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You must fail to be satisfied

When you fail at something, you may feel like there is nothing to be gained; however, I am here to illustrate an occasion when I took a risk that incurred a loss, but sparked a fire that changed my life.

Photo Courtesy of the Public Domain

Photo Courtesy of the Public Domain

I often shoot for unattainable goals. It is just who I am. I tend to overestimate myself in order to psych myself into pursuing loftier dreams, and I used this mindset when I applied for the Young Scholars Program in 2013, a competitive research program for gifted science high school students in Florida. While I technically met the academic qualifications, I applied a year before the program recommends, as a sophomore instead of a junior. Naturally I was rejected, so I moved on, like most people would.

Here’s the key – I did not move on all the way.

Sometimes we want what we can’t have… yet. I would like to urge you, dear friend, to want uncontrollably and try repeatedly to achieve what you desire. You may be surprised at the luck the universe is willing to offer those who don’t give up. Life is there to live. It should not represent a collection of missed opportunities.

So, I applied to the program again a year later, and was accepted after my second try. My qualifications were stronger, but I was also much more emotionally ready to spend six weeks away from home with 39 strangers, who quickly became excellent peers of mine. Also, I was blessed with the company of humans that allowed me to think more positively in life and to challenge my perceptions every day for the better. I also met my best friend at the program, which I accredit solely to the fact that I pushed to create a stronger second application, and accepted possible rejection in the quest for a tried-and-failed goal. In the end, nothing was more empowering than knowing I could do something that I could not do before.

We have to take risks to change, to fall in love, and to discover we are more tenacious than we even imagined. Try and try and try until you get it, whatever it is you are chasing. Perhaps we learn what we really want and how hard we are willing to work only after we fail. Without risking failure, we could never succeed, and without failing, we could never desire making improvements toward obtaining success. Forget the past and aim confidently for the future – your world could change in an instance as long as you remain fearless.