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7 ways to cope with an overwhelming schedule

Even though I have been in college for only a month, I am finding my day-to-day schedule to be a bit intense: I have taken on two campus leadership positions, joined committees, began volunteering at a local elementary school, and managed a 16 hour workload and a marketing internship. However, what I have found is that when you stress yourself with lots of tasks, you begin to manage your time quite effectively. Here are my tips for managing an overwhelming schedule, and staying sane while doing it!

#1: Wake up earlier.

Courtesy of GifsGallery

Courtesy of GifsGallery

I never wake up later than 8AM. Sometimes when I know a day is going to be long, I wake up an hour earlier so I don’t have to rush through my morning routine, and so I have more time to think about how I am going to carpe diem.

#2: Eat breakfast.

Courtesy of Giphy

Courtesy of Giphy

Even if you aren’t hungry, you need to have something to eat every morning. Make breakfast a time for you to clear your head: eat at the table, not at your laptop. Enjoy your food and try not to think of anything but you!

#3: Plan one fun thing to do.

Courtesy of Gurl

Courtesy of Gurl

You may not have time some days to hang out with friends or go to the gym, but at least schedule in something enjoyable for that week. Remember not to lose yourself in the meetings and deadlines. You deserve to have some fun.

#4: Have a “today only” folder.

Take a folder with you to work or school. In the folder, throw in any papers you have to turn in, a pencil, and a pen. At the end of the day your folder will be empty and you can look back on all the work you accomplished. Plus, you’ll never have to search through your bag for a pen again!

#5: Carry a notebook everywhere.

It isn’t a good feeling to be the only one at a class or meeting without a notebook. So, bring a miscellaneous notebook in your bag to jot down grocery lists, notes, or contact information. You never know when you will need to write something down.

#6: Take a mental health day.

Courtesy of MisadventuresofaMisfit

Courtesy of MisadventuresofaMisfit

Admittedly, I was not very receptive to “mental health days” when I first heard of them. However, if you are an over-scheduled person who always feels a bit pressed for time, realize that burnout may be on the horizon. Ever catch yourself saying, “I’m fine! Just a bit busy. Hey… when’s the last time I watched TV?” Remember to check in with your feelings and your mental and physical health every once and a while and evaluate if you are pushing your limits too far. Try not to take on more than you have to, but if you have already over-committed, allow yourself a day or even just an afternoon to do something you love. Don’t relate your day to productivity. You should not have to be productive to feel good about yourself.

#7: Dress well.

Courtesy of Imgur

Courtesy of Imgur

In the words of Oscar Wilde, “You can never be overdressed or over-educated.” On days when I know I will be in contact with many people, or on exam days, I always dress up. Do your hair, touch up your makeup, and don a nice outfit. It’s magical what a simple outfit can do for your outlook on your successful life.

The top tip I can give anyone feeling overwhelmed is to halt taking on any new projects or responsibilities. Unfortunately, life can become an unavoidable responsibility. So, I urge you to schedule, plan, and make lists. Reward yourself after trying days, and stay connected with your friends, family, and loved ones. Life can move too fast when you are overloaded, so make sure you keep yourself grounded in your purpose.



Your brand isn’t going to build itself

Ever heard of something called your “brand?” What does that even mean anyway?

Having a brand, or a digital aura future employers can associate you with, is critical. Jobs are getting harder to access as young professionals, but having a trustworthy brand in which all of your media links together may help you create your own work or be noticed by employers.



Source: https://www.etsy.com/listing/154386179/disney-monorail-bumper-sticker-my-other


Think of the Disney brand. When you see the Mickey mouse ear labels, the “A P” (annual passholder) bumper stickers, or the “Walt Disney” signature, you know what company you are dealing with. Immediately you think of the “happiest place on earth” and trust the products that you are purchasing because they are associated with a trustworthy company. The same way you recognize Disney products, people need to recognize your work. Building a memorable brand can be done in the following ways:

  • Have a (professional) presence on social networks. If you are constantly glued to your laptop or phone, you are in luck. In today’s world everyone has a Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, so you need these tools too. Pick an image that resembles you and use it as your logo on all public social networks. Also, it is important to keep your username consistent, so be sure to check your chosen username’s availability on all platforms you are interested in using.
  • Create an online portfolio or website. Thankfully, there are plenty of web hosts that allow you to make websites for free. These sites usually put up advertisements and have funky URLs, but what is important is that the part of the URL you can control reflects your name on social networks. My favorite web host is Wix, because it does not require you to know HTML and you can make a professional-looking site in a matter of hours. Others that my colleagues have used include WordPress and Webs.com.
  • Hint: When you sync up your site to social networks, turn the URL into a tinyurl link using tinyurl.com. This way people won’t be thrown off by your lack of a purchased domain name, and the link will use up fewer characters in your bio.
  • When you’re ready, invest. Domain names, a.k.a. customized URLs, can be pricey. By the same token, you may think your homemade blog logo is the epitome of creativity and excellence. Yet sometimes investing in your own brand is necessary for you to be taken seriously as a professional. Caution: Do not purchase domain names or hiring Photoshop geniuses right away. Instead, play around with your online image and see if your brand is a. effective, and b. a digital reflection of you. Once it is, start doling out the dollar bills.
  • Shamelessly. self. promote. If you see an opportunity to network with someone, jump on it. Call people. Email people. Make yourself known and tweet companies who are doing what you want to do. In the words of branding king Steve Johnson (a.k.a. @journo2go): think about what you want to do, not where you want to work. So tweet small companies: they will lap it up. This advice can be applied to journalism or any other field: just make yourself known and make a positive impression. Social networking can always hurt you, but when used appropriately, it will inevitably help you.


Do you have a brand yet? If not, remember to PLAN one first, then start signing up for social networks and promoting your work. It’s a tough world out there, but we know the art of branding. Now get going – your brand isn’t going to build itself.

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