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Zep Commercial products are great for pet loving households

tempEven though my blog is called Doggone Orlando, I’ll admit to having a house full of critters. In addition to the dog, I have four cats, a Quaker parrot, two guinea pigs, and a horse. The horse lives elsewhere, but the rest of my brood are all busily messing up the house every day.

I love trying new cleaning products, which is why I belong to sampling sites like Crowdtap. They send me free product samples to try and I get to review them and blog about their effectiveness. The latest campaign was just perfect for me: Zep Commercial cleaning products.

Zep actually has products you can use all around your house. There’s a great All-Around Oxy Cleaner and Degreaser that worked wonders in my kitchen. However, where the critters were concerned, I was all about the Quick Clean Disinfectant. I try to convince the cats that the counters and kitchen island are not feline perches, and they ignore me with typical kitty indifference. One of the cats like to drink directly out of the bathroom faucet, and bathrooms fixtures are places where you need a good disinfecting product anyway, so score another part of my house that benefited from the Zep Commercial products.

I’m also known to plop things like bags full of dirty guinea pig bedding or bird cage paper, or even litter box scoopings, onto a counter or sink in my hurry to get things done. Yuck! The Zep disinfectant allowed me to clean up those surfaces with confidence that I was actually disinfecting them.

This campaign actually piqued my interest in other Zep products. I’m new to stainless steel appliances, so their stainless steel polish caught my eye. It sounds like something I’m going to explore in the future. In the meantime, I have to say that the Zep Crowtap campaign was truly one of the most useful in which I’ve participated. I don’t really like housecleaning (who does?), but with my critter menagerie I don’t have much of a choice. Products like the Zep Commercial line that make things easier and make a visible difference are always welcome in my house.