92 Days of Summer! Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places.

Have I found “True Love” yet? Ummm No!


What I did this Weekend


Ricky Ly of TastyChomps.com- Sushi Pop is set up out in far-flung Oviedo – a place probably known more for their live chickens than for sushi – but the location belies the kitchen’s truly creative and carefully crafted takes on Japanese cuisine.
Helmed by Chef/owner Chau Trinh, Sushi Pop brings a steadfast dedication to freshness and quality of their seafood, all set in a wonderful, modern setting. Chef Chau left his role at Shari Sushi Lounge in downtown Orlando for the more quieter, closer to home locales of Oviedo.

On Friday, I met fellow Blogger Christine Party of One at a cute trendy sushi restaurant called Sushi Pop in Oviedo. We decided to sit at the Sushi Bar to further our chances of running into any available single men. We were greeted by Kevin who brought us over a “Holy Moly” concoction of Watermelon Goodness and suggested I try the Soft Shell Crab on Polenta..“OISHII”.  As the night progressed and the drinks kept coming, Christine and I came to the conclusion that Sushi Pop has great food and ambiance but not a ideal place to meet local singles. I will keep this place in mind for a perfect first date though.. :) Domo Aregato!




Next stop .. Oviedo Ale House, which is conveniently next to Sushi Pop. Who can go wrong with the Ale House, right?

Ummm wrong, it was pretty much dead and the locals were paired up already. So that was a complete bust, but the drink prices were good and I thought, hey what a great place to have causal drinks out on their outside patio during those hot summer nights with my one day “True Love”. 



Ugh Saturday, what was I thinking? I decided to stay home and relax and get some things around my apartment done, but that didn’t  happen. stupid me decided to watch T.L.C  reality show “Say Yes to the Dress” Atlanta. I endured 4 hours of episode after episode of all these women trying on beautiful wedding dresses and talking about their wonderful love story.

The more and more I watched, the more I realised that I must be a mutant. I came to the conclusion that maybe I need to move up north a bit to find a sweet southern man.  Some of the stories I watched just blew my mind away. Like this one of a woman who found love on a dating site but has yet to meet the man..BUT is going to meet him for the first time on their wedding day.  Ok… then!


Romantic or Crazy?

By the end of the day I was a mess, feeling a mixture of emotions towards the women on this show. Some I felt tears of joy and other’s I  felt like slapping  and screaming “Bitch you don’t deserve him!”  


 Sunday was a good day. I had posted on Facebook if anyone wanted to do brunch that I was in. Donna another fellow blogger, ” Adventures of a Empowered Woman”, said let’s go!  We were debating on wether to go to  Keke’s Cafe in Winter Springs or The Town House in Oviedo. But Donna brilliantly suggested we should go to a place in Winter Park.

10Best.com says…Locals have been flocking to Dexter’s since 1984. It’s high time that visitors get just as familiar with its reliably delicious brunch.
Local Expert Tip: “Mimosas at Dexter’s come in colors! Take a break from the classic orange and pair your sparkling Spanish cava with pineapple, cranberry, mango, peach or raspberry instead. “

We ended up at Dexter’s Winter Park. This place is known for it’s happening night life so why not check out how the crowd is during brunch. The brunch selections were amazing and the mimosas came in many fabulous flavors. The only sad thing for me was that brunch is something you do with friends, family and a loved one, so I knew I wasn’t going to have any chance in meeting any single men at this hour.

After the fabulous meal and mimosas we decided to walk around Park Ave. It’s was beautiful day, the sun was shining and the streets were crowded with so many people enjoying a casual stroll on the Ave while inhaling all the different flavors of food lingering in the air. All the restaurant and cafe’s had outside seating and 2 for 1 specials on their Mimosas and Bellinis so how could we resist sitting down and cooling off a bit.

Zagat- “Save the airfare to Istanbul” and head instead to this moderate Winter Park Turkish (with a Dr. Phillips sequel), where the “delicious”, “well-prepared” fare, like “incredible”, “puffy” lavish bread and “orgasmic ally good” hummus, is “perfect for sharing”; the casual dining room is pleasant, and sidewalk seating is “nice too”, so though “friendly” service can be “somewhat slow”, fans suggest you simply appreciate that there’s “no rush.”

I was excited to try Bosphorus Turkish Cuisine, and of course their 2 for 1 Bellinis. Donna and I were enjoying cooling off in the shade with our awesome drinks and delicious hummus.

We started having a conversation with a lovely British couple who were vacationing in Florida. They suggested to Donna and I places to go and visit in the UK if we ever decided to take a trip to Europe. Then the question of all questions came up. Why are you single? they asked with bewilderment. We explained to them how difficult it is to meet people here, so they suggested we try Eharmony UK. They also stated that we’d have a good chance in finding a suitable mate in England.


So maybe this little lady is going to jump the pond and give England a visit one day. Who know’s I might meet royalty and finally give my name the title is so deserves.


Queen Victoria

Ahhh has a nice ring to it.


How this works:

  1. I have 92 days of freedom, meaning I am children free for 92 days.
  2. I’m a hermit so it’s your job to get me out and about with all of your suggestions.
  3. Tell me about local spots that are the best places to meet people in Orlando.
  4. Tell me about dating sites that you think are worth trying.
  5. Play Matchmaker suggest NICE SINGLE MEN that might find me GORGEOUS … (cough)
  6. Feel free to give me advice on what I should do.. Professional Advice Welcomed Too!

I’m trusting my reader’s the good people of Orlando to help a Recovering Hermit Girl out …before I start to wrinkle..:)

Ways to communicate with me:

  1. Comment on here … in the comment section.
  2. Follow me on twitter and comment on there @wannabebeckham #findmelove
  3. Comment or Upload Video’s on my Youtube Channel “misadventuresofv”
  4. Follow me on Instagram

What I will be doing:

I will be communicating with all who comment on my sites. I will be Blogging and Vlogging about all of your suggestions and comments.

Be sure to check my Twitter Feed on the right of my blog page to see

Where I’m at and  what I’m doing!

This will be a fun and interactive way of chronicling my 92 Day Summer Challenge! 


Read more on the challenge at:

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Read more on my blog:

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