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Happy Birthday, Miss

*insert greeting in any language here, and a kind gesture to welcome you with positivity and happiness*

I am writing to tell you that Miss Musings is a year old. In April, she was born – I stare at a picture of an overexcited child screaming of social media strategies and content ideas. As she aged, she became a bit more quiet and settled into a gentle weekly, and eventually monthly, rhythm. I kindled her spirits and sought her voice in post after post, and received few comments but (mostly) kind reactions to her smiling face. “What a cute blog you have there, Sam. She’ll be Mrs. Musings before you know it.”

Courtesy of the Public Domain.

Courtesy of the Public Domain

Since M2 is a year old, that means I am a year older – and boy, what a year. From April 2014 to April 2015, I have:

  • Changed my career path (several times) ((constantly in flux))
  • Written stories I am proud of
  • Believed in myself
  • Found art in unexpected forms
  • Watched more football than I care to share
  • Applied to college, was accepted to five great schools, and chosen where I will shake the world for the next four years
  • Competed, and lost
  • Competed, and won
  • Met my best friend
  • Fallen in love with said best friend
  • Inspired myself
  • Went to prom
  • Cried, talked, and laughed myself to sleep
  • Discovered that I am exactly who I want to be, and who I always aspired to be
  • Spoke without shaking
  • Did some research (or at least gave it my best shot)
  • Lived away from home
  • Eliminated toxicity from my heart and my mind
  • Pinpointed and began coping with a dreadful case of worry
  • Stayed fitfully curious
  • Found my heart in New York
  • Helped someone who was hurting
  • Was helped when I was hurting
  • Felt accepted
  • Accepted others in full
  • Found beauty in the little things
  • Cultivated my passion for human rights, feminism, and domestic politics
  • Learned to never apologize
  • Learned to never be afraid
  • Never, ever, gave up


What have you done this past year? Let me know where you have been, what you have done, or who you have become.


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Wait… that’s what feminism means?!

Some have coined “feminism” as the new f-bomb. Others just shiver in fear when it is uttered.

It is quite evident that there is a stigma against the word “feminism.” Whenever I mention in conversation that I am a feminist, or even when I casually drop the word in a sentence I am greeted with the hesitant smile of a person who is wondering what monstrosity turned me into such an angry, bitter soul.

To this I kindly respond that my definition of feminism consists of two identical numbers: 50, 50. Feminism means that women are equally capable as men to perform in various areas including employment, intellect, academia, etc. and they deserve the rights and responsibilities associated with participating in these fields. Once I explain this definition, thankfully, it is understood by plenty of people, yet they still have a great distaste for the word I am defining.

My problem is that if I close my mouth after saying the word’s first syllable, I erase the other “50” in my definition.


Promotional photo from the Who Needs Feminism project.

Hesitancy to accept the word “feminism” into our evolving social vocabulary disturbs me. If we continue to view “feminism” as a word to be censored, an f-bomb of sorts, we will never be able to appreciate or accept its meaning; daily, we reduce a connotation of equality, empowerment, and simple logic to one of shame – we turn a potent adjective into a socially unacceptable word.

However, people are fighting the stigma associated with such a politically-loaded word. Some people believe that feminists are fighting for women to be considered superior to men. This is simply untrue. As I mentioned before, feminism is about equality. My friend said it perfectly the other day when she addressed the “are you a feminist?” question after discussing how women should be paid equally to men: “Yes, definitely. I am for equal rights, so I am a feminist. If men were getting paid 77% of what women were, I would advocate for them instead.”

Do you consider yourself to be a feminist?


Introducing Miss Musings

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Samantha, and I was born and raised in the suburbs of Orlando. I spend a lot of time quietly examining the world through a green-colored lens. I don’t censor anything with eyelashes. I write down what I gather, and I conclude with my opinions.

This blog’s goal is meaningful in a personal way: as much as I love teeny bopper magazines, I am a young woman who likes to discuss global and community issues as they relate to the modern teen and millennial audience. No squeaky reads are allowed. I also enjoy researching literature, the arts, psychology, and technology, and this blog is meant to be a platform for interdisciplinary news loaded commentaries and intellectual geek-out fests.

Let this be known: Miss Musings is written by me but for you!

Muse on This is the heading of any article that covers what you want me to write about. Is there an issue that is bothering you? Tweet it to me (@sammimorri) and I’ll write what I think about it, or comment on any Muse on This post with your topic suggestion. I love (repeat: LOVE) getting ideas!

Miss Conception is where I define, redefine, clarify, and specify. This is where it gets deep.

All other topical posts will have standard headlines, lest I come up with another “Miss” or “muse” pun. I hope you find a sliver (or a huge ole slice) of inspiration in the upcoming posts.

Put on your thinking caps – it’s going to get transcendental up in here.

Special thanks to my brilliant female friends for providing ideas for this blog! Also, thanks to my dear friend Lauren for creating the Miss Musings logo. Big thanks to Katie Petty (According to Katie) and Lauren Mackey (In the Spotlight) for their endless support through this process. Feel free to leave topic suggestions below, and remember to follow me on Twitter @sammimorri and like my blog on Facebook for your daily musings. Let’s have a conversation.