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Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at Disney World fulfills its promise as amazing family ride

d2There’s been lots of hype surrounding the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, the very last attraction that finishes off the New Fantasyland expansion at the Magic Kingdom. Over the past months, as a new mountain arose near the carousel, Disney promised a ride that would showcase the latest in Audioanimatronic technology, as well as an innovation twist on roller coasters that would allow the trains to sway on the track. All that, and the ride was supposed to be completely family friendly, too. That’s a big promise. Does the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train really deliver?

I was lucky enough to ride the mine train several times at the Thursday night media preview, and I can assure you: yes, it does! It combines a roller coaster and dark ride, which certain isn’t a new combination, but the dark ride scenes most definitely bring Audioanimatronics to a new level. You see the dwarfs mining for gems inside the mine is an adorable scene that will leave you humming “Hi Ho, Hi Ho” all day. Their faces don’t come out too well in photos because of the technology, but trust me, you’ll be impressed when you see them in person.


The trains really do sway on the track, but not in a scary way. Rather, they serve to equalize the forces and make the ride smoother. Pretty much anyone can ride the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train unless you’re absolutely, positively scared to death of even the slightest height and speed.

I recommend riding this ride at night, if possible, because of the spectacular views it offers of Fantasyland. I love night rides on Astro Orbiter for the same reason. The colorful lights and castles and scenery add an extra level of magic.


d1Of course, your fun will start before you even board the mine train. Be prepared to spend some time in the queue line enjoying the interactive features (my favorite is making music with your hands in the waterfall, although the spinning barrels of gems are a lot of fun too).

You can experience all this for yourself on May 28, the ride’s official opening date. However, if you’re a local or an annual passholder, like me, keep an eye out for soft openings and pass holder previews.

I met a very special celebrity at the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train party. Go to this article in my Doggone Orlando blog to see my encounter with Grumpy Cat.

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  1. I think it’s great that Disney has built another ride that is basically two rides in one: The day version and the night version. I raved for years about how much cooler “Big Thunder Mountain” is at night and finally got my friends to try it last summer…they were blown away.

    I expect the dwarfs’ faces would come out just fine on a non-flash camera with a fast enough setting. We’re going in September and really looking forward to experiencing this ride.

    However….It looks like you were taking FLASH photos which is a gigantic no-no on dark rides! Please tell me you’re not one of “those” people! :)

    • Yes, I was taking flash photos, but no, I’m not one of those people (they drive me crazy too). This was an exclusive media event where all types of photos, including flash, were allowed and encouraged. No actual day guest riders were harmed in the making of my photos.

  2. Regardless of whether they were allowed during the media event, the reason your photo did not come out is not “because of the technology,” but because you used flash in a situation where it *shouldn’t* have been used…and then posted a photo that ruins the illusion of the attraction in this review.

    • You see it as ruining the illusion. I see it as showing a little hint of the very cool way in which Disney creates the illusion. Then again, I take every backstage tour possible, as I’m the sort for whom knowing how things are done gives me a greater appreciation rather than ruining them for me.


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