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A modern miss provides commentary on sociological and psychological issues concerning politics, the media, literature, and everyday observances.

About Everything Miss Musings

Get your muse on! Welcome to Miss Musings, your source for intelligent conversation and everyday observances.

The Miss Behind the Musings


The (Miss)ion 

Miss Musings (MM) was founded in early April 2014 due the author’s urge to report on a regular basis in an intelligent, clever, and gif-infused manner. MM has maintained an international presence and developed readerships in countries across the globe (which Miss is stoked about). Some topics explored can be found in the tag cloud on all MM pages, and they include feminism, STEM, politics, teen issues, alternative/online schooling, body positivity, literature, behavioral psychology, personality types, and social media. MM is always open to topic suggestions and accepts pitches via email, Twitter, and Facebook.

The primary goal of MM is to encourage feelings of self-worth, intellect, and information. Miss loves receiving feedback from readers and knowing that she is making a difference for people around the world.

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