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Thank you Shonda Rhimes…

Going into this season of Grey’s I was very unsure. I felt that it lacked the chemistry from seasons past. I wasn’t invested after Sandra Oh departed and I knew the series was going to take a hit with its audience once it moved to the new 8:00 time slot. It wasn’t the juicy show I loved and craved to watch from years ago with McSteamy in the towel and now with death of McDreamy I can go without it permanently. I don’t know or care to get to know the new cast and lets face it there is NO Mer without Der! Grey’s Anatomy used to be my staple Shondaland show from producer Shonda Rhimes. I have been a fan since the beginning, even though Shonda has managed to drag me through the five stages of grief by killing off some of my favorite characters (Denny and Sloan to name a few) also managing to ruin many of my birthdays with her dramatic season finales (My birthday is in May) by killing off some of my favorite characters (Little Grey). I sorry I already said that, blame it on the grieving. I’m accepting starbucks coffee until May 31th to get through this loss :-)



So imagine my angst last Thursday night when I get a Google alert from E! News That Patrick Dempsey is GOING TO BE KILLED OFF! Totally not impressed. I thought to myself “Self you are not going to chase that pavement, because Shonda is not going to ruin yet another birthday for you.” (Ode to Adele) Oh how wrong was I sitting in front of my TV yelling “Shut up!” profusely, because yet again another one of my favorite characters was dead. I couldn’t speak for an hour. I messaged my friend Sylvia (a Grey’s fan) and she was just as upset. I needed someone to talk it out with. Then I turned to twitter. Twitter was just as upset, then I read the press release from her and Patrick and I while I understand the necessity in the situation. This is not #HeiglGate (Sorry Katherine) we as fans deserve a fair warning and Patrick deserved better than a what he was giving after eleven seasons. Sandra Oh had a whole season devoted to her departure last year and quite frankly it was a complete snooze fest I could have. By the way good job Sandra you jump ship earlier this show is finished.

Here are a few times Shonda has put my life through the ringer:

  • Episode: “Losing My Religion” Denny dying (Pregnant Tears)- (May 15, 2005, my birthday thanks!)
  • Episode: ”Flight” May 17, 2010 Lexi dying (Serious tears)
  • Episode: “How to Save a life” April 23, 2015-(DEREK DYING I QUIT!)




At a time in my life when I’m losing faith in television I needed to depend on my staple shows. Now I’m being force to move on and it hurts. Watching tonight’s two hour show was SERIOUSLY harsh. I hated it. It seemed rushed, jumbled and everyone was miserable. Plus, my daughter looked at me like an idiot as I cried like a baby over a fictitious character. I can’t blame her I would have done the same. Only I invested eleven years of my life into this show, I was pregnant her on bed rest watching this show crying emotionally pregnant tears over Denny’s death ON MY BIRTHDAY during the season finale in 2005. I fell in love with Adele on the season finale of 2008 when I first heard “Hometown Glory”. I cheered with Mer when she begged Derek in the OR to “Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me” over Addison. I was the twenty something girl who drank tequila and danced badly to 80’s music… I identified with Meredith (Except the promiscuity #NoJudgement lol). I understand you are the show runner and you don’t tolerate “Diva antics”; however I have watched you kill too many characters on this show and I just can’t watch it anymore. Also, why did you have to kill JJ last night? That was just mean! I must move on, I needed a drink after this episode a really strong drink and some Chipotle. My heart muscle is irretrievable broken. So I’m gonna go listen to Otis Redding, cry a river or something and remember the good times. At least I have the reruns. Thanks a lot Shonda I can’t forgive you, not even with Scandal.

I give you my two weeks notice.

Signed a truly upset fan,


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