Doggone Orlando

News, views and reviews for Orlando pet parents from the mom of a menagerie of cats, dogs, birds, horses, fish, and guinea pigs who stays just one step ahead of the "Animal Hoarders" TV crew

About Barb and Doggone Orlando

c85Barb Nefer has been writing about animals since the 1980s, when she sold horse-related articles to such publications as Horse & Rider, Equus, and Horse Illustrated. Her pet-related articles have appeared in such magazines as Dog Fancy, Bird Talk, Animal Wellness, and I Love Cats. She’s also the author of the ebook 10 Most Popular Myths About Guinea Pigs.

As the Pet Supplies & Product Reviews expert, Barb writes about various new and useful products. Now she’s brought her expertise over to HypeOrlando, where she’ll write about general pet topics and specific topics of interest to those with cats, dogs, and other critters in Central Florida.

c83Barb has a huge menagerie, including a dog, four cats, a horse, two guinea pigs, two bettas, and a Quaker parrot. She’s a big rescue and spay/neuter advocate, and she looks forward to sharing insights and information with readers in Orlando and beyond.