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3 great ‘self dates’ for introverts


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So you want to go out somewhere, but you don’t want awkward small talk to distract you (as it always does). You seek enlightenment, some coffee maybe, and a couple of hours to unwind in comfortable silence. It sounds like you are in need of a quick “self date,” which means exactly what it sounds like: a night out by yourself, not on the prowl for a lover or hashing out your day with your friends.

But where should/can you go… (gasp)… by yourself?

A museum!

Orlando has a bunch of great museums that you could easily spend an evening visiting. Explore the Orlando Museum of Art on the first Thursday of each month and listen to local musicians while examining themed galleries, and then take a stroll through the neighboring Loch Haven Park. You could also visit the smaller Mennello Museum of American Art just across the street to satisfy your taste for folk art, or take a look at the Morse Museum of Art in the nearby town of Winter Park. The best part about attending a museum stag is that many people go by themselves to enjoy the art… in silence. It’s the recipe for the perfect introvert self date.

A movie theater!

A movie theater is the quintessential date location, yet it is often an ineffective place for a date because you can’t talk to anyone during a movie. Luckily for you introverts, NOT talking is not a bane, but a boon! Go buy yourself some popcorn (which is cheaper when it’s just for one person) and get lost in a new flick. Introverts – 1, lovers – 0.


You know those elderly people who sit and paint in parks, looking totally at peace with the world and their thoughts? Have you ever felt a smidge envious? Painting allows you to focus on one subject for a long period of time, so there is not much room for tedious over-analyzation or long-winded discussions. Grab some paints and brushes and find a quiet spot in Lake Eola park to paint some nature scenes.

Get quiet and take yourself on a date tonight whether you’re introverted or extroverted – there is so much to see when you are focused on the place you are at, rather than the people you are with.

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