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Looking for Interesting Work in the Field of Hospitality?

If so, there’s plenty to choose from, especially here in Orlando.  And in particular if you’re one of the many, many people who actually put this sentence on your resume or job application:  “I’m such a PEOPLE person, I know I’ll be perfect for this job!  People just LOVE me!”  Well go ahead, gag all you want, but some people, and you know who you are, really do put this on their job application.  But good news for all you people-lovers, because guess what?  Seriously, what kind of jobs are out there that don’t require some form of interaction with actual live human beings at some point?  (Okay, I do recognize that there are a lot of virtual workers in the world now; but still, even those jobs must require just a tad of  playing-nice-with-people-when-necessary, right?)

Anyway, jobs in the hospitality industry are almost exclusively about human interaction.  No matter the position or job title, if it fits under the broad category of ‘hospitality’, then at bare minimum you’d better be able to function in at least these three areas:

  1. Sound chipper, and speak with some level of authority (Can you imagine feeling comfortable hearing that tiny, high-pitched, squeaky voice of Mickey Mouse give you those final instructions about ‘hang on for dear life’ as you strap into Space Mountain?  Now do you get the point about speaking with authority?)
  2. Look presentable (and bonus points if you, um, smell pretty good, too)
  3. Play nice with people of all different backgrounds, ethnicities, questionable characters, ages, genders (coming at you displaying all levels of anger management), and ‘what-not.’  (And by ‘what not’ I’m lumping a whole lot of questionable people into this one category that is basically summed up by the phrase, “you won’t believe what I saw/encountered at work today”, uttered by many an off-duty hospitality employee.  For more explanation on this category and visual proof see former Hive blog post about tacky tourists. Pigs On a Plane? )


Oh, and by the way, just to be clear, you’d better speak with authority, look decent, and play nice to everyone with all of the honesty and belief in the good of humanity that you can muster while holding said job in this industry.  Otherwise there is no believing in the ‘hospitable’ part of hospitality, right?

That said, from time to time I’m going to be posting some interviews with ‘hospitable-hospitality’ people I’ve come across that have interesting jobs, which is how I’m circling back to the title of this blog.  But for today, since I   haven’t yet completed any of those interviews, I’ll share a couple of the more interesting industry jobs that are currently being showcased via a CNN Business Traveller report titled, “10 Weirdest Travel Jobs.”   For starters, there is this one:

Dog Surfing Instructor:  Sorry, no need to apply because the position is currently held by Teevan McManus of the Coronado Surfing Academy who works at the Loews Coronado Bay Resort and Spa, San Diego, CA.  (To be fair, he also teaches this sport to humans, but somehow the ‘dog surfing instructor’ part is getting more press.  Go figure.)

Think you could do this job?

Think you could do this job?

Or how about this one?  Fragrance Butlers can be found at numerous Rosewood Resorts around the globe.  The explanation for this position is, “to attend to guests olfactory needs on a 24/7 basis.” (Yes, you read that correctly.  Some people are desperately seeking lovely scents – on their bodies and in the air surrounding them – 24 hours a day.  Oh my!)

Not for anyone with fragrance allergies!

Don’t apply for this job if you sneeze every time you smell a new perfume!

And while these crazy but real jobs are not currently available here in Orlando, we do have a plethora of really great and interesting career paths to follow in our local hospitality industry.  Keep checking this blog site for some of those interesting interviews I mentioned, and let me know if you have questions/curiosity about any aspect of the Orlando Hospitality scene.  As the saying goes, “I live to serve”, and that is never more evident than right here in the thousands of jobs found in your own backyard being performed by your family, and friends, and neighbors.


Photos courtesy of Loews Coronado Bay Resort & Spa, and Rosewood Hotels, respectively.

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50 Shades – Is Orlando Ready?

Okay, stop rolling your eyes!  Before you judge me, this IS NOT another random commentary for or against “Fifty” that, like it or not, has only just begun to push it’s way into our sub conscience.  Like a tidal wave that’s been churning out in the ocean searching for a landing spot on which to explode, once the movie is released in another week,, even the two people left on this planet who have never read the books by E. L. James ,  will now be forced into discussions and conversations about red rooms, blindfolds, and, um, “oh my”, what people do with those whips in the bedroom.

Lucky for you that’s not what this post is about.  (Pause for disappointing sighs from some readers who now feel mislead by this blog title.  I guess this is where we say goodbye? . . .)

Wait – before you leave this page, let me explain. 

You see, before sitting down to write this, I was thinking about the upcoming Valentine’s Day and how Orlando residents will be celebrating, so that’s how I’m circling back to that cleverly crafted lead-in.  (Yes, I was also hopeful that my word choice raised this blog just a tad in the search engines, so okay, guilty as charged.)  Anyway, because in this blog we try to stay focused on issues within the hospitality community as opposed to the ‘shadier subjects’, pun intended, it’s not hard at all to link Valentine activities to some really romantic options around town.  A recent gander through my own inbox brought a couple of standouts like this one, from the Hyatt Regency Orlando, .  In this passion-inspired special offer women can be pampered at the hotel salon ( a must before gazing into your lover’s eyes, yes?) before indulging in a gourmet meal (this is where the companion would join you) at one of the hotel’s fine dining options (both are excellent), and at a decent price of $230.00 (plus tax & tip) per couple it’s a classy, swanky alternative to trying to impress with wine, chocolates and cute-but-useless stuffed animals, (hint-hint).  Of course, it’s worth mentioning that classy, swanky jewelry selections are always welcome, but today we’re focusing on hot date night locations, okay?

Our friends at the Orlando Convention & Visitors Bureau have already picked out some other interesting Valentine options, and you can view those here: .  They include a “Sweet Escapes Package” at Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort, dining specials offered by our friends at Rosen Resorts , and a luscious signature berries and bubbles drink concoction offered up at Ocean Prime.  Visit Orlando also has a really creative and unique list with a variety of possibilities/price points called Top 14 Romantic Things to do for Valentines Day in Orlando and you can find that here:  Top 14

Berries and Bubbles sounds like a perfectly delightful drink to share with your Valentine lover, doesn't it?

Berries and Bubbles sounds like a perfectly delightful drink to share with your Valentine lover, doesn’t it? If you agree, make reservations at Orlando’s Ocean Prime Restaurant, and do it now!

But, what’s that, I hear you asking?  What is the Hive Maven’s personal Valentine fav?  This year that would actually be found the night before Valentines Day on Friday, February 13, out at Loews Portofino Bay Resort, Universal Studios.  Harbor Nights Romantico can’t be beat for ambience, food, wine, dancing to live music and other outdoor Valentine delights.  And if you can’t find some love while sipping a lovely Italian red wine and mingling under the stars among an authentic replica of the ultimate in romantic Italian seaside locations, well then maybe you need to go to the bookstore and start at the beginning of Fifty Shades to rediscover what the art of romance is all about.  Just sayin’ .

Portofino at Loews Orlando

Harbor Nights Romantico at this resort is THE most romantic place to spend Valentine’s Eve in Orlando, so says your Hospitality Maven!

Finally, if you don’t agree with any of my choices, how about taking a minute to participate in this unique Valentine’s Day poll sponsored by well known Orlando Restaurant Reviewer, Scott Joseph.  He’s asking a simple question, ‘What’s your favorite Orlando restaurant for romantic dining?’ and I’m sure you’ll be interested in the extensive list of great local establishments you see posted here:  Most Romantic Restaurants

So no matter where you go, I think you can find la dolce vita here in town because, after all, there are at least fifty shades of love already in the Orlando air!  



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