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My Passion

Heart Adrift


I wanna go away on the blue
Away from the lies
Away from you.
But, I’m undecided.

Like the wind
My heart is conflicted
The red that flows in my soul
Loses all control whenever
You are near…

So I must go.

I wanna follow the breeze
I need it to
press against me

Use me
Protect me.
Savor me.

I wanna float on
the burnished bronze
As it sails away
Through the ocean green
With your fallacies…
Leading me to a new.

Setting my spirit free.

©Elle Henry

This is what I do for a living. My life as a writer, the joy that flows in my heart. Here’s a poem I wrote, I hope it provides some inspiration for your inner writer. If you have poems or short stories you would like for me to read and share email me at

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