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This Geekend — Even More Potter, PechaKucha Discusses the Cinema, and The Cloak & Blaster Hosts a PJ Party!

This Geekend — Even More Potter, PechaKucha Discusses the Cinema, and The Cloak & Blaster Hosts a PJ Party!

This Geekend is a quick look at some of the highlights of local geek events to add to your calendar.  For a look at all the activities going on this weekend head to the GGOrlando Events Calendar.  Still time to add your upcoming event for February, so send the details to  Have a great weekend!


Shows Daily through February 15th – Tickets $45-$70

via Facebook

via Facebook

Orlando is quickly becoming the hub of all things Boy Wizard.  With Universal Orlando‘s Harry Potter attractions bringing related events like last week’s Celebration and convention’s like LeakyCon there’s many events around Central Florida for students from every house to love.

Opening this week and running through next Sunday is Potted Potter, a play that combines all seven books into one hilarious experience.  Taking a cue from productions like The Compleat Wrks of Wllm Shkspr (Abridged), the stripped-down production takes fans through each of J,K. Rowling’s novels over the course of seventy minutes.

If you already have plans for the weekend, the show is running daily at downtown’s new Dr. Phillips Center throughout the week.  Possibly a great Valentine’s Day treat for the Potter Phanatic in your life.


Tonight 7-10p , $11

via Facebook

via Facebook

(NOTE:  As of this writing tickets to tonight’s presentation are sold-out.  Follow their Facebook Event to see if additional tickets become available or for those who’re no longer able to attend.)

Tonight’s the night for the quartertly PechaKucha talk, being hosted at The Orange Studio in the Mills 50.  For the uninitiated, PechaKucha Nights features presentations by several speakers focusing on a primary topic.  In the lead up to this month’s Oscars ceremony the topic of discussion for this installment is the film industry – both movies themselves and the machine behind them.  The speakers use a PowerPoint Presentation, with just 20 slides and 20 seconds to discuss each one.

But the presentations are meant to inspire conversation between the attendees (PechaKucha is a Japanese term that translates to “chit-chat”).  Attendees will be able to partake in some great food from Barnwood BBQ (SIDE NOTE:  Please come back to the Lake Mary Farmer’s Market…  I miss you.) and Gigi’s Cupcakes, as well as BEvERages provided by Shipyard Brewing.


Sunday 6p-12a, Free

via Facebook

via Facebook

If you missed out on Sunday’s Superb Owl Party (still very upset I wasn’t personally invited), The Cloak & Blaster over in Waterford Lakes allows you the opportunity to rectify that.  Relive your favorite Saturday mornings of ole…  On a Sunday evening!  Come in your PJs, your robe and slippers and enjoy some goodies while watching cartoons and playing some games at their Pajama Party.

While the party is meant for the kid in you, it offers plenty for the adult you are – namely The Cloak & Blaster’s awesome lineup of craft brews.  And don’t forget their menu of geek-related food options, with chicken & waffles appropriately playing a lead role in the evening’s festivities.


This Geekend – A Celebration of Harry Potter, IGNITION 2, Superb Owl Party

This Geekend – A Celebration of Harry Potter, IGNITION 2, Superb Owl Party

This Geekend is a quick look at some of the highlights of local geek events to add to your calendar.  For a look at all the activities going on this weekend head to the GGOrlando Events Calendar.  If you would like your event for February added, send the details to  Have a great weekend!

Today thru Sunday, 9-6p, Included with Park Admission



Universal Orlando Resort in coordination with Warner Bros. Entertainment honor all things ‘Boy Wizard’ with 3-days of activities during A Celebration of Harry Potter.  The event is open throughout the weekend to park guests at Universal Studios Florida – neighboring park Islands of Adventure is not hosting any of the Celebration’s events, but admission to the park is needed to ride the Hogwarts Express or visit Hogwarts Castle.  But the focus of this year’s Celebration will be the new addition to the theme parks, London & Diagon Alley which opened at Universal Studios Florida last Summer.

As part of the event, don’t miss out on the Harry Potter Expo taking place in Soundstage 33 (behind the Twister attraction).  You’ll be able to be “sorted” into your house by the Sorting Hat, pose for pictures from the Great Hall from London’s Warner Bros. Studio Tour, and have the opportunity to meet illustrator Kazu Kibuishi who has remade the iconic book covers for Scholastic.

At Universal Studios’ Music Plaza, you’ll have the opportunity to watch panel discussions with some members of the cast, learn to duel with your wands and spells, and meet-up with your fellow housemates for a class photo.  For a full list of events, check out their schedule.  It should be a great weekend for fans of the Potter series.

(Full Disclosure:  I am an employee at Universal Orlando Resort, but this piece is not an endorsement or anything else.  Just something that’s going on.)

Saturday 10a-5p, Free


via Facebook - Acme Superstore

via Facebook – Acme Superstore

Returning to Longwood’s Acme Superstore is IGNITION, a gathering of local artists and crafters with a geeky bent.  There will also be cosplayers, some classic arcade games via BART Orlando, a Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart Tournament ($5 entry fee), and much much more.

You can get more information on this awesome gathering of local comics talent on their Facebook Event page.

Sunday 6p-12a

via Facebook - The Cloak & Blaster

via Facebook – The Cloak & Blaster

So, apparently there’s some big thing that’s going on Sunday evening that everyone’s excited, but The Cloak & Blaster in Waterford Lakes is holding a tribute to a personal friend of mine – the Superb Owl (thinks he’s so great, I’m the Grand Owl and he had to one-up me).

Yes, the Superb Owl Party is an alternative for those who want to have a cool night out on Sunday but don’t care about what’s going on out in Arizona between a band of rebels and a flock of seagulls (my bet, the Revolutionaries win… They have guns.).  The Cloak & Blaster promises an evening free of debate about deflated balls, so turn out Sunday at 6p so you won’t get fined.  RSVP on their Facebook Event page.



“Back to the Future II… You’re a Liar!” — Self-Fitting/Self-Drying Jacket

“Back to the Future II… You’re a Liar!” — Self-Fitting/Self-Drying Jacket

While many films take place in future settings, one seemingly has captured the pop-culture imagination.  In 1989 Universal Pictures released Back to the Future II, and while most of the movie is a rehash of the first – taking place in 1955 – what caught the imaginations of many film-goers was the opening segment where Doc Brown, Marty McFly, and Marty’s girlfriend Jennifer travel to the far off date of October 21st, 2015.  Now that the year 2015 has arrived it is apparent that the film set some unrealistic expectations of what we should expect.  And while many have discussed the lack of hoverboards, power laces, and flying cars, what are some of the other things BTTF II promised that would be great to have today.  This year, GGOrlando is going to periodically look back and point out why Back to the Future II is making 2015 suck!

Self-Fitting/Self-Drying Jacket

via Newsweek

via Newsweek

When disguising Marty as his teenage son Marty Junior, Doc Brown gives Marty a 2015 fashion make-over.  While Universal Studios sold the color-changing hat for years at the former Back to the Future Store, and Nike is promising powered shoelaces by the end of the year, an article of clothing I’m doubtful we’ll see this year is Marty’s self-fitting/self-drying jacket.  And, like many Central Floridians who’ve gotten stuck in one of our Summer afternoon downpours, I think the jacket is one of the things from BTTF II I’d want the most.

If you saw a teenager walking through Fashion Square Mall today in the red-and-black styled jacket you probably wouldn’t think twice.  While not exactly fashionable, the only “out-of-time” element of the jacket would be the tube-like adjusting sleeves.  Looking like the drainage pipes you may see in the garden center at Home Depot, with a press of a button the sleeves shrink down to the proper size.

But the most intriguing part is, after Marty’s hoverboard ride into Hill Valley’s reflecting pond, the jacket senses that it’s wet and, with some built-in fans, dried both the jacket and Marty in just seconds.

via io9

via io9

Today, doing a quick search online for Marty’s 2015 jacket will return many results available for purchase – but obviously none have the self-drying feature.  Some garments do have the ability to whisk away water, like wax on a car, but even those can’t withstand an Orlando rain burst (heck, sometimes even wearing an actual rain jacket is fruitless).

So, until those power-laced Nikes come at the end of the year, I guess the only 2015 fashion trend from Back to the Future we can actually start is wearing our jean pockets inside-out.  C’mon…  Everybody’s doing it.

GGOrlando’s Guide to Otronicon v.10

GGOrlando’s Guide to Otronicon v.10


The first big event of the Orlando “geek” calendar kicks off today and runs throughout the long Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend.  Otronicon, celebrating it’s 10th anniversary, is the Orlando Science Center‘s tribute to Central Florida’s “interactive entertainment” industry.  If you’re a fan of video games – or technology in general – Otronicon provides an exciting look into the future and our community’s role in creating it.

GGOrlando is here to get you ready for Orlando’s biggest technology expo!


Hosted by the Orlando Science Center, Otronicon (Orlando Electronic Interactive Entertainment Convention) is dedicated to spark interest in science & technology with interactive exhibits and workshops.  Video games are well-represented at the show, but don’t expect a PAX-type experience.  What it does offer is a mix of classic arcade games, indie games from local studios and students from Full Sail University and UCF’s Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy, and heavy-hitter EA Tiburon (Madden NFL, NBA Live, PGA Tour).  Also in attendance are Orlando-area companies like Lockheed Martin showcasing their latest in simulator and virtual reality technology.

Otronicon runs throughout the weekend, which for many is a 3-day weekend for MLK Day on Monday.

  • FRIDAY & SATURDAY:  10am-10pm
  • SUNDAY & MONDAY:  10am-6pm


For the 10th year, Otronicon is hosted by the Orlando Science Center.  Parking is available at their connected garage for $5/day.

Orlando Science Center
777 East Princeton Street
Orlando, Florida 32803


Admission to Otronicon is included with your daily pass to the Science Center and is free if you’re already a member of the OSC.

  • ADULTS:  $19
  • STUDENTS (W/ ID) & SENIORS (55+):  $17
  • KIDS (3-11):  $13
  • KIDS UNDER 2:  Free


There are many different exhibits emphasizing the role of technology and interactive entertainment.  Among the highlights of the exhibits that’ll be running all weekend.

  • ArcAttack:  Rock music is cool… Rock music with lightning is AWESOME!  Performers ArcAttack – who have appeared on America’s Got Talent – will take the stage at the Digital Adventure Theater with shows throughout the weekend.
  • Indie Game Showcase:  Local independent game developers – including Gentleman Squid Studios & Magpie Games – show off their latest works.  Also, local subscription site IndieBox will be highlighting some of the independent games featured through their program.
  • Florida Anime Experience Presents: Japanese Video Games:  The “Land of the Rising Sun” has made an indelible mark on pop culture, especially in the world of video games.  The local Florida Anime Experience (coming in April), highlight some Japanese classics.
  • Florida Hospital for Children:  Florida Hospital will have some of the latest technology being used in the medical field – including robotic surgeon da Vinci Xi.
  • Walt Disney World:  Disney will be revealing some of the tools their Imagineers use to create new attractions and entertainment.
  • Artist Exhibitions:  The world of digital entertainment has inspired many artists.  Some local artists will be attendance showing some of their pieces.
  • Game Jam:  Watch developers build games from scratch in a Game Jam.  Participants put their skills to the test for some awesome prizes.
  • Otronicon After Dark:  Friday & Saturday night, Otronicon gets a little more “adult” with beers being served by nearby bar/arcade BART and sushi from Sus Hi Eatstation.  Plus, a Pink Floyd laser light show in the Cinedome, live performances from chiptune artists in the Science Park, and more.

A full list of all of the events and activities at this year’s Otronicon can be found here.

Star Wars #1 Release Parties!

Star Wars #1 Release Parties!



2015 is most definitely the year of Star Wars.  By the time A Force Awakens opens December 18th, even some of the most devout to the “Holy Trilogy” may have had enough.  But the excitement now is just ramping up and it’s in this wave that Marvel Comics arrives on the scene with Star Wars #1.

Star Wars comics are nothing new.  In fact, Star Wars creator George Lucas approached Marvel legend Stan Lee in 1975 about potentially launching a comic book series on his upcoming films with the first issue releasing just weeks after the film premiered in 1977.  In 1991 the license to Star Wars comics moved from Marvel to Dark Horse, which has garnered critical praise for their original story lines for the last two decades.

But, with the Disney acquisition of the franchise it was only a matter of time before Marvel retook the reigns.  And Marvel is putting some of their top talent on the marquee title.  Jason Aaron (Scalped, Wolverine) serves as writer while John Cassaday (Planetary, Astonishing X-Men) handles the art.  Star Wars #1 will pick up where the original film left off, telling the story of the Rebellion following the Battle of Yavin IV and the destruction of the Death Star.

Comic stores throughout Orlando are planning special events to celebrate Marvel’s launch of the new series.

  • A Comic Shop:  Winter Park’s A Comic Shop and The Geek Easy will be celebrating the launch with sales, raffles, and free stuff starting at 5pm. <Details>
  • Coliseum of Comics – Fashion Square Mall:  After work, meet up with the stormtroopers of the 501st Legion from 5-7pm at the Coliseum of Comics in Fashion Square Mall.
  • Epic Comics:  If you can’t make it out to your LCBS tomorrow to celebrate the Star Wars goodness head to Waterford Lakes on Saturday for Epic Comics‘ release party.  They’ll be doing it up from 2-6pm in the store, then moving the festivities down the street to The Cloak & Blaster for some after-hours BEvERageS. <Details>
  • Heroes Landing:  Clermont’s Heroes Landing will find any excuse to get a cake and the launch of a new Star Wars series is no different.  In addition, local artist Jon Pinto will be on-hand selling his latest Star Wars print. <Details>
  • World of Comics:  Just miles from the Mouse House, Kissimmee’s World of Comics will be serving cake, handing out party favors, and more in celebration of the new series.  But festivities will pick up on Saturday at the Player 1 Video Game Bar in Lake Buena Vista, with Star Wars-themed drinks, prizes, and an appearance by the Florida Garrison of the 501st Legion. <Details>
$20 Pull List – January 2015

$20 Pull List – January 2015


So, I’m firmly footed in the world of digital comics.  But, of the last couple months, my old Android tablet has been clinging to life and brought my comics reading to a standstill.  But I was a good boy in 2014 and Santa brought me a new Windows tablet, so one of my goals for the new year is to get back in the swing of reading some good comics.  The big publishers have announced major events for 2015, including Marvel doing modern retellings of some of their biggest events of comics’ modern era.

One thing that’s driving me nuts about the industry of late is their need to release new #1s every couple months of popular titles, than charging extra for them.  Because there’s no better way to appeal to new readers than to gouge them.  With that being said, though, this month’s list has a couple #1s from Marvel Comics (the seemingly worst perpetrator of this new trend).

January 7th – $4.99

Personally, I have always been a fan of the moody Hank Pym – a conflicted superhero who’s a pacifist that abhors violence yet often has to punch villains in the face.  The pinnacle of his career, creating a robot to protect humanity named Ultron, ultimately turns on his creator and mankind itself.  Yet, what most people know of Pym is an issue of The Avengers from 1981 where, in a fit of rage, Hank punches his wife Janet (aka The Wasp) in the face.  The “black eye” to Pym’s reputation remains to this day.  Which is likely why Pym’s role is being minimized in the upcoming Ant-Man film, replacing the pariah Pym with Scott Lang – who donned the suit after he stole it from Pym in the late-70s.

The reboot doesn’t totally rewrite the character of Lang, who to be fair stole the Ant-Man suit in a bid to save his dying daughter, nor does remove Pym’s role in the suit’s development.  What I’m excited to see is what role they’ll have Pym play in this new series, if he takes on a mentor role to Lang or if he’s barely mentioned, as whatever role he plays here will likely carry over to the character’s big screen debut this Summer.

January 14th – $3.99

Gail Simone, whose name will come up again later in this list, is one of my favorite comic writers out there right now.  One of her defining traits is her awesome portrayal of female characters.  So, it was only natural for her to take on one of comics’ greatest heroines – Red Sonja.  It’s only natural that she would be eventually paired-up with fellow barbarian Conan.  But, in the world of comics publishing, this isn’t always easy.  In this case Conan comics are released under the Dark Horse line while Red Sonja falls under Dynamite!.  But, with some deft maneuvering, fans of the duo will finally get to see the two worlds cross in this upcoming series.

Of course, to bring these two together requires a threat so great that neither can face it on their own.  I’m pretty excited to see where this series goes, especially with the less serious yet still bad-ass Sonja that has graced the pages of the Simone series.

January 14th – $4.99

2015 is shaping up to be the biggest year for Star Wars since 1977, when the original Star Wars hit the big screen.  With new books, the continuing Star Wars Rebels animated series, and of course The Force Awakens coming this year, Star Wars is going to be EVERYWHERE this year.  One of the things that didn’t get much attention when Disney purchased the rights to the franchise in 2012 was the series’ ongoing comic books – which were being published by Dark Horse.  Some of which, like the recent Brian Wood series, were excellent in filling in some of the gaps that the movies never covered.  But Disney already owned a comic house of their own – the monolithic Marvel – and most new that Dark Horse’s days were numbered.

The epic stories of these books have been cast upon the pyre of the “new canon”, relegated to the “Legends” titling given to properties that don’t fall into the new continuity of Star Wars.  Today’s release of Marvel’s Star Wars #1 will be the first title that is officially part of this new epic storyline, filling in the gap between the films.  Additional series, based on Darth Vader and Princess Leia, will be coming later this year.  But this series picks up following the events of the Battle of Yavin IV – the finale of the first film – and tells the story of the rebellion following their triumph there.

January 21st – $3.99

A lot of comics are starting new runs to tie-in with the launch of the property in other media.  Powers, the Brian Michael Bendis title originally launched in 2000, is getting new life from Marvel to coincide with the premier of the new PlayStation-exclusive TV series (yes, PlayStation… the Sony thing you play video games on).  For the uninitiated, Powers revolves around a pair of cops whose beat includes seeking out super-powered criminals.

The new Marvel series is not a rehash of the original run of comics, which is likely to be the domain of the TV show in its inaugural season.  Instead, it continues the story of the Powers Bureau and its hunt for villains while also exploring the private lives of those who search them out.  As a fan of the original run (to be fair, I started reading it a few years ago based on a recommendation) I’m excited to see where Bendis decides to take this.

January 28th – $2.99

Yes, I’m a Marvel fanboy.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t give DC Comics their due.  There’s just not much going on in their world at the moment that overly interests me (when, oh when, will Future’s End end?!).  But when it was announced last year, I just could not wait to get more Secret Six from Gail Simone in my eyes.  The story, which turns some of DC’s C-level villains into a band of hardened mercs, picked up last month with Catman being captured and thrown into a jail cell with some fellow rogues by a mysterious group for an unknown purpose.

Honestly, Gail Simone could write about trying to get Catman to use a litter box and DC gets my $3.  I love books told from the bad guy’s point-of-view and Simone is a master of humanizing villains while also keeping them “bad” (something I wish the big publisher across the street could take some notes on).

January 28th – $2.99

A cheat to this list, Class Action has actually been around as a digital-exclusive title since September.  But the Neal Adams book will be released in dead tree format at the end of the month by Arden Deadline.  Speaking of my love of seeing tales told from the villain’s perspective, Class Action tells the story of a former super-villain trying to start anew after being pardoned for his crimes.  But why he was pardoned and what he’s expected to do in return remain a mystery.

Adams, known as an comics artist extraordinaire, tries his hand at writing in this series.  I think the title is interesting as it takes a look at the day-to-day domestic life of an ex-super-villain…  That is until things go wrong.


Top 5 Geek Events To Get Excited for in 2015!

Top 5 Geek Events To Get Excited for in 2015!

Central Florida has so much to offer to it’s local geek community.  With a new year getting underway it’s time to break out the calendar and get ready to plan for the big events coming to Orlando in 2015.  Here’s a look at the Top 5 events for local geeks to get excited for this year.




Since 2011 local convention hosts Spooky Empire have hosted a Summer equivalent to their October horrorfest with their annual May-Hem.  This year, they have teamed with a Halloween-themed trade show to bring Halloween Extreme to Central Florida.  The weekend will be an oasis for the horror fan during the normally dry Spring & Summer months, at least in regards to that particular genre.  Among the highlights for the shuffling horde will be the Orlando Zombie Prom.

The event will be taking over the DoubleTree by Hilton across the street from Universal Orlando May 15th.  Information on purchasing passes will be coming soon, so keep up to date on their websites.


4.  AFO 2015 – AUGUST 14-16


Orlando has spawned an awesome local anime culture, with anime clubs like Propeller Anime and Anime Sushi, watch parties, and conventions.  Every August it culminates with Florida’s best anime convention – Anime Festival Orlando.  The weekend brings some of the top talent in the industry to Central Florida, plus offers unique experiences like the annual Orlandia Interactive Convention Experience.

This year’s event will take place the weekend of August 14th at their usual home at the Wyndham Orlando on International Drive.  More details and your opportunity to pick up passes will come in the next couple months.


3.  OTRONICON v.10 – JANUARY 16-19


In it’s tenth year, Otronicon – the Orlando Science Center’s weekend dedicated to video games and digital media – is quickly expanding into one of the area’s big geek events.  While not comparable to other video game conventions like Pax, Otronicon is filling in a niche all its own.  With an educational focus Otronicon looks to inspire attendees into careers in the science and technology fields through all the cool activities and events they offer.

Of the events on this list, Otronicon is practically right around the corner.  The event opens next weekend and runs throughout MLK weekend.  Check back with GGOrlando next Friday for our guide to all Otronicon has to offer this year.




Last year’s inaugural Orlando Nerd Fest wowed audiences with it’s incredible lineup of geeky music acts.  Last week the organizers posted on Facebook that they’ve secured a venue, so it appears that ONF 2015 will be a go.  While still in its early planning stages, if last year’s event is any indicator, this year’s weekend of music and irreverence should rank highly on any geek’s event calendar.

ONF 2014 took place in early August of last year with events over near the airport and at Winter Park’s A Comic Shop.  While there are still no details available for this year’s event, keep an eye out on their social media pages (Facebook | Twitter) for more information on ONF 2015.


1.  MEGACON 2015 – APRIL 10-12


Megacon has grown to be one of the Southeast’s premiere comic conventions, and a staple of most local geeks convention schedule.  This year’s event should be no different, with guests representing hot properties like AMC’s The Walking Dead, CW’s Arrow, and Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time.  Plus, a slate of comic creators, anime viewings, gaming events, and so much more.  And don’t forget about the multitude of parties outside of the con including the official party of Megacon – COSMOS.

As attendees of recent years can tell you, the show is getting bigger and more crowded every year.  If you plan on attending, you may want to pick up your passes as soon as possible.  Saturday tickets as well as weekend passes are likely to sell out.  If you’re looking to take in the con without fighting off the masses, consider attending Friday evening when the show kicks-off.  Either way, Megacon is a must-do every year!


This Geekend:  Halloween ComicFest 2014

This Geekend: Halloween ComicFest 2014

via Halloween ComicFest 2014

via Halloween ComicFest 2014

Today is a great time to stop by your local comic shop, as most Orlando-area stores are participating in the annual event Halloween ComicFest.  Similar to May’s Free Comic Book Day, each store has an allotment of free books for you to pickup and most will be offering special sales and discounts all-day.

While the selection of HCF books is much more limited than during FCBD (where the big publishers push their upcoming Summer crossover events), there’s still a good selection of free books offered – most with a spooky Halloween twist.  Among the issues available is Afterlife with Archie, where the Riverdale Gang must deal with the zombie apocalypse.  For the Marvel fanboys, grab some comic history as the publisher celebrates their 75th Anniversary with a copy of the original Marvel Comics – featuring Namor the Sub-Mariner and the original Human Torch (aka, the one who’s not Johnny Storm).  Fans of “the Dark Knight” will also have a title up their alley, as they present the Halloween Special Edition of Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight.

via Halloween ComicFest

via Halloween ComicFest

Go to Halloween ComicFest’s Store Locator page and enter your zip code to find your nearest participating location.  You can also check out the Generation Geek Event Calendar to get more information on the special events going on at shops around town.


This Geekend – Extra Life Gaming Marathon

Extra Life Facebook Cover Photo_v2

If you see some bleary-eyed gamers wandering the streets Sunday morning, it’s because they were busy helping sick kids.  Tomorrow morning, starting at 8AM, is the annual gaming event Extra Life, a 24-hour gaming marathon with participants around the country.

Founded in 2008 by the guys behind Sarcastic Gamer, the event looks to raise money for local Children’s Miracle Network hospitals.  Gamers play tabletop, card, or video games of their choice for 24 consecutive hours while seeking backers to help reach their contribution goals.  Many of the top sites, gamers, and developers in gaming will host streams on Twitch to interact with their fanbases during the daylong event.

Locally, new gaming lounge Cloak & Blaster in Waterford Lakes will be hosting their own event, starting at 6PM tomorrow night.  Cloak & Blaster and the gaming group Shepard & The Books are looking to raise $5,000 for Orlando’s local Children’s Miracle Network hospital – the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children in South Downtown.  While the party will start at 6PM, their live-stream will open at 1PM (check the Cloak & Blaster page for a link).

If you’re a local gamer participating in this year’s Extra Life gaming marathon, be sure to post your information here in our comments or post it on the link to this article on our Facebook page.  We would love to help you reach your goal.

This Geekend: Meet DC Comics Artist Raymund Bermudez

via Facebook

via Facebook

Over the next week, lots of cool personalities will be around town either for conventions like this weekend’s Spooky Empire or next weekend’s Hurricane Who, or for in-store appearances.  Today is your opportunity to meet Raymund Bermudez – a cover artists for publishers DC Comics and Image – at Kissimmee’s World of Comics.  Bermudez has done cover art for DC Comics’ Action Comics as well as Justice League 3000, plus worked as penciler on other titles.

Bermudez will be meeting with fans as well as doing sketches at World of Comics today, starting at 1PM and running to 8PM this evening (Facebook Event).  For more information on Bermudez, check out this great piece from comic site iFanboy, who listed him as one of their “Upstarts.” So be sure to stop by and welcome him to Central Florida.