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Up & Under Doggy Steps review: Give your pup a boost

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Bolt is a small dog, but he has amazing jumping power. His terrier blood means that he acts like he had springs in his paws. He’s able to leap onto the bed, couch, and other furniture without a second thought.

Some small dogs aren’t quite that agile, and some dogs have trouble jumping due to medical problems or age. Luckily there’s a solution for those poor pups: Up & Under Doggy Steps, a little set of stairs that you can set up where your dog needs it most.

Up & Under Doggy Steps are an As Seen on TV product made by Telebrands. I know that infomercial claims are sometimes exaggerated, but I’ve had good luck with many As Seen on TV products, and I was hoping that these steps would be no exception. I knew that Bolt wouldn’t need them, but my nieghbor’s Basset, Miranda, can’t jump onto the couch and most definitely can’t make it all the way up to the top of the tall bed. She wants to sleep with her human “pack” at night, which means lots of whimpering until someone hoists her up. Not pleasant to be woken up in the middle of the night, and not too good on the back!

I gave the Up & Under Doggy Steps to my neighbor, and she immediately liked the fact that they’re a self-contained unit, with no assembly required. They’re nice and sturdy, which makes them suitable for larger dogs like Miranda as well as smaller pups. Now the trick was getting the dog to use them!

m1At first, Miranda wanted nothing to do with the steps. We all tried to show her the idea, but she just wasn’t getting it. Thankfully, like most dogs, she’s ruled by her stomach. Treats taught her that the stairs were actually an attractive thing, and with a little practice she was soon able to negotiate them and figured out their purpose. Being like a real-life Slinky Dog, she sometimes needs a little assistance, but the Up & Under Doggy Steps have been a real lifesaver…or should I say back saver…for her humans.

You can order the steps at the official website or find them in certain stores that carry As Seen on TV merchandise. If your dog’s desire to be up on the furniture is impeded by size, health, or another factor, these stairs will open up a whole new world of getting up there at will.

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