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8 Global Journalists who take you to foreign lands without leaving your sofa

Tired of politics and bad news in general? Check out these eight global travel journalists’ websites, relax and imagine you are on holiday. Having recently cruised with them on Holland America’s Nieuw Amsterdam through Alaska’s Inner Passage, we were not surprised at how these worldly writers were so impressed with the sights, sounds, flora and fauna offered by our biggest state. Travel serves as a common denominator, uniting other cultures in a way that no other activity can…enjoy the travel eye-candy these professionals provide…

Savi & Vid atop Meade Glacier (Photo courtesy

Savi & Vid atop Meade Glacier (Photo courtesy

Savi & Vid, – This young couple has made traveling the world their life goal. Originally from India, they call London their home but haven’t been there in months (maybe years?). Vid’s gorgeous photos complement Savi’s descriptions of amazing travels and youthful enthusiasm for new adventures. It is refreshing to see Millennials eager to expand their young horizons and embrace other cultures.

Kristen & Taylor (Photo courtesy of Kristen Boatright

Kristen & Taylor (Photo courtesy of Kristen Boatright)

Kristen Boatright, Shermans Cruise – Check out this video Kristen put together for Shermans Cruise covering Ketchikan, then turn the A/C down to about 60 degrees and imagine yourself alongside the face of Margerie Glacier. The sounds and visuals are incredible. Kristen’s nephew joined her on this trip and added yet another young perspective to cruising, fitting right in with our global companions.

Vid, Doug, Corno, Kristen & Ann

Vid, Doug, Corno, Kristen & Ann during our Bridge tour

Ann Rickard, APN Queensland – Ann, and her husband, Geoff, the couple from down under, were experiencing an Alaskan summer after leaving Australian winter weather. They still needed their parkas! Ann’s website is full of travel adventures and articles about those of us “of a certain age.”

Douglas Parker, Cruise Radio, Jacksonville – If you think cruising is just for oldie-goldies, you’re wrong. Doug proves that Millennials enjoy this mode of travel as much as retirees. His wealth of experience and information are helpful to any age and worth checking out. Doug is also a TravelPulse contributor with a ton of information about all things cruise-related.


Jasmin, Myriam, John and Vid

Myriam Thys, FarAway@Home, Belgium – Myriam’s history in print, such as Plus Magazine, is vast, but her blog site (make sure you choose the English translation) is accessible to all and full of exceptional photography from around the world. She and her partner, Werner, are the proverbial travelling rolling stones…no moss growing on their boots! After flying from Brussels to Vancouver, enjoying the sites of Alaska, she returned to join a weeklong bicycle trip through Germany. If you have trouble with the vernacular, just lose yourself in the photography which transcends language.

John Poimiroo, –John and Joan, from the Sacramento area, have an extensive travel background. Not only was John the State of California Director of Tourism at one time, but he is also a National Parks Correspondent for On Travel, American Forces Radio Network, producing Voices from the Past.


Corno van den Berg, (Netherlands) –Corno is the epitome of the international photojournalist. From Holland, this award-winning travel writer commands attention as he walks through a crowd. Taller than most, he towers over everyone lugging his camera bags with scarf flung around his neck…he’s traveled the world yet is such an approachable, down to earth guy. Who knows where he is at this moment? Portugal, Spain, Zimbabwe? His website provides the answers.

Jasmin Gaderer, Kronen Zeitung, Austria –Adding to our Millennial demographic, Jasmin obviously enjoyed all that this Alaskan cruise had to offer. Again, it’s good to see younger generations display an enthusiasm for travel. Jasmin’s writings are mostly in print so it’s difficult to follow her online, and the newspaper’s website has to be translated from German. However, she added yet another perspective to the trip, with her youthful inquisitiveness.

Alaska is so unlike any other state in the nation, and we loved exploring it (along with Canada). The foreign journalists were eager to take it all in and, it’s safe to say, we learned a lot from each other!

Yours truly, obviously in the bag with Master Mixologist Dale DeGroff

Yours truly, obviously in the bag with Master Mixologist Dale DeGroff


  1. Thank you for compiling and sharing this list. Looking forward to checking them out. We too have spent the past three years mostly on the road and always enjoy finding other travel bugs!

    • Thanks, Joanne, it’s so cool to meet other travel journalists on the road!

  2. Already know Myriam and Werner, fantastic description you gave them, travelling rolling stones👌 Looking forward to check out the others!


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