but for the potential for Africans to
contribute on a global scale to solve their own issues
and influence positive global sharing of ideas, there
will be a point where intellect will be as valuable as
the natural resources as the continent itself.

African children as in Nigeria should be learning it
is cool to be a Blerd and Geek; to love Science, to
embrace technology, to read, to code, enjoy comic books
and the intellectual enjoyment of attending technology
conferences, workshops and seminars.
As technology grows on the continent African children
should be able to access writings by Chinua Achebe,
Wole Solinka and Chimmamunda Adidiche, learning of
the past and how to apply it to the present and
future. African girls will break the
chains of societal restrictions in educational
growth by earning degrees, certificates to move beyond
past limitations. Girls and women are accepting that
girls and women are powerful through their intellect,
empowering each other through intellectual discussions,
research, collaboration and networking. They can
be competitive, contribute to the growth of their
communities and their country.


Technology will allow African children to show their
intellectual abilities, to “come out” and embrace
their Nerdiness because they are proud  to be smart,
gifted in their educational goals and love technology
for its ability to build equability in education,
skill development and employment options.

For too many years the world as a whole had the mentality
that Africans were not intellectually capable of using
technology. Applying it for the good of the nations
and continent, these views and historical thoughts are
rapidly changing as Africans are developing their
own stuff!!!!!

This closed mindedness is rapidly changing around the
world and where it is most important in Africa itself
where youth, teens and young adults have hope for a
better future through education.

Africans still have to fight past the stereotypes,
racism, economics and even educational challenges, but
can proudly join a brotherhood and sisterhood of Blerds
and Geeks.Technology does not know color nor does it
care about a persons culture. It can embrace, empower
and engage all.

Africans can now access global libraries, museums,
cultural events that are local and international
if the infrastructure is in place or globally with
platforms and tools that allow for real time interaction.
The integration of STEAM:
Science Technology Engineering Arts and Mathematics,
in more African elementary schools has allowed children
to explore new areas of intellectual growth. Teaching
critical thinking and higher order thinking that is
needed in a grown technological society.
STEAM encourages critical thinking skills and higher order
rationalization that encourages creativity and innovation.
“Where there is a will there is a way,” and for
centuries Africans individually and collectively have
had the will, technology provides diverse “ways” to
solve agricultural, industrial, and other national needs.

AFricans are forming their own digital communities that
are embracing social consciousness to improving the future
of Africa as a continent. Shifting paradigms in the
university systems of Africa are extending to the
lower areas of high
schools, middle and elementary age children.

Education is changing the mentally of how Africans
see themselves in global discussons. As mobile technology
expands so does the digital reach of African youth,
teens and young adults. Obi Asika, the founder, Dragon
Africa, and CEO of Storm 360, both Nigerian entertainment
companies. Mr. Asika attributed most of the
increase in internet access to better mobile platfomrs.
“Mobile internet access is now really what’s the key driver.”

Many people still do not understand the size and diversity
of Africa so there are still remote areas where access points
are limited. As African children gain access to increased
technology and Social Media platforms their vision of self
will change, their designation of self image, abilities and
growth will diversity and the solidification of their
place in a world where technology is life and life is technology.
Human interaction is the key, Africans can work together not
against each other.

“African Blerds are developing a natural equilibrium with
technology, allowing it to be an extension for global presence
and building influence. Africans are developing their own
Matrix, not waiting on others to define their existence.
So vast is Africa that Africans are creating “their own
digital ether;” the ability to engage in a digital
environment, living, exchanging information as only Africans can.”
Wm Jackson
Edward Waters College – Educational Technology and Social Media.

African Social Networks

Top 10 African Social Networks – Top Ten

Africa Social Media Consumption

Prevent Bullying with Education and Personal Accountability

Prevent Bullying with Education and Personal Accountability

by William Jackson, M.Ed.
Speaker on Bullying Prevention, Sexting
and Cyberbullying Prevention
Speaking at Churches to prevent Bullying
in their youth, teens and young adults

Be A Buddy and Not A Bully – William Jackson and Taylor Richardson

“Your David and Goliath Moment” How to fight Bullying with scripture and prayer.

There are tragic stories of young people like 15
year old Phoebe Prince who have taken their lives
because of bullying. Even Iain Steele a 15 year
old that lived in Chicago and had a promising
future in high school and Carl Walker-Hoover
11 years old, even though he was a Boy Scout and football player.

The Springfield, Mass., young man was ruthlessly
teased and harassed, he was even active in his
church, but was affected by bullying to the point
where he committed suicide. Bullying crosses race,
gender and cultural lines. Carl was African American,
the list tragically grows for teens and young
people that are attempting suicide and even tragic
the ones that are successful.

Enduring the torment, embarrassment of being harassed
in an atmosphere where Phoebe should have been protected,
nurtured and safe. She was a high school student in
South Hadley, Mass. Instead of expectations of a
great year in high school she was tormented verbally
and online (cyberbullying).
Her’s is not the only story; there are growing stories
of students from elementary, middle and high school who
experience various levels of bullying, harassment and
torment at the amusement of others. The most notable is
that of Jeffrey Johnston, who took his life in
2004 after being bullied. Jeffery a 15-year-old boy
committed suicide after being bullied, including Internet
bullying (cyberbullying). There are laws now named after
His tragic story has resulted in the “Jeffrey Johnston
Stand Up for All Students Act” (Fla. Stat. section 1006.147).

Statistics from Health Resources and Services Administration
estimates that up to 25 percent of American students are
bullied and the numbers are rising. School is supposed to
be a safe haven, but according to Jonathan Cohen, President
of the Center for Social and Emotional Education
(, more than 160,000 American
students stay home from school on any given day because
they’re afraid of being bullied.

Jonathan Cohen, “Bullying undermines the ability for children
in grades K-12 to learn and develop in healthy ways.” Bullying
has been noticed by the American Academy of Pediatrics and
will for the first time include a section on bullying in its
official policy statement on the pediatrician’s role in
preventing youth violence.

What is bullying?
Many parents do not understand the complexity of bullying.
Florida state statutes defines bullying as systematically
and chronically inflicting physical hurt or psychological
distress through teasing, social exclusion, threats,
intimidation; stalking, physical violence, theft, sexual,
religious or racial harassment, public humiliation, or
destruction of property. This includes harassment of LGBT
students who face even death threats.
These just like any other group of young people have dreams
and aspirations of contributing to their communities, having
families, careers and enjoying life.

These expectations of life are sometimes questioned when they
are bullied and tormented by those who are ignorant to the
lives of others. “From Teasing to Torment: School Climate in
America” (2010) students across the country said their peers
were most often bullied because of their
appearance, but the next top reason was because of actual or
perceived sexual orientation and gender expression.

Even some churches which claim to accept all of God’s children
bully LGBT students by creating atmospheres where young people
feel un-welcomed by verbal nuances and subliminal messages which
demean, embarrass and ostracize. The issue of bullying has grown
to where “Sesame Street” has even created a bullying prevention
program, “Reading Rainbow” has addressed this issue.

Laws and Law Enforcement
Because of the increases in bullying behaviors schools districts, law
enforcement and legislatures of various states have enacted Acts and Laws
as protection against these actions. Mentioned above; the “Jeffrey Johnston
Stand Up for All Students Act” (Fla. Stat. section 1006.147). Debbie Johnston
the mother of Jeffrey stated, “Everybody is recognizing that bullying
isn’t a rite of passage, it’s not a part of childhood, and it doesn’t
build character.”
As a result of Jefferies death the Act “Jeffrey Johnston Stand Up for All
Students Act” was created. The Act requires districts to adopt new anti-bullying
policies and spells out that those policies must address “cyberbullying“ and the
growing Sexting cases; taunts and harassing messages delivered by computer,
cell phone or other technologies. Schools are taking serious bullying after
several instances that were reported in local and national media outlets of violence.

Schools are required to investigate any reports of bullying, including
cyberbullying and notify all parents to be more involved. There are even forms
that are created to report bullying, by name or anonymously. Parents should
check with school guidance counselors for more information about intervention,
prevention and proactive strategies.
The unfortunate truth is that only a small number of incidents are reported to
school officials, teachers, administrators and even parents. Many schools have
their own police force, but still there is a great hesitancy to report cases of
bullying or harassment. Students are scared because of retribution from increased
bullying and the torment of other family members that may be drawn into these actions.

“Because of the “culture,” it is now a matter of life and death that students get
past “snitching” and alert parents, teachers, and even law enforcement officials.”
William Jackson, M.Ed. Speaker and Blogger on Bullying/Cyberbullying Prevention

Empowering Families and Ministries
Working with ministries and speaking to youth groups to share information about
bullying and cyberbullying prevention, as an educator and parent, I’m doing my part
to talk to students, families and churches about bullying and cyberbullying through
community groups, PSA’s and speaking at churches using the story of
David and Goliath 1Samuel 17:1-58
It is important for parents, grandparents and other family members to talk to
the youth, teens and young adults in their families and communities to stop
bullying and take a unified stand. Not with violence, but with education, prayer
and compassion.

Parents need to be more informed, involved and proactive. Checking their children’s
online activities, cell phone records and talk to teachers, guidance counselors, and
administrators. The unfortunate reality is children and teens will not tell their
parents about being bullied especially boys because they do not want to be labeled
as “soft“. There is a “code” among young people that they abide by because they
feel no one is listening to them or taking them seriously.
“the underlying stress and anxiety from bullying lasts a lifetime. It can lead to
personality disorders, emotional instability, drug/substance abuse, unhealthy dietary
changes and to the extreme suicidal thoughts and actions.” William Jackson

Parents start listening and watching for unspoken signs of behavioral change and emotional
instability. Be proactive to the issue of bullying and harassment, talk to your
children every day about their day, their friends, and their emotional and mental
stability. Importantly follow your instincts as a parent.

“When we stand together no one stand alone!”
PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center
Bullying Resources: Sesame Street
Stop Bullying Now – Interactive Cartoons for Kids
See, read, and hear the impact that bullying has had on people’s lives.

PBS Parents Information – Bullying Education –  This is an interactive quiz on bullying
Youth Violence Statistics
Bully Police
Sexting – A Brief Guide for Educators and Parents
Sexting Policies in Schools

Bar Camp and Sharing Dynamic Information

Bar Camp and Sharing Dynamic Information

Bar Camp and Sharing Dynamic Information
@wmjackson #BarCamp #OrlandoTech

Wm Jackson

William Jackson, Teacher of the Year for 2015 – 2016
at Venetia Elementary School in Duval County Public Schools
and Adjunct Professor with Edward Waters College, teaching
Educational Technology / Social Media and STEAM in the
Education and Urban Studies Department speaks at
“Bar Camp” technology camp associated with Orlando
Technology Week in Orlando, Florida and attends the first
WordCamp of Jacksonville, Florida.

Attending technology camps, conferences and seminars
provides dynamic networking opportunities to learn from
diverse people with multiple skills and talents.  The expansion
of technology requires life-long learning and participation
in professional development opportunities. Teaching is always
a great way to evaluate personal knowledge and abilities.
Those in technology understand that being able to speak
about technology and share knowledge is invaluable to growth.

Mr. Jackson is a teacher, blogger, content creator and speaker
on the importance of creating positive online content for youth,
teens and young adults.  The use of Social Media platforms
and tools to build positive online “SWAG” for educational and
professional success of teens and young adults. Professor
Jackson speaks on Social Media Etiquette in his program
“Social Media SWAG” that encourages positive and productive
content online and teaches youth, teens and young adults that
their Smartphones, watches, tablets and other digital mobile
devices can be their best friend or worse enemy.

William Jackson

Using the example of the recent National Football League Draft
that students even in high school and middle school can cause
problems later in life with inappropriate digital content.
Their content can influence entering into higher education,
military service, employment and even the National Football
League Draft, other professional sports teams also view Social
Media platforms of potential and current athletes to evaluate
their ethical and moral behaviors.

Laremy Tunsil, has provided a valuable lesson to middle and
high school students about their Social Media content and
activities. Caution should be used when doing anything and
posting it online for the world to see. Taken from media reports
“The NFL Draft’s first round offered a longer wait than expected
for Tunsil, who was considered the top offensive lineman in the
entire class. A social media post drew controversy on the day of
the draft, which reportedly caused him to slide.” This cost him
thousands if not millions of dollars.

Mr. Jackson a regular speaker at the international conference;
“Preventing Crime In The Black Community” produced by
Florida State Attorney’s Office, May 25, 26, 27, 2016 in Miami,
Florida provides an engaging and interactive discussion on
preventing cyberbullying, the dangers of Sexting and cyberstalking
to teens in high school and college.

William Jackson, Blogger and Speaker

William Jackson, Blogger and Speaker

The presentations are an interactive dialogue that encourages feedback
and experiences by youth, teens and young adults attending, the
key statement is his tag line to allow youth, teens and young adults
to apply his wisdom as an educator, business owner, parent and
community activist.
“Your digital mobile devices can be your best friend or worst enemy
depending on how you apply those tools and platforms.” Wm Jackson

Wm Jackson, M.Ed.
Blogging at:
My Quest To Teach –

National and International Blogger and Content Creator
Twitter: @WmJackson



What I Learned from Bar Camp at #OrlandoTech Week

What I Learned from Bar Camp at #OrlandoTech Week
William Jackson, M.Ed.
Teacher of the Year 2015 – 2016
Venetia Elementary School
Duval County Public Schools


Participating in my first #OrlandoTech Week was
a fun, exciting, awesome and overwhelming experience,
even though I have been involved in technology for
quite a few years there is always an excitement
meeting people with diverse skills related to
technology that are not in the education field.
The beauty is that what I learn I can share with
my students in Duval County Public Schools and
with my students in my Educational Technology
and Social Media class at Edward Waters College.

Being engaged with industry leaders, creators, developers
and programmers allowed me to learn that there are
many diverse areas in the expanding fields of technology
and tech integration.
The faces of the people in fields of web development,
programming, coding and other fields have changed
from representing a single culture to one of
beautiful and dynamic cultural diversity and gender

Although more needs to be done, this will only
happen when boys and girls of color, culture and
diversity continue to earn degrees and certificates
in the diverse fields of technology. The passion must
come from parents to create the vision that their
children of color, culture and diversity can be successful
in all areas of STEM – Science Technology Engineering
Mathematics (Medicine), not only participate, but
contribute as well.


Teachers must never exclude students from learning
they should make learning fun and most importantly
relevant as to “WHY” they need to be involved.
Technology is no longer a field that you jump into
because you like it, there are specific fields of work
and very specific skill-sets to manage and employ
specific applications to perform specific functions
or a purpose.
Education is vital because of the intricate and integrated
applications where programs, Apps and tools are integrated
onto platforms that help to solve problems.


Bar Camps, WordCamps, EdCamps are great professional
development resources and unparalleled networking
opportunities. The exposure to people, products and
services helps me to improve my teaching and how to
integrate and incorporate into dynamic lessons for students
in elementary education and higher education. The resources
to inspire, encourage and motivate students to envision
that their life journeys can move into fields that are
diverse as the technology that is being developed and
integrated into everyday life.

Speaking at Bar Camp lifted my confidence level because
the focus is on “content” to inspire and motivate your
peers. Peers that don’t look like you, but are excited
just as you are to learn from you. Peers that do not
see your color, they do not worry about your culture,
but want to gain an understanding of how to improve their
abilities, skills and thinking. Taking themselves to a
higher level because of your contribution and passion
for what you know.

Wm Jackson

I’m always fascinated and excited to share what I have
learned and continue to learn not just as an educator
but as a speaker, community activist and user of
diverse technologies that can be applied to education,
ministry, mentoring youth, teens and young adults.
The words, “be part of something bigger than you are,”
has new meaning when you attend a Bar Camp, WordCamp,
EdCamp, Florida Blogging Conference, Blogging While
Brown Conference, and the growing online learning
opportunities through twitter like #EduMatch, #EduColor
and others.


These 25 items are what I learned from Bar Camp
during #OrlandoTech Week in Orlando, Florida.

1. Diversity is important in technology careers. The
increase of diverse backgrounds, cultural upbringing,
and even gender provides fresh ideas to solve new
and continuing issues that we face in the world.
2. Timing is still important, you must be at the
right place at the right time to make a difference.
Show up and show out.
3. Never doubt your ability to inspire others no matter
what your educational background is, you always can
inspire others.
4. Never doubt the power to collaboration. Embrace
opportunities to work with others in difference fields.
5. Always respect the knowledge, creativity and
innovation of developers, programmers and designers.
6. If your in the field of technology it is important
to learn the language so you can communicate
effectively and speak with knowledge.
7. Network your ass off when the opportunity presents
itself. Being successful means getting involved, getting
active and sharing your Brand.
8. Volunteer your knowledge to the youth so you can
encourage another generation.
9. Respect your competition because they make you
10. Get to conferences, workshops, seminars early.
The early bird gets the worm and new job or contract.

11. Everyone has SWAG, you just have to discover it
and apply it.
12. Always have business cards at the ready and make
sure they represent your Brand.
13. Develop your elevator speech, a 30 second speech
can change your world and someone else.
14. Attend as many conferences, workshops, and seminars
as possible. The more you know the more you grow, the
more you go the more people know your name and abilities.
The  more you go and grow the more you can speak and
15. Plan to attend Bar Camps, EdCamps, WordCamps to
share and apply cross disciplinary information. Your
skill level should be as diverse as your ability to talk
the talk and walk the walk.
16. Get there early for the best T-shirts, coffee and
snacks and volunteer to help setup.
17. Learn something new, you always have a new resource
that may help you expand your Brand and resources.
18.Take the opportunity to speak and share your knowledge
as a speaker. You can create a stir in 30 to 50 seconds
by sharing the right knowledge at the right time.
19. Understand if your an introvert or extrovert so you can
use those to your advantage.
20. Create and post content at least once a week and
diversify with your Brand. SEO will build your web
presence the more you post on diverse platforms.


21. Keep your CV – curriculum vitae and resume current.
22. Use Instagram, Rebel mouse, and Tumblr to tell your
story when you can. If your African American integrate
being a BLERD and NERD when you can.
23. Never underestimate the power of the # hashtag. Use
it on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram to connect with
other Brands that share similar interests.
24. Never under estimate or under value women and
people of color and culture in technology. Nobody likes
a bully, racist, bigot or idiot.
25. Be kind, be courteous, be humble, be authentic.


Inspire children, youth, teens, young adults and
even the elderly, they all can contribute. There are
growing children businesses, where children and
youth have dynamic ideas to be entrepreneurs.
To build a Brand based on being authentic and
not afraid to dream big, work hard and expand
into new territories.

Francita V Williams –