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Temptations Snacky Mouse Entices Cats to Work for Their Treats

1fI’ve written before about my cats’ love of Temptations treats. Even the dog horns in when he hears me crinkling the bag. Problem is, most of the time they just gather round, snarf down the treats, then go off to wash or collapse in the sun like typical lazy felines. Wouldn’t it be nice if their treats gave them a bit of a physical and mental workout, too?

Enter the Snacky Mouse, a brand-new toy from Temptations.The kind folks at Mars sent me one for my cat brood to try out, and it was an instant hit. Of course, they’re used to getting goodies to review in the mail, so they were all over it even before I opened the box. SheiKra and Farquaad both moved in to help me remove the wrapping and get to the goodies nestled inside.

1dAnd what have we here? “Yay!” says SheiKra, “More of my favorite treats!” Along with those, I found a Snacky Mouse, a cute little wobbly treat dispenser that entices cats to box with the mouse in order to get a yummy reward. It didn’t take my cats very long to figure out how it worked. I had stuffed the little mouse to the brim, so they knew he had goodies inside. It only took a few whacks to dislodge a tasty Temptations treat, and soon they realized that smacking the poor little mouse around yielded a reward.

SheiKra and Farquaad both picked up on the idea immediately, but Quaad outweighs SheiKra by close to ten pounds, so he soon took over the Snack Mouse and hoarded it all to himself. I slipped SheiKra some treats off to the side while Quaad abused the poor plastic critter to release the bounty within.

The Snacky Mouse is much like a Weeble; it wobbles but it won’t fall down. It’s built to be sturdy and solid and hold up to plenty of feline abuse. If you work all day and have indoor cats who’d like a little enrichment, it’s the perfect toy to keep them busy. They won’t get bored with it, since they earn rewards, and you can rotate the Temptations flavors if they start getting tired of one.

My cats are big fans of pretty much every Temptations flavor I’ve ever tried on them, so I don’t think boredom will ever be a problem. If you’d like a smile for the day, check out this Temptations video featuring boxing kitties.

1eFarquaad won’t wear boxing gloves, but as you can see, he’s still pretty skilled at taking down his Snacky Mouse.

If you think your kitties would like this toy, look for it in major stores that carry the Temptations treat line.

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