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Blogging in the areas of: STEAM/STEM instruction, Social Media Safety, Bullying/Cyberbullying Prevention. Sharing experiences as an instructor at Edward Waters College teaching Educational Technology infused with STEAM, Blogging and Social Media platforms. As a professional educator and parent I want to make sure I cover information that is relevant to parents, engaging in real world situations and application. Teaching over 25 years and speaking nationally, blogging internationally about safety and security on Social Media platforms and helping youth and teens overcome Bullying and Cyberbullying threats. Blogging on integrating Social Media in Ministry... and in every day life. Follow #MyQuestToTeach on Twitter - Facebook - Instagram - Tumblr - YouTube

What I Learned from Florida Blogging Conference


What I Learned from Florida Blogging Conference

  1. I have to build quality in my content because quality
    matters in my content not quantity.
  2. I have to have a passion and dedication for my blogging
    that consistently shows through my posts.
  3. I have to diversify my platforms to post on multiple platforms
    to reach diverse audiences and diverse applications.
  4. I have to be able to “read” the direction of technology.
    The transition from traditional text #blogging to video
    (vblogging) through #Periscope or #Instagram postings is significant.
    Understanding the relevance of each is important.
  5. I have to be willing to co-blog with others and blog adaptively
    with people of diverse cultures, diverse backgrounds and
    even respective of diverse lifestyles.
  6. I have to adapt my blogging to my readers needs and desires.
    As my audience grows I have to connect with them beyond my
    needs and post content that fits their needs and growth potential.

    Friendships and Collaborations with #HypeOrlando
    Orlando Sentinel

  7. I have to be able to listen to others as a “thought leader,”
    my ability to adapt content is important. My thoughts are
    important and influential. #ImAThoughtLeader #ImAnInfluencer
  8. I have to value the trust and respect relationships that are
    continuously being built by my content.
  9. I have to be engaged in my community, thus sharing what I
    have to provide to the community to build my community up,
    its people and accept my role as a community leader.
  10. I have to be willing to either start or continue to volunteer
    in my community, to be a part of something bigger than I’am.
  11. I have to understand my ‌influence as a “thought leader”
    in the scheme of content creation.
  12. I have to respect and appreciate my audience.
  13. I need to find my Niche to build on, not to “be all for all.”

14.I need to understand that people follow passion, when I
share it openly. My passion for what I do must emanate
from my works.

Collaboration among teachers is the best professional

  1. I have to look to the future of blogging and technology
    to keep relevant and “on top of the industry.”
  2. I have to be willing to attend seminars, workshops, hangouts,
    Blogtalks, Podcasts, and more conferences to increase my
    knowledge and recognize that learning is for a lifetime, not just for my time.
  3. I have to understand that my content defines me and represents
    me today, tomorrow and in the future. My content is ageless because
    it is digital.
  4. I have to “think out of the box,” “get out of my comfort zone,”
    and “expand my horizons.”
  5. I have to remember that my family will be affected one day by
    my content so my Word and my Name travel with them.
  6. I have to remember ethics, honesty, morals, values and my
    ideologies are a part of me and are shared. I have to think what will
    the world think of me 5, 10, 20 or even 50 years from now?
    What legacy will I be leaving for my children, grandchildren and
    great grandchildren?

William Jackson, M.Ed.
Florida Blogging Conference 2015
Full Sail University, Orlando, Florida