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VOTING MATTERS: Every Vote Counts This Super Tuesday


Never has a primary election been more crucial than the Presidential Election of 2016. By doing the math, the calculations show how at this point in the election every single individual who is eligible to vote has a ever increasing stake in the ultimate nominees for the general election.

The purpose of this post is not to sway you one way or the other according to my own personal views. I urge you to put aside any potential complacency that your vote doesn’t matter in the end. The impending math shows otherwise and how every vote is crucial to the outcome.

I will keep my message short, sweet and to the point. For the remaining states left to vote, voter turnouts are extremely important to fully represent the views held. Your vote is your voice and there’s no stronger way to make your voice heard that by getting to the voting polls.

Prior to Super Tuesday, you have the opportunity to research your options to make the most educated decision in choosing the best candidate that most fits your views and your own personal vision for what you want for this country.

I’ve listed some starting points below to find your designated polling location to cast your vote. Any necessary documentation needed is pertinent to exercise your right to vote, so Super Tuesday 2016 Voting Guides should help answer any questions you may have to prepare.

These online resources provide education on what you’ll need and how primary election voting rules differs from those in the general election.

This Tuesday March 15, 2016, stand united — vote together to make a difference for yourself, our country and those who are counting on you: