Making Disney Doable

How to make Disney doable for you

Help! Where Do I Start?

Photo Credit: My Pixie Dust Diary

Photo Credit: My Pixie Dust Diary

Deciding you want to take a Disney vacation can quickly start to feel like a really bad decision.  The amount of information available can be overwhelming at times and even sometimes conflicting.  Don’t cancel that vacation just yet!  I’m here to help.  Here are a few of my tips for getting started with a Disney vacation:

  • Decide on a budget – this means you’ll need to figure out who will be traveling with you.  If your schedule allows a little bit of flexibility, you’ll be able to really stretch your budget by visiting at a less expensive time of year.  Sometimes it’s not possible to travel when it’s less crowded so your budget will help you determine things like where you’ll stay or the length of your trip.
  • Take a deep breath – it’s going to be ok!  Remember you’re planning a vacation and it’s all fun.  You’re going to have a simply magical time on your vacation regardless of how much you spend, when you visit or why you’re visiting.  Try to avoid Googling every question you have because the amount of results or misinformation can be scary at times.  Be sure to visit the official Disney website for the most accurate information.
  • Make a vow to not over research – the internet lets us have everything at our fingertips but that doesn’t always mean we need to use those fingertips for every little thing.  Let parts of your vacation be a surprise – you could spend hours watching videos of attractions on YouTube.  Yes it can get you excited, but it can also spoil some of the magic.  Is it more fun to learn about the broken tracks on Expedition Everest while you’re on the ride or months before on YouTube?
  • Come back – check back here often for tips and tricks to have a magical vacation without a lot of work or fuss.  You can find more information at My Pixie Dust Diary as well.
  • Have fun – enjoy the planning and anticipation of the trip!  It’s not just another thing to mark off your “to do” list for the trip.  Listen to your kids excitedly tell you about their favorite character they want to meet or your spouse tell you about the romantic dinner they’d love to have or your friend share their ideas on eating or drinking “around the world”.

Making the decision to go to Disney is a big one.  Don’t let what seems to be an impossible task stand in your way of having fun while enjoying one of the most magical places on the planet!

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