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HypeOrlando A Digital Amputation – Killing The Messengers

HypeOrlando A Digital Amputation – Killing The Messengers
by William Jackson, M.Ed.
Blogger on HypeOrlando #hypeorlando

When the announcement that HypeOrlando was
closing the realization that a platform that provided
community activism, knowledge sharing, community
engagement and even humor was about to leave,
probably forever was for me devastating. It was like
killing the messengers, but on a digital level.

I have been blogging on
since 2014 when I met the staff as they were sharing
information about this awesome platform at the
Florida Blogging and Technology Conference held
at Full Sail University 2014.
#FlBlogCon (#gottagetbloggin) as it is known, is the
brain child of Bess Auer,
who has a vision for digital engagement that embraces
education, collaboration, community service and the
business side of content creation.

Branding, Marketing, Content Creation and Innovation
are the key words to mention when talking about Bess
and the Florida Blogging and Technology Conference.

HypeOrlando; “where Orlando blogs” has content creators
from walks of life, lifestyle, gender, educational, economic,
and cultural backgrounds that are diverse as the people
in the respective communities that the bloggers represent.

As a past college professor I have encouraged
students from my Educational Technology and Social
Media course to blog on this amazing site. As an advocate
for content creation and a graduate of an HBCU
(Historically Black College and University), South Carolina
State University I encourage HBCU students to blog,
write, video blog, etc. to make the connection to build
their Brand  on the site as well.

The networking, collaboration and writing exposure are
wonderful steps to increasing visibility, notoriety,
expanding the Brand that you’re nurturing and just as
importantly building relationships that allow for life-long

HypeOrlando is part of the process of conversation,
creating a platform that has spread from just speaking
about Orlando, expanding to local, national and global
issues that affect us all.
“It’s our bloggers’ job to lead the conversation,” taken
from the web site, leading means that bloggers are
active and involved in their communities. They feel
the pulse, hear the breath and even hurt when there
are wounds created. Even though I’m in Jacksonville
I feel and hear Orlando and call it my second home with
my daughter soon graduating from UCF.


HypeOrlando was launched February 2014 and owned by
the Orlando Sentinel. The ever growing platform is managed
by social media manager Lori Todd and community manager
Kim Hays. Skillfully managed and run it is seamless in its
execution and presentation of thought leadership and
blogging innovation. Providing enthusiastic and passionate
bloggers a place to share content. Some allow for
creative expansion and exploration in areas that allow for
out of the box thinking and creativity.
If you have not explored the directory:
You are missing a treat of ideas, ideologies, experiences
passions, exploration and even awakenings that
would not be heard or noticed if not posted here.

As a shameless plug for my site:

HypeOrlando has allowed my voice and passion to
expand beyond Jacksonville, Florida. To be heard as
a parent, educator, social media visionary, speaker,
advocate, African American male, father and even
community activist.
Opportunities like this are rare and I’m humbled
that I was provided this chance to share my voice with
a diverse and talented audience.

Shoutout to Katie Powalski Parsons and her family,
for her professionalism, friendship, writing knowledge
and social media knowledge. She is the owner/creator
of Mumbling Mommy.

She has been a friend, counselor, advocate, role model
and allowed those on HypeOrlando to watch her family
grow. Rarely do you see a family sharing their heartfelt
moments and allow people to express their friendship
and love through digital environments.

The is a great newspaper,
a wonderful community resource, I hope and pray they
change their minds because of the benefits that bloggers
provide. The internet is democratizing the web in so many
dynamic ways that individuals are leaving online news
sources if they do not feel they have a chance to contribute
to the newspaper itself.
The future of news has changed and will continue to if
news resources are  unwilling to see the potential for
growth and longevity if they do not in some way embrace
the diversity of their citizens in thought leadership and
provide levels of engagement and content development.

Because of HypeOrlando my voice has spread, grown,
expanded, improved and magnified not because of me,
but because of those that supported my journey as a
blogger and content creator. Those that I read and grew
from over the years. These bloggers have influenced
people they have never met personally, left a residue of
thoughts, emotions, ideas, opinions, fun, humor and
changed the paradigm of digital communication.

Praying for all the staff that managed this site so their
works will be lifted and they will be elevated and
magnified beyond their wildest dreams to new adventures
for themselves and their families.

Praying for the contributors that their voices have
been a blessing, inspiration, and encouragement to those
that needed to receive the blessings of enlightenment,
knowledge and engagement.

HypeOrlando will be missed and its residue of blogs will
be echoed across the blogosphere for years to come.