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Aspergers service dog video goes viral as Samson comforts woman

Service dogs help with conditions from blindness to deafness to food allergies to PTSD, and now a viral video shows very dramatically how they’re a vital tool for people with Aspergers:

In the video, Aspergers service dog Samson intervenes when his owner, Danielle Jacobs starts to harm herself during a meltdown. He stops the cycle as she hits herself, then ends up on the floor with her as she cuddles him. Jacobs bravely shared the video to show what the disorder is like and how service dogs help.

It’s all in a day’s work for Samson, but now it’s brought him fame as the latest YouTube viral sensation, with will over 2 million views already. Just another reminder of the healing power of dogs, whether they’re official service animals like Samson, helping with a specific disorder like Aspergers, or just our best friends.

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