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Mother’s Day gift ideas for the writer mom.

Gifts for a Writer Mom on Mother’s Day

Mother’s will love anything gift you give them from the heart. I know this for a fact, my children have given me plenty of homemade/school made guest that I love and cherish to this day. However I love it when they me gift that are specific to my career as a writer. With Mother’s Day peeping up this Sunday there are many gifts to give mom on this special day. Sure you can make breakfast in bed or buy a thoughtful card it is the thought that counts. But what go you get for that special personalized gift for the mommy who has a passion for writing (or reading)? Here are a few ideas just for mom for under $30.

(The prices and links to these ideas are attached to their photo.)

     1. Journal-An inscribed journal with personal author quotes. My favorite is the Aitao Journal Diary String Key Retro Vintage Classic Leather Bound Notebook Dark Coffee:

Aitao Journal, Photo

Aitao Journal $7.18,

     2. Starbucks gift card-Help mom earn more stars and inch further to that gold personalized reward card. Plus, writers love coffee!


Photo $25.00 minimum gift card purchase.

     3. Personalize has a wonderful collection of mugs and bags for the avid writer.

Writers Block Tote, Photo

Writers Block Tote $14.99,

     4. Motivation to write with this cool “Peace Love Write” t-shirt. There’s nothing like a few words of encouragement from love ones only with a few hours or day of quiet to write or read. The gift of silence is priceless for those fervent readers and writers.

Peace Love Write T-shirt courtesy of

Peace Love Write T-shirt                                                                       Courtesy of

All of these gifts paired together(or separate) would make a very stylish mom on Sunday! Don’t forget shower her with love on that special day, shower mom with love the entire day. Sometimes writers lose focus, but a kind word never lost a friend. Tell mom you love her and you’re proud of the writing goals she’s accomplished. I’m sure Mom will be enjoy her special day either way!

Happy Mother’s Day,

Elle <3

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