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Yes, All lives matter; but Blacks lives are affected.

Yes, All lives matter; but Blacks lives are affected.

I sat on this blog post for awhile, mainly because I was angry at the senseless killing of black people and the tragic deaths of cops actually serving and protecting our cities. As of recently, the hashtag Black Lives Matter term has taken a negative toll on the African American community. A movement started to uplift and inform has turned into a state of reckless. The initial point of this movement is lost. I hope you enjoy my opinions [these are mine alone].

When black people say ‪#BlackLivesMatter it’s in reference to black people dying at the hands of cops who should be protecting and serving them not murdering them. It’s a little naive to think that all lives should matter in a situation where all lives aren’t affected. Black people have always had a disadvantage because of the color of our skin. If a white person walked one mile [they won’t] in the shoes of a black man unfairly profiled by the cops, or a black mother burying her young black son then I will change my position. The horrific murders of those cops is heart breaking and very saddening and there is zero just case for killing those cops— just like there was no justification for killing Trayvon, Tamir, Mike, Sandra, Alton and Philando.

Why is it when we chant “Black Lives Matter” people find a way to attached a negative connotation? As if Black people are stating “Only Black Lives Matter”. Understand that every living breathing organism has a right to live and all human lives do matter. Except when a Black man is murdered senselessly based on none other than the fact that he is black. What are we supposed to say? Black lives are the only lives being targeted and gunned down at an extremely high rate. When are we going to wake up and realize we are living a state of injustice. Our dreams of freedom are still deferred, even though we have come far since Lincoln’s proclamation, the thirteenth amendment and Brown vs. Board of Education we are far from free. We reside in the most powerful nation in the land—yet black people are still bearing the shackles from our ancestors. When will the change come? Will we ever have equality? I remember a line from the movie The Color Purple, “folks don’t like black people acting to proud or to free.” Acting proud and too free will land you six feet under in 1916 and now 2016.

Don’t tell me “All Lives Matter” when statistics are steadily showing one particular race targeted far more than the other. It’s a clear case of cops with superior attitudes trying to once more make black people feel inferior. The difference is they hide behind a badge with the mindset they are “Serving and Protecting”. How many white men have brutally attacked cops living now? The majority of them. Now let’s flip that equation. How many black men have died for far less reasons? We have seen in the matter of a week two black men murdered on video. We don’t need an “All Lives Matter” hashtag—all lives aren’t dying; BLACK people are dying. People stop trying to be politically correct and take a stance.

Fifty Shades of Grey…Aiming to be pleased

Will the Fifty Shades movie quench every hungry woman’s thirst after fictional Christian Grey on it’s release on Valentine Day weekend or will we walk away dehydrated wondering why we invested time into another book craze? The jury still out, I’m ready to become his submissive this one time and only once.

fnd_mc_fiftyshadesgreyCourtesy of

Like many other avid readers in 2012, I sadly hopped off The Twilight Saga bandwagon and purchased three tickets for the mommy porn express a la Fifty Shades Trilogy. By the way, don’t judge me :-)! I wanted to be apart of the phenomenon like everyone one else and I must say the books didn’t disappoint with the shock and awe. Whips, NDA’s, safe words, submission…Oh MY! This erotic novel involving the chaste Anastasia Steel with the dark and wealthy Christian Grey captivated the attention span of everyone in America whether they wanted to admit it or not. The writing was a little meh, as it was based off of an idea that Shades author EL James created from a Twilight fan fiction story Master of the Universe. Fifty composed a great love story that sold over a 100 million books according to the Hollywood reporter despite the unhealthy relationship tendencies that would never hold up in real life; however its fantasy just like the diamond sparkle of Edward’s skin and the happily ever after in the cottage with Bella. So, I was excited when the book was purchased by Universal/Focus Features and a movie was in development. Like every other reader I was concerned with the rating on the sex scenes and the movies just being really cheesy to be quite honest. But the movie doesn’t seem Twilight-ish (sorry Steph) and looks really promising from the previews. Looks can be very deceiving and an open mind I shall have.


Few things that I do know and I’m excited to share:

R rating (NC-17 was definitely on the table for a minute)

– The soundtrack is AMAZING! Salted Wound by Sia is my all time favorite it’s available on iTunes for preorder, release on February 12th.

– The infamous tampon scene was never even considered (Thank you Sam Taylor-Johnson!)

– Dakota Johnson defines coy virginal Anastasia Steel.


As I purchased my advance ticket to the 8:00 pm showing on February 12th my inner goddess wonders “Are we doing the right thing?” (FSOG ref) “Or should we just stay home and watch Empire?” I selected this showing on early release day, praying I could brave the crowded movie theater on premiere night with swooning ladies wearing plum colored sheath dresses fawning over actor Jamie Dornan, while wishing they were Dakota Johnson who portray Christian and Ana in the film adaptation. Yes, he is extremely handsome and she has the lip bite down but I love my personal space. All the praying to the movie heavens above won’t matter, this movie WILL sell out and it will be crowded. So, I will escort my comfy purple movie sweater and pray the crowds don’t combust (smile). This will be an interesting Friday the 13th and Valentine’s Day weekend to remember! Will Christian aim to please? Stay tuned for my review of the movie to find out.

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Universal/Focus Features Fifty Shades of Grey starring Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson Valentines Day weekend based on the novel Fifty Shades of Grey by EL James, directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson

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