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Halloween Horror Nights 2014: What we know so far

As a major haunt fan, I love this time of year because it’s packed with Halloween Horror Nights reveals. I go to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Resort as many times as possible each year…literally (I get the Frequent Fear Plus pass, which allows me in on every night but Saturdays).

Universal has slowly but surely been revealing details about this year’s event. The latest information, released late last night, is the fact that Alien vs. Predator is the latest franchise to join the 2014 line-up. Here’s the teaser video:

Meanwhile, if you haven’t been following along, here are the previous topics and teasers, starting with a Face Off scare zone based on the SyFy series:

And a From Dusk to Dawn teaser:

A few words from the Dusk to Dawn cast:

And last, but certainly not least, The Walking Dead is returning to Halloween Horror Nights for its third year. This time it’s just a haunted house without any accompanying scare zones:

I’ve met may of the creative minds behind this event, and they love the horror as much as the fans. Here’s a little clip with Mike Aiello sharing some insights on Halloween Horror Nights 24:

Hopefully all those videos have piqued your excitement for the haunt season ahead. If so, the event starts on September 19 and runs select nights through November 1.

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