How in the heck did I survive the 70’s and the 80’s

The other night I was talking to my girls about growing up in the 70’s and 80’s.

As I was talking about the fun stuff I did with my brother my kids pointed out how crazy and dangerous life was back then …“Mom’s a miracle you’re alive!” 

Here are some of the toys and products we grew up with:


“The Clacker” … this one was genius.. nothing like swinging two very hard plastic balls up and down and try to avoid concussion and broken teeth!



Ohhhh my favorite ” Shrinky Dinks ” … these were fun … you cut out the plastic images and color them and then bake them in the oven … while you breathed in all the toxic fumes. Any serious mental issues I might have ..I blame Shrinky Dinks!!



“The Pogo Ball” … all you have to do is balance yourself on this sucker and try not to fall face forward and bust your face… easy enough?

Stiff Stuff1609606_10203101217077173_101086155_n  Thats Me … and my hair!


“Stiff Stuff” ..every 80’s Girl Holy Grail!!

I wouldn’t of been able to survive the 80’s Big Hair Movement without this stuff. It was first introduced in a pump container until the chemicals inside melted the plastic…hmmm. It was also highly flammable and it took a long time to carefully wash out of your hair … But boy … Nor Wind , Rain, Snow and Tornado Force Winds would move my big hair!


“Lawn Darts”  Do I really need to explain why these were deadly? Try growing up with a brother who used you as target practice!



My elementary school  “P.S. #27” … This school had to go through a renovation while I was in attending Kinder through 8th for Asbestos ( prolonged inhalation of asbestos fibers can cause serious illnesses including malignant lung cancer, mesothelioma, and asbestosis). I wonder how much of this stuff I inhaled before and during renovation?

Ahhh … But with the bad there was also good…



My ultimate favorite Toy!!  “The Charlie’s Angels Pocket Book Radio” It came with a AM radio, a mic, morse code and ear plug!!

This was the Gems of all Gems … I would take this everywhere and listen to the only 2 station’s that would come through.. lite rock and country… I remember standing in front of my bathroom mirror, holding the mic and singing… ” I love a rainy night by Eddie Rabbit ” or ” Coward of the County by Kenny Rogers” and my favorite…” Don’t you make my brown eyes blue by Crystal Gayle.”

Fond memories indeed ..I was a superstar in my bathroom and a social misfit amongst the other latin city kids that didn’t understand why this Puerto Rican sang Country Songs..:)



#TBT… That’s me topless and on a table …Drool…Yup!  The Future looks BRIGHT!

Victoria Alicea



  1. I have no idea how we survived the 70’s and 80’s..
    Let’s not forget that invention called a car seat wasnt to be found…and seatbelts were something to be tucked in the seats to avoid the buckles. It’s amazing we had all these dangerous things and yet we survived without the need for disclaimers the like’s being found on auto sun shades that say “don’t operate vehicle with this in place”. We’ve become so dumb as a society that we have traded common sense for the hope of litigation…I’m surprised every swimming pool on the planet doesn’t come with a disclaimer that says “You may get wet”.
    Loved the flash back pics…the hairspray was great…but lets not for get the poor souls that decided to risk life and limb to sport the jerri-curl…anyone remember the great Michael Jackson hair on fire tour sponsored by Pepsi?

    • Thank you for reading and commenting… Love reading your comments!!

      • :) u’re blog is a riot!

        • wow i can see my grasp of English has failed me once again…
          YOUR Blog is a riot!

  2. I think the Clacker was originally a sex toy from the Orient…and a kid walked in on his mom using it..and out of the explanation arose a toy for the masses….just a theory…

    • Too funny …ewwwwwwwwww.

      • If you thought ur Charlie’s Angels Boom Box was the bomb…I had a portable 8-track boom box…nothing says cool like an 8 track player..let alone a portable one…yeah…I was a chick magnet..

  3. I have often wondered many of the same … not to mention how we never got sick drinking from a garden hose, actually sharing drinks from the same bottle … We had no fear because we didn’t know any better. We learned from mistakes, accidents and just poor decision-making. We didn’t have the technology at our finger tips to tell us about something … we researched it and got personal with it and learned from it. How any of us survived …. we just did … we had no choice!!!

    Love your blog!!!

    • Very True Lazz


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