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Inconsiderate People, Part 1: Airports

I’m astonished by the number of inconsiderate people infiltrating the human population.  I’m calling this Part 1, as I’m quite sure there will be multiple episodes on this topic.  If you have a story that you’d like to contribute, by all means, email me at Robin@surpassyourgoal.com.stick_figure_hauling_luggage_500_wht_7359

Everyone in an airport is either coming from one place or going to another place.  You have some people who are familiar with the airport and some who are not.  You have some people who are prepared to travel and some who are not.  That is not the bothersome piece.

Here’s what gets me (and this goes for malls and stores as well).  If you need to check your bag or your purse – walk to one side.  Don’t stop in the middle of the walkway with droves of traffic and create a human crash.  Similarly, if you are looking for your gate or something catches your eye in a store, move to the side.  It’s the same unspoken rule for human walking as it is for highway driving.  Really, it is.  Slow people to the right, fast people to the left.  Divide the aisle in half for two-way pedestrian traffic just as you would for vehicles.

So here is the worst part.  The most inconsiderate people think only of themselves.  If you have a family or you are a part of a group of more than two people, walk in a straight line.  It just makes sense.  Don’t walk horizontally so that as you saunter along you are spread across three-, four- or five-wide so you completely block the oncoming people as well as those behind you.  It’s particularly annoying if you walk slowly, but even annoying if you walk at a brisk pace.  It shows you are oblivious to anyone around you.  I find the same scenario with driving.  There is nothing worse than following a slow driver who is going the same speed as the car next to them, making it impossible to pass.

All I ask:  Be aware of your surroundings and step outside of yourself for just a minute to consider other people.

I’ll be traveling again over the next few weeks.  Wonder what else I’ll observe!


  1. My sentiments exactly. You hit the nail on the head with your observations.

  2. ha ha and I thought I was the only person with common sense because this is what you are just sayin. All the people who do the actions in your comments have no common sense and that is why they do these lack of consideration things. The only thing that is common today in alot of people is no common sense. Let’s hear more it is refreshing to hear from another person with common sense. thanks

  3. Oh you are so right on with this one! How have we become such an inconsiderate country? I remember when people thought about those around them more diligently. I think the cell phone and possibly women’s lib have a lot to do with it. Men may now feel uncomfortable opening a door or taking a step back and allowing a woman to pass. Cell phones have created a population of Zombies devouring useless information at break neck speed while ignoring those around them. Buying stuff at a store? Just keep talking on the phone! Walking through the mall? Just keep yakking. I do appreciate your use of the Airport to show the differing styles and abilities of the users.

  4. Robin,

    I can certainly relate to your examples in the airport. As a business traveler, time is always of the essence. It is always frustrating when a flight is delayed and I am in a hurry to catch a cab or hurrying to the car rental so I can make my meeting, and people are just standing in groups in the middle of an airport thoroughfare, making it impossible to get by.

    I have a few other airport/airplane pet peeves:

    1. My biggest complaint: those with backpacks, large totes/purses, who come down the aisle of the plane giving those of us in the aisle a beating. Even if this is brought to their attention, and they say excuse me, they seem to proceed without change.
    2. Those that talk on the phone on the plane about personal matters. I’ve taken business calls after boarding and taken a very quick business call just to say, I’m getting ready to take off, let me get back to you when I land, but those that talk about very personal things should just stop. Nobody wants to hear about what you plan to do with/to your Match.com date.
    3. Those that put their feet up on the wall in front of them. It is bad enough if this happens in the first row of coach, but the first row in First Class, really?

    Great blog! Look forward to your others.

    • Thank you so much Donna! I just wrote an article on cell phone in restaurants. It’s being edited. I love your comments. Could I include in some upcoming articles (giving you credit of course!)?

  5. Great insight, Robin. I also think of this in parking lots when people are leisurely walking to their car in the middle of the aisle and blocking they way for cars cannot get past them. So many people are oblivious to their surroundings or if they are, they just don’t care. I’m proud to say that I am one that is very conscious of my surroundings and always trying to be considerate to others.

    • I was just thinking about parking lots. I don’t understand why people drive in the middle of the lane and walk in the middle of the lane. Too Funny! Thanks for being conscious. That’s my goal!!


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