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My Political Voice Matters..But I Choose To Stay Silent

My Political Voice Matters..But I Choose To Stay Silent

People naturally assume by gender or skin tone, which way a person should/would vote. Well—every time I’m challenged on this notion and I prove their assumption incorrect. This issue initially started when we first elected President Barack Obama. I was personally attacked and viciously accused (online and by friends) of not having a voice or choice voting solely on emotion, not the college education I held. As simpleminded as it sounds it was true. People think minorities are unintelligent. Oh—I have held many conversations with a few people who believe such nonsense. It’s the primary reason I chose not to discuss certain subjects publicly anymore.


Among those subjects are religion and politics.  Why? I respect the opinions of others, it’s maddening at times the same respect isn’t reflected, it just creates unnecessary problems. I don’t know about your time; however I refuse to argue when I could be at Starbucks for happy hour. Again, I will vote I just won’t be as vocal about my selection—that’s still private (and undecided) to me. A few of my friends have noticed my silence, so I felt a strong urging to justified my pause. I’ve seen a lot of post via social media just down right disgusting. People feel the need to bash the candidates rather than find a common ground on what is actually wrong with our country, electing an able person to right the wrongs. Fighting will not solve anything.

Many of these serial posters are uninformed on the issues point the finger at the current president (btw I like my gas under $2). In my brutally honest opinion—again the one that I am entitled to; I happen to believe if you can’t identify the three branches of government (Executive, Legislative, and Judicial) and their purpose or understand how the Electoral College works you shouldn’t be discussing politics. Also, I will definitely faze you out if you aren’t registered to vote.

What I have realized is there is still undercover racism (on both sides) sitting at our dinner table. One thing about me I will never (I hate that word) judge a person for their personal beliefs or political stance, we all have first amendment right to freedom of speech. So, when I see people post stuff bashing one side of the political spectrum while uplifting another it makes me very sad. Why do people claim “first amendment” when they don’t value someone’s opinion. For now I will remain silent voting quietly. All I ask is you give due diligence to everyone who is entitled to an opinion.

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