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Temptations Cat Treats are my kitty clan’s favorite (and dog tries to horn in too)

o41The classic movie “Ghostbusters” predicts that one of the signs of the apocalypse is cats and dogs living together. If my house is anything to judge by, we’re not in any trouble just yet. I have one dog and four cats, and while one of the cats is Bolt’s buddy and one is a frenemy, the other two think dogs are well below their dignity and resist any and all attempts at friendship.

Enter Temptations cat treats, which were already a staple in our household by the time Mars Petcare reached out to offer me samples of two flavors. My cats all love what we laughingly refer to as “disco treats” because of the picture on the cover.

The kitty foursome actually like pretty much every variety, but those ’70s-inspired Mix-Ups are a long-time favorite. Check out the package at right to see why (you’ve gotta love that chicken’s rainbox afro wig). I used to buy a different brand of catnip-flavored treats until they were discontinued, so I was thrilled when Temptations filled the voice.

So how about throwing some chicken and tuna varieties into the mix? I originally agreed to try the treats as part of the #PackAttack campaign, which revolves around just how much some cats love their Temptations. I dare you to watch this video and not smile:

But in my house, “pack attack” took on new meaning. Normally, Farquaad and SheiKra scatter when Bolt bounds over with his exuberant doggy self, hoping to play with them. However, it turned out that my multi-species pack was all about attacking together when they caught a whiff of the Temptations.

I was feeding some to Farquaad and SheiKra in the bedroom when Bolt came rushing in to see about all the excitement. Rather than run, the cats just stared at him belligerently. They weren’t about to move when Temptations cat treats were at stake. This turned out to be a big asset, since I’m always looking for ways to have them interact peacefully together. It turns out that all I have to do is shake a bag of Temptations and the feline and canine pack comes running. Bolt and the kitties will all sit nicely right next to each other to enjoy their treats.

o40Bolt is a Jack Russell and rat terrier mix, as I discovered when I had him DNA tested by Wisdom Panel. He’s cat friendly, but full of boundless energy and ruled by an instinct to chase and play. The cats are viewing him as harmless now that they see he loves the treats as much as he does (although poor dog doesn’t realize he gets a much smaller portion than the cats since they are, after all, cat treats).

As you can see in the photo at left, there’s no love lost between Farquaad and Bolt, but they’ll grudgingly pose together when a pack of Temptations is at stake.

I keep a big supply of Temptations of various flavors in my house, not just because my cats love them (which they do) but because they’re the perfect “pack treat.” Your own “pack attack” might involve kitty wrapper destruction, but among my menagerie Temptations are just another conduit moving us closer to the day when that Ghostbusters quote finally comes true.

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