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Eulogy for our pet fish

Dear Hank: I can’t say that I remember why in the F we named you Hank, other than it does rhyme with the word “tank.” Your tank was your refuge, your place of solitude, where you would read your Stephen King novels, and listen to your gangster rap. It’s also ... Read More »

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Why I need you, spring break

Sometimes I just need to stare at the wall. Sometimes, I want to sleep until 9:45 and only wake up because my bladder is close to levee collapse-ation. Sometimes a sister just needs a “break,” but really, what this particular adventure is about is education, the educational value, and me ... Read More »

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I want to be a b****!

Look – I know I’ve penned a blog before with my feathered scribe on my Victorian nightstand under my Aladdin style oil lamp. But, this is different. This is me wanting to scream from the rooftop of my quaint, roach-free, NYC walk up loft apartment to the world: “I want ... Read More »

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