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Listen, Lena, listen!

Usually, I shy away from discussing women (I’m lying, I discuss everything!). There’s something about Lena that isn’t quite right.Maybe it’s celebrity status or just an expression of first amendments rights. Whatever it is, I’m not feeling it. As a woman, I will always cheer for our rights, and speak out when we are wrong (we’re right most of the time). I didn’t want to portray a negative attitude in this blog; however, I feel Lena has rubbed me the wrong way again with her no holds barred comments. Since the release of her memoir Not That Kind of Girl, I have failed to understand the candor of this woman. I figured she was just an angry, entitled smarty pants living off of white privilege. From a writer’s point of view, she doesn’t appeal to me, primarily because her writing as a whole doesn’t represent me or feminism in general.  Now, before you verbally thrash me—I love white people! I’m married to one of the coolest of the bunch. Still, I content that Dunham’s suffering from white privilege because she can literally justify molesting her little sister and America just turns a cheek. Her novel was a bestseller by the way. My gripe for her is based on the negativity she cast towards New York Giants player Odell Beckman, Jr. In one of her Lenny Letter newsletter rants, she interviews Amy Schumer, they both grieved about the fashionably self-indulgent MET Ball, a very pretentious annual event hosted by Vogue’s Editor in Chief Anna Wintour. Both women whined about not wanting to go to said Ball, pledging never to go again. It seemed a bit unnecessary and trivial to cry over a Ball that happened months ago. Most women in America would love to shake hands with A-list entertainers, while negative Nancy and Co. boo-hoo about not ‘fitting in’. You’re not there to fit in, who cares.

Apology courtesy of Lena Dunham Twitter.

Apology courtesy of Lena Dunham Twitter.

Dunham complained that the NFL Wide receiver wasn’t giving her enough attention at their dinner table. She implied, “the vibe was very much like, ‘Do I want to f**** it? Is it wearing a … yep, it’s wearing a tuxedo. I’m going to go back to my cellphone,’” I honestly don’t believe Beckham was trying to slight her as a woman, maybe he was just as bored with the Ball as well. The writer/actress of HBO series Girls then continued with, “It was like we were forced to be together, and he literally was scrolling Instagram rather than have to look at a woman in a bow tie. I was like, ‘This should be called the Metropolitan Museum of Getting Rejected by Athletes’.” That’s a very broad and judgmental statement to make about someone you’ve never conversed with, and Twitter wasn’t happy with her comments either—lighting her a new a******  for being a racist, which she later apologized for her remarks. She compared her looks to that of a marshmallow, and a young child, very self-deprecating. Now, I don’t think Lena Dunham is a racist. I believe she has a strong case of foot in mouth disease.

Photo Courtesy of Odell Beckman Twitter

Photo Courtesy of Odell Beckman Twitter

Listen, I believe in girl power and women sticking together, but I also believe in telling fellow women the truth. I thought we were in the 21st century? We aren’t bound by the laws of coverture anymore, we have voices, we are strong willed, and men do not make or break our self-esteem. Learn to use your voice wisely without creating judgment and chaos in an innocent person’s life. Doesn’t she have a boyfriend at home? Why does she care if he didn’t want to sleep with her? It’s sad, she has a massive platform as a feminist, yet, she knocked us back a couple of decades with her statements last week. I just want to say to Listen Lena, listen! Stop projecting your low self-esteem onto the than willing It’s sad, unfortunate and tragic. I assume her rants are due to the public giving celebrities a general pass to say whatever they feel without recourse. Someone should revoke that privilege; it’s utterly annoying most of the time.


(Neither Amy Schumer or Odell Beckman, Jr have spoken out about said comments.)


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